FAN Movie Review

Shah Rukh Khan. The name means a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, he’s a movie star, to some he’s a businessman, to some he’s an idol and to some he’s an overrated actor who is nothing but a businessman. Needless to say, he evokes the most extreme reactions (why? Nobody knows). He’s back with Fan. A film about a crazy obsessed fan who goes through tumultuous times as is evident from the trailer. The trailers have promised a high voltage thriller which is very different from the type of movies Maneesh Sharma has made so far and it has been almost half a decade since SRK has appeared in an action thriller. Will Fan finally do justice to SRK’s acting talent? Will Fan be the first SRK movie in ages where the story and treatment hit home with the audiences? And lastly, what will the SRK Fans think of Fan? Let’s find out!

Story: Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) is a big Bollywood Superstar who came to Mumbai from Delhi. Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) is his biggest fan from Inder Vihar in Delhi who calls himself Junior Aryan Khanna. He travels to Mumbai to meet Aryan Khanna on his birthday but amidst a sea of crazy fans outside his house, Gaurav’s hopes that his gifts for Aryan Khanna get trampled. To get Aryan’s attention he bashes up his big young rival Sid Kapoor. When Aryan gets wind of this, he informs the police who beat Gaurav up. Aryan goes to the police station to meet Gaurav but Gaurav feels Aryan is being ungrateful. Gaurav feels Aryan should be thanking him. But Aryan can’t thank someone who goes about beating people up! So to teach Gaurav a lesson, Aryan asks the police to keep him in the cell for 2 days. That will teach him a lesson, he thinks. But it aggravates Gaurav to such an extent that Gaurav now wants to teach Aryan a lesson. He says “ab Star fan ke peeche bhagega”. And so the game of cat and mouse between the superstar and his Fan begins.

Screenplay and Direction: Maneesh Sharma has written a script with so many twists and turns that it leaves the audience with hardly any time to think. Fan is fast-paced for the most part and the action scenes are very well choreographed. The first half flies by because the world created by Maneesh Sharma sucks you in, but the proceedings after the second half almost undoes all the great work of the first half. It is redeemed and how, by the stellar climax. The dialogues spoken by the characters remind you of the Delhi milieu. Credit to Maneesh Sharma for handling a film like this which was shot on such a huge canvas, and never letting go of the work at hand. Everything’s tied together by the end and the journey taken by Gaurav feels like a journey well watched. A solid effort by Maneesh Sharma.

Fan is a film which has been made on a huge scale but the aspect of realism is never lost. The costume design and production design are detailed and keep the realism angle attached to the movie. The editing of Fan is crisp but it would have probably helped to have cut down few scenes in the second half. The Delhi world feels a lot more earnest than the London/Dubrovnik/Mumbai world. The second half might feel like a letdown to a few because the first half is just that good. The background score of Fan is a letdown because the action scenes should have been accentuated by the background score. Unfortunately, the background score is mellow and doesn’t work too well in a true Bollywood sense.

Acting: Fan is Shah Rukh Khan. After what feels like ages, SRK has sunk himself into a character with all his might. And the best part is that not only with Gaurav but also as Aryan, Shah Rukh gives it his best shot since My Name Is Khan. Gaurav Chandna could have become a caricature but SRK makes sure to keep his innocence alive. Gaurav could have become a Darr type of a villainous character but it thankfully doesn’t toe that line. Gaurav, all due to Shah Rukh’s masterclass in acting, comes across as someone who is just a child within. He never overplays the part with his mannerisms and voice. SRK as Aryan Khanna is charming and gleefully takes potshots at his real life avatar. Shah Rukh’s biggest achievement in Fan is keeping both the characters apart and yet never playing them like polar opposites. Yogendra Tiku and Deepika Amin as Gaurav’s parents are perfectly cast. They do their roles perfect justice. Sayani Gupta gets the most screen time amongst the female actresses and she is a revelation as his manager. Waluscha and Shriya Pilgaonkar are very adept at their respective roles.

Conclusion: Fan is the most bizarre, dramatic and thoroughly watchable movie-watching experience in Bollywood in God knows, how long. The first half is stellar and the brilliance of the first half is undermined by the unrealistic second half. If the post-interval part of the film had maintained the pace set by the first half, Fan could have turned out to be one of Shah Rukh Khan’s best films. But inspite of the missed opportunity, Fan is a solid movie which deserves to be watched by people of all ages for it gives everyone an anecdote to take home: Don’t get too close to your idol, because they can never meet your lofty expectations. It also has one of the best Shah Rukh Khan performances of all time as Gaurav Chandna. SRK, that’s all. As tweeted by Ranveer Singh.

Best Scenes:

  • When Gaurav’s parents help Gaurav win the Super Sitara award
  • The scene where Gaurav tries to run away from the police before they catch him
  • Gaurav’s first meeting with Aryan Khanna and subsequently his expectations getting dashed
  • The chase sequence in Dubrovnik is highly stylish
  • The brilliantly executed Madamme Tussaud’s plan by Gaurav to malign Aryan Khanna
  • The scene at Aryan’s house where Gaurav destroys Aryan’s awards
  • The sequence where Aryan reaches Delhi covertly to catch Gaurav
  • The climax scene is marvellous


  • Shah Rukh Khan’s best and most uninhibited performance in ages as Gaurav Chandna
  • The action scenes are brilliantly choreographed
  • The dialogues and milieu are very Delhi and very realistic
  • The editing is crisp
  • The first half is stellar
  • Yogendra Tiku and Deepika Amin as Gaurav’s parents and Shah Rukh as Aryan
  • Technically brilliant, the VFX is top notch. Credit to the entire team behind the film.


  • The second half almost feels like a letdown because it works on an unrealistic terrain
  • The life of Gaurav before he reached Delhi should have been shown a bit more
  • The background score is too mellow and doesn’t emotionally stir at our heart strings
Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Bhai’s content rich BB collected 321cr. According to bhagoda’s fans billu 2 is even more content rich movie. Hence it should collects 300cr minimum.

    P.S: m not saying to break BB’s record as it is not a Eid release..

  • @indicine

    Indian pseudo-crictics are still stuck in 50’s and 60’s Hollywood “1st half” vs “2nd half” 2 movies mind as movies use to be 3 hrs 30 mins to 3 hrs 50 mins with “overture” and “intermission.”

    Modern Day 2 hrs thrillers (psychological, suspense, action etc..) like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and MICHAEL CLAYTON and JOHNNY GADDAAR and FAN are judge in “1st Act” “2nd Act” and “3rd Act”

    40 mins + 40 mins + 40 mins……..NOT “1st half is mind blowing” “2nd half is let down”

    First act and 2nd act builds into 3rd act. from your review

    1st Act of FAN is EXCELLENT **** and 1/2 stars
    2nd Act of FAN is EXCELLENT **** stars
    3rd Act of FAN is GOOD to VERY GOOD *** and a 1/2 stars

    over all **** (4 stars) out of ***** (5 stars)

    It means FAN is a great cinema. Once-in-a-lifetime “thriller” experience similar to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and THE DEPARTED (Both oscar winner best picture & best screenplay).

  • @hrithik,something burning out there near really think what I said is not holds any TRUTH.ok fine,mark your comparison with hny/Dilwale MONDAY/EVEN TOMORROW reports will show you WHO is TRUE.

    and hypocrite,during bb release too I remembered I /MOST OF THE SRKIANS didn’t spreaded negativity which WE spreaded during pathetic prdp. that doesn’t mean I’M requesting you to stop spreading negativity.because this time IT’LL not work for you ,because FAN is A MASTERPIECE.

    BUT you also showed your hypocrisy,as I had read once in your comment that you used to like FAN but hates RAEES as IT’LL clash,that words too you couldn’t keep.ha ha ha ha and you’re trying to teach me?go to bhojpur baby boy and spread as much as negativity as you can,because THIS TIME I too will see upto which extent your hatred,hypocrisy,negativity will work.

    I cried because of THE BIGGEST ACTOR’S STELLAR PERFORMANCE.which you non actor’s fan will never gonna understand.FAN HOON,TU NAHI SAMJHEGA.if you’re really FAN,watch IT for your star’s sake because THIS MOVIE is for EVERY FAN not only SRKIAN.yeah but I’M not requesting/begging just giving a suggestion to watch A MASTERPIECE being A FAN.but the choice is completely in your hands.

  • @hritik FAN film getting postive reviews from everywhere not a single negetive review few gaves average although FAN isn’t like CDI but it is one of best film

  • my sister saw the film last night.. said a good film, but was disappointed that there was not even one song in the film!! why Shahrukh?!! even Jabra song which became famous and everyone couldn’t wait to see this film to see this song on a big screen or at least to see it in the usually bollywood filmmakers do.. but there was just “nothing”!!
    I will see it on Sunday, and am sure that I will love this film even if there was no song in it, bc I didn’t like Dilwale, was disappointed to see Shahrukh signed for such a film and that stupid crap Happy New Year.

  • One of the most strict film critics Subhra gupta of indian express rated the movie with 3.5* and said it a winner.. So FAN is going to rule.. SRK the actor returns with bang..

  • I don’t think so, even 2nd half is slightly better than 1st half really.
    ok, whatever hatoff to SRK, gaurav again after MNIK. and amazing cinematography,

  • @Romance : It doesn’t suit or make sense when your idol himself done Maya Memsaab, Criminal song, Lovely song, 1234, breastaking dialogue delivery !!!!!!!!! So peak throughly inside before pointing to others.

  • Attention!

    Breaking news!

    All Bhaitards and Aamir pankhays are on suicide watchlist after FAN’s critical success!

    Indian coastguards have blocked Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean coastlines indefinitely!

    Leaving them no choice but to stay alive and watch FAN on big screen multiple times.

  • This is Called a Master Piece…Must watch Movie for every Fan…This is a Movie for all ages…Go and Enjoy this weekend….Fan Rockssss…Marvellous Movie….

  • Content Rich Billu Fan still couldnt attain 5 stars- well it got 5 stars from the Hyderabadi Mechanic wannabe kkkritik but this is the same guy who predicted the end of the world sorry bo records once King Charlie arrives with his 300cr storm so what does he know eh….

  • Indicine . I love your site .
    But please don’t shock me like every1 else .
    This movie is too bad

    I think I will belive only KRK ..NOW
    indicine you broke my trsut. You are just like others

  • Wish the ending was different. Felt really sorry for the Fan. Why couldn’t Aryan Khanna say sorry to the Fan and move on. Afterall fans make a star out of ordinary. Aryan Khanna had too much attitude.

  • @Khan : Nobody is committing suicide or running away, we are very much here solid & rocking, if a movie like FAN can make non Srk fans running then imagine what was your halaat during PK & BB ? I guess you are reincarnated to see FAN you had committed suicide after BB n returned now !!!!!!!!

  • So FAN isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill, commercial potboiler (read: the last couple of SRK films)

    It is absurd, psychic, weird, cryptic, and oh-so-darned-intriguing.

    The concept is simple “The fans maketh the star”, but the execution is complex and just so bamboozling.

    There is a reason why Shah Rukh Khan is known for his intense roles. This film brings back the menacing Darr-Baazigar-Anjaam-esque SRK back and he is pure masterclass.

    You may love him. You may hate him. But you can’t help but admire the guy’s acting ability.

    The film drags a bit in the second-half, and sways away from reality for a sizeable amount of time, but you can still make do with it.

    Aryan Khanna is the name of the narcissitic superstar in the film. But when you come out of the theatre, the immensely insane yet innocent Gaurav Chandana baffles your mind.

    This film is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people might deliberately hate it, but hey, that is the persona of SRK. The most polarising actor ever.

    Thank You Maneesh Sharma for bringing back “The Actor SRK” whom we desperately missed since My Name Is Khan. Kudos to the team for choosing something so risky and so brave.

    Films like these are not made for Huge Box Office Collections, they are made for sheer uniqueness.

    You may agree with me. You may disagree with me (E.g. Ravinder). All I would like to say is “Rehnede, Tu Nahi Samjhega”.


  • What is conclusion..death is that easy..!?!!!..though it is a movie only..i want king khan to stand up for Gaurav like person who have this mentality in their life..may be say some words or advice or any other method..because he has power…
    Movie 10/10..last scene I was crying 😢.

  • Saw the film today at cinema.. a good film, I enjoyed watching it.. was surprised how they did the make up for Shahrukh to look very young, then my brother said it’s by computer! is that true?! Shahrukh worked hard on this role, he deserves, with Akshay Kumar for Airlift, both to be nominated as best actor for their films.
    I wish them all the best.. but am still sorry and disappointed why the song Jabra wasn’t added in the first 30 minutes of the film.. my brother who is the managing director of Bahrain Cinemas said today that everyone went to watch Shahrukh’s film and were so exited to see this song on a big screen, but they were disappointed not to see it at all and the song was made in 3 languages. So what my brother did was to add the Arabic version for the audience to be watched, before the film starts, which was a good idea and we enjoyed watching it.

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