Fan Teaser Poster

The teaser poster of Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan is out. The actor plays the role of both the superstar and his fan. The poster introduces the fan.

“Aa raha hai.. Duniya ka sabse bade superstar ka, Sabse bada FAN”

What do you think of the FAN poster? Tell us in the comments section below.

Fan Teaser Poster

Fan Teaser Poster



  • @ Tiger :
    If you are a common man , then I should say – Foolishness should have a limit . But since you are a Bhai-fan , so your foolishness has no limit !
    MNIK was a 2010 film . But Jai Ho (Republic Day release) was a 2014 film with higher ticket prices and 4100 screens . Yet it failed to beat the worldwide gross of MNIK !
    … and you say , Bhai is asuperstar , LOL !!!

  • Good Poster..let me tell you that srk is not playing shahrukh khan in fan, he will play a superstar named Aryan Khanna !!

  • DILWALE will beat the record of PK….
    FAN will beat the record of DILWALE.
    RAEES will beat the record of FAN……
    & SHAHRUKH KHAN(srk) will beat the record of AAMIR KHAN….

  • @ youbraj and Legand Amir khan get the hell out form this page we dont need you guys here in this page at all .

  • @ infocine – it should be duniya ke sabse bade superstar ka instead of duniya ka sabse bada superstar. if you read carefully lines in poster.

  • @Babaji : Andhaa kanoon !!!!!!! Cant see Ready and Jai Ho !!!!!!!!!

    @ sss : Check 2014 calendar you fool Republic Day 2014 was on Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Challa : @Tiger is not comparing instead he is informing @Babaji about Salman’s non holiday release !!!!!!!!!!

    @Phenom : Pehle apne ghar mein jeet ke batao baad mein overseas and ww ki baat karna. btw BB has broken MNIK overseas as well which you srk fans claimed will never happen in even Salman’s 7 births !!!!!!!!!!! Now dont show your hypocrisy by giving credit to movie and supporting cast when it succeed and blaming Salman when it fails !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @FAN_500 CR : First of all change your id, FAN will not even earn 250 crs in India forget 500 crs.
    Secondly, your knowledge about directors and SRK movies is pathetic.

    Shimit Amin – He directed Ab Tak Chappan before CDI which was a critically acclaimed movie and ab average grosser but he got recognition for same.

    Farah Khan – She directed Main Hoo Naa before OSO. you dont even know about SRK movies and claimed to be his FAN (blind fan).

    Maneesh Sharma – He won awards for Best Debut director for Band Bajaa Baarat !!!!!!!!!!

    Srk fans are very good at manipulating facts, any new person or those who doesnt have knowledge about movies will believe the manipulated facts but the reality is totally different from what they keep chanting !!!!!!!!!!

  • The good thing regards both Fan & Raees is that Srk dons a credible roles after a long time which the people earnestly want for him to do.
    We also have heard of Fan’s action scenes in Croatia
    So awaited one…!

  • Bahubali Is going to beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan and as well as PK In india. Indicine pls,publish article on Comparison between bahubali and PK. Please

  • Totally a flop film ,
    no 1 has interest in watching self proclaimed king and his fake fans and awards .

  • According to trade (Boi) srk is the biggest superstar of all time (1996-2014) with big margin and I m pretty sure srk will earn more point pre 1996 for DDLJ , Karan Arjun, ramjane, darr, bazigar deewana, rbdj etc and widen gap even more between him and no.2 spot. Boi point system is perfect. Actually have given more weightage to contribution of an actor than just part of successful film. Maybe after ten years abhishek will start to delivering big solo blockbuster but that doesn’t mean dhoom3, HNY, dhoom2 success attribute to his credit. Salmans position was similar to abhishek but little better from 1991-1998 who was alway second star to Sanjay, sunny, srk, nana, Amir, Madhuri, sridevi etc but bit improved post PKTDK and started to doing parallel role in hsss, Biwi ni1. HDDCS chal mere bhai, MSK etc in contrast ajay akshay govinda Amir was in better position because of their solo success and didn’t get overshadowed by co-star leave alone srk here who was miles ahead of all. Salman superstardom started post dabang and nobody deny it. In 2000-2009 he was a big star behind srk and hritik but could not translate it into big numbers like he is doing consistently post dabang.
    Now come back to topic teaser poster is just ok. And my request to srk fan don’t throw any huge numbers this is not potboiler masala movie. Be realistic and I m happy if fan does 125-150 cr lifetime.

  • This is the most awaited movie of upcoming three movies of SRK. I am eagerly waiting for FAN but i am afraid with release date in April 2016 it is non holiday and i think SRK will struggle like Akshay Sir to cross 100 crore mark and save the movie.

    I hope that FAN will be become highest non-holiday grosser of all time beat Rowdy Rathore’s 137 crore record.

  • @ hrithik :
    You have commented twice , but you haven’t told anything about the Fan poster . Tell us how did you like the poster .

  • Shah Rukh Khan secretly
    met someone in LA to discuss the
    clash between Dilwale and Priyanka
    Chopra’s Bajirao Mastani!
    Tue, August 4, 2015 9:17am IST
    by Subhash K Jha, DNA

    When the Mumbai Cricket Association
    decided to revoke the ban on Shah
    Rukh Khan from entering Wankhede
    Stadium, on Sunday, many saw the
    move as long-overdue.SRK’s close
    friend, Congress MP and Indian
    Premier League (IPL) chair Rajeev
    Shukla reacted cautiously. “Lifting the
    ban was a sensible decision. In any
    case, Shah Rukh won’t be attending
    cricket matches at Wankhede as his
    team Kolkata Knight Riders plays its
    matches in Kolkata. We need to
    function as a healthy cricket-loving
    nation and not get into
    confrontational situations,” he said
    Another friend said SRK reacted with
    a smile at the news, “He was not
    rattled when they stopped him from
    entering the stadium. He isn’t likely to
    be doing cartwheels of joy now that
    the ban has been lifted. Shah Rukh
    rationalises and justifies a situation
    only from his own moral perspective.”
    Secret meeting in LA
    With December 18 mere months away,
    any news about the big players —
    Shah Rukh Khan-Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale
    and Eros International-Sanjay Leela
    Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani clash on
    that date — is a big deal.
    And now, a secret meeting held in the
    US last month between Shah Rukh
    Khan and Eros’ Kishore Lulla is
    expected to ease the tension between
    the two films.
    And here’s why. Our source informs,
    “Kishore Lulla flew down to Los
    Angeles for a meeting with Shah Rukh
    Khan to discuss if Eros
    could come on board for Dilwale,
    produced by SRK’s Red Chillies and
    Rohit Shetty. Lulla discussed a
    potential collaboration on SRK’s film.
    Eros is co-producer of SLB’s Bajirao
    Mastani and a collaboration with Shah
    Rukh over Dilwale could sort out the
    issue of the release date clash
    between the two films.”
    While details of what was discussed at
    the meeting are not clear, it is
    believed that Khan talked sharp
    business with Lulla. Says the source,
    “Shah Rukh has, by far, the sharpest
    business sense among all the
    Bollywood superstars. There is no way
    he would allow Eros to come into
    Dilwale at this late stage until the
    deal is to his advantage.”
    A source from Shah Rukh’s Red
    Chillies confirmed the meeting
    between Khan and Lulla, but refused
    to divulge any more details.

  • @buddha thullu

    Stop going on about non holiday releases- truth is n facts back this notion up whoch is that your Joker Boy cannot be trusted with a holiday release date just like you cannot be trusted with security at a kids party or complan boy grading a spelling contest…!

    If Joker Boy got given another holiday release date then he would bankrupt exhibitors by having shows cancelled up n down the country due to very little interest in his crapfests. Even today sequels to his successful films of the 1 year where he fluked afew superhits (2007) are been handed over to other stars by producers. Nobody trusts that greedy gobar with a holiday release…!

  • @the phenomenal idiot

    Talk less about bhais last underperformer Jai Ho n talk more about Queens most consistent period in Btown ie1993-2008.

    So tell us how many yrs did it take our Queen to beat bhais domestic record of highest grosser ie HAHK 1994…?

    Without using a kalkulator its definitely more than 4 years n this too in the so called golden period of Queen…!

  • @6:11pm

    No it hasnt beaten My Name Is Queen in overseas…. A more apt description of the facts is that it has Royally THRASHED/ SMASHED to smithereens the crappy record of MNIQ in overseas…!

  • @sht:
    You king always criticise BOI but it bcm your favourite due their point system…. Double standard ki bhi hadd hai yarr!!!!
    You blindly believe their point system then believe their bo collections too…..
    1. Ra one- 114cr
    2. Jthj- 101cr
    3. Ce- 207cr.
    4. Hny- 176cr
    5. Hny opening day- 36cr.

    Now don’t show your double standard calling these collections are fake…

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