Fan Teaser Poster

The teaser poster of Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan is out. The actor plays the role of both the superstar and his fan. The poster introduces the fan.

“Aa raha hai.. Duniya ka sabse bade superstar ka, Sabse bada FAN”

What do you think of the FAN poster? Tell us in the comments section below.

Fan Teaser Poster

Fan Teaser Poster



  • SRK doesn’t hv confidence on his own stardom,How can Srkians claim tht he is the biggest superstar? LOL

  • We should always appreciate good film , but don’t insult of god . Ssmjne ealo KO ek ishara kafi hota hai .

  • We should always appreciate good film , but don’t insult of god . Samjne walo kO ek ishara kafi hota hai .

  • @Phenom : If you ask sensibly without abusing Salman then Why I wouldn’t I reply you in same way. BTW, I dont have any personal grudge against srk it is because of his fans like @sss @javed @I am AKN I am forced to write such things in defense of Salman.

  • @sss : Talk about PRESENT, PRESENT and PRESENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop living in pagalpur world where once upon a time there was a king ruling it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Even SRK had flops, in 1995 except DDLJ, all his movies were EPic flops !!!!!!!!!!!! Check 1994-1996 (except DDLJ) Srk has given loads of $hitty flops and story doesn’t end there he has given flops after that as well. I have no shame to admit Salman career was at worst phase but I am glad to see him where he is now. If your king had gone through such phase he would have become Kumar Gaurav of this era !!!!!!!!!!!!! Le Ley Le Ley Le Ley Rey ……… chal beta burnol Ley ley Rey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-p

  • SRK king is doing a big mistake. SRK is The biggest superstar and hv widest fan follower of the world act as his own fan in movie. Not fear.

  • @Phenom : I still stuck to my words. Domestic verdicts which all matters and not overseas. The only reason I brought MNIK overseas collections is your friends had challenged Salman stating he will always chase KANK in overseas and will never break MNIK overseas even in 7 births !!!!!!! Hope you got the reason. Thanks

  • @hrithik,again childish comment.who fears to talk about present?????DILWALE is still has to arrive this year so wait as well as in present time too we don’t has any shits like jai ho,rofl.the period you’re talking about shitty flops considering that period your star had given triple time more shittier films than KING KHAN even though got papa’s help,so who should be ashamed more?????,ROFL.

    And we knew too the star power of your decade struggler how he is effective with out masala genre movies, please don’t make more insult of your non actor much,lol.and please don’t try to become more gentle in front of @phenom,because @phenom knows better @sss,@IAMAKN,@javed is far better than shit users in indicine @tiger,navin,bulli fan,nvs’s 1000 fake ids like taran bin adarsh,komal nahi nahata and also numerous such ids like @shaggy,@ultron,@rew1,bade bhai,Eric and countless such most hatred shit ids.and you’re talking about only 3?????1st look at your your numbers still you’re struggling against us that’s why took our 3 names because KING KHAN has more non hatred fans and we 3 are using your type of language,still you’re crying due to 3 of talking about present/future wait until DILWALE arrives,then you’ll again see your star’s BAAP’S POWER,ROFL.

    @lejhandu,if you can’t feel shame of your 11 hit given star then why we’ll be ashamed of becoming THE FAN KINGB/BADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD?????

  • Great poster.. But as always retarded Kingtards posting nonsense..

    @Babaji ka Ullu.. Please tell me how much did acclaimed movies like Baby and Gabbar grossed on non Gabbar couldn’t even beat Talaash and Baby couldn’t beat Jai Ho.. And these Makkhi fans are barking..



    SHARUKh kHaN

    RajA of worLd celbriTy.

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