FAN Box Office Opening

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN has taken the best opening of 2016. The early morning shows on Friday were at around the 50-55% mark, with late-morning / noon shows recording 55-60% occupancy.

The opening falls in the ‘excellent’ category, which is a commendable achievement because†the film was riding almost entirely on Shah Rukh’s†ability to bring audience to theatres on Friday morning. Like we’ve already mentioned in some of our previous articles, FAN didn’t tick any of the boxes when it comes to commercial Hindi films that generally get a good opening. The film did not have a leading lady, nor did it have popular music (in fact, FAN is completely songless) or an extravagant marketing campaign.

The fact that the film has still opened to levels that suggest a 20 crore plus†first day†(net collections), is a big†achievement.

The last film to take a ‘excellent’ or better opening was ‘Dilwale’ and before that it was ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, proving yet again that the industry is still dependent on Khans, followed by Hrithik for a big start on Friday. These are the only actors who have consistently delivered on the†morning of release for the last few years.

FAN is set for a good first day at the box office, but the real test will come on Saturday and Sunday when word-of-mouth comes into play. It’ll have a base, but whether it manages to build on that or not, will depend on the neutral section of audience (those who are not fans) †- which is why word-of-mouth will be crucial for the film. More so since ‘The Jungle Book’ is on a phenomenal run at the box office.

Opening Day occupancy of films in 2016

  • FAN – 55% (partial holiday)
  • The Jungle Book – 50% (partial holiday)
  • Batman vs Superman – 50%
  • Airlift – 35%
  • Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 -†30%
  • Rocky Handsome – 30% (holiday)
  • Ki and Ka – 25%
  • Kapoor & Sons – 25%
  • Ghayal Once Again -†25%
  • Mastizaade -†20%
  • Sanam Re -†20%
  • Neerja – 15%
  • Jai Gangaajal – 15%
  • Wazir -†15%
  • Saala Khadoos -†8%
  • Fitoor -†15%
  • Love Games – 5%

Note: While the opening of FAN might not look much higher than the two Hollywood films, the SRK starrer has released on significantly higher number of screens.



  • Trending of FAN business is going from excellent to good to bad… Next empty theatres from evening to night..
    From tomorrow wash out
    FLOP FAN less than 100cr is on

  • Well of course,it is a known fact that whatever FAN collects on day one will be only because of Shahrukh Khan..We can clearly make this statement by considering all the permutations and combinations..What is more heartening to see is that Shahrukh Khan is delivering on a non-festive period..That is also a big achievement..

  • 13 Crore opening in just 35 percentage Occupency in just 2300 Screen, how its possible indicine, i think airlift occupency be 45 Or 50 Percentage.

  • Though Film did not have huge marketing campaign but still I believe Movie was very smartly Promoted .
    FAN does prove a point that SRK is way bigger star.Even Amir Khan with same genre Talaash with so much positive going for it like some gud lead actress,Amir after 3 Idiot could not bring initials in opening day fro a normal weekend(Non festival).
    Haters how much ever you pull SRK down he comes out on top.

  • Jungle book and batman vs supetnan get screens than airlift and occupency percentage 15 Percentage higher than airlift. Still opening day of 2 English filims less than airlift, so indicine correct your mistake.

  • Nothing new from indicine….. 4 stars to every srk starrer Lol 4 stars to Ra1 to Fan lol n every one well about all those which were rrleased b/w Ra1 n Fan.

  • Don’t worry SRKcine despite ur full on promotion it will be failed to cross 200 crs.

  • @indicine team: if srk is only the reason why it took best start of the year(though u hv ignored its production house yrf) then dont u think that akki was the only reason for the box office opening of airlift though it was released on non holiday and having competition in kya super kool hai hum 3..but here u have praised srk in skies even in review one big paragraph for srk..u dont do that too u think he dont deserve that kind of appreciation..u r very right that the media always underrates his star power and dont give his dues..probably the only superstar who releases max of his movies on non holidays and yet has all his 4 hundred grossers releasing on non holidays..kindly give him thedue that he truely deserves…thanks…

  • Guys it will surprise you somebody don’t love srk acting … he is best in business love from heaven


    watched FAN FDFS.

    I must say THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR,no matters how many best movies will come in your way.

    PEOPLE will remember GAURAV CHANDNAíS CHARACTER FOREVER,thereís not a bit doubt IT.

    I loved 2ND HALF much more than 1ST HALF.

    2ND HALF is what is the SOUL of THE MOVIE.

    I canít explain much more about THE MOVIE ,because ITíS THRILLER and you canít feel even a bit what HIGH STANDARD DIRECTION and EMOTIONAL VALUE ,IT will give you at theatre.

    many non-SRK FANS even cried while watching THE 2ND HALF/CLIMAX.

    THIS MOVIE is for not only SRKIANS because ITíS A RELATIONSHIP between A STAR and A FAN.I guaranteed you all,youíll definitely cry after watching THIS MOVIE.

    as I said thereís much conflict that critics made about EACH HALF in the peopleís mind about THIS MOVIE.

    then let me give clear cut comparison between 2 HALVES

    1ST HALF:

    ITíS completely the life story of Gaurav Chandna with out involved with HIS STAR much and HIS OBSESSION and LOVE for HIS SUPERSTAR.and here the journey of FAN starts to meet with HIS SUPERSTAR.and I laughed when many critics said this is the best part which really doesnít any entertainment value which might the critics likes,may be thatís the reason why theyíre obsessed with 1ST HALF of the movie.but I must say THE 1st half has GOOD COMEDY which will make you laugh and innocent stuffs of REAL FAN to be watch out for.

    2ND HALF:

    THIS is THE HEART and TRULY THE SOUL of THE MOVIE which contains THE REAL INTENSE,SORROW which WE can say ďTRUE MEANINGĒ that justifies the title ďFANĒ.and I promise you THIS will 100% tend you to cry if youíre a realistic and sensible movie watcher.this IíM telling from a neutral point of view not only as the point of view of A SRKIAN.


    KING SRKíS INTENSITY that again raised the bar that HE had shown us through DARR,BAAZIGAR,CDI,even beyond that which I canít only define through words only.

    THIS IS COMPLETELY REALISTIC MOVIE and has universal appeal.

    THIS MOVIE shows KING SRK is that talented actor WHO can defeat AGES through HIS ACTING.

    GAURAV CHANDNA is THE ROLE which will be remembered and will stay in the hearts of PEOPLE FOREVER.I BET IT.HE completely overshadowed the real KING SRK played SUPERSTAR ROLE as ARYAN KHANNA.

    THE ENTIRE FILM contains POWER PACKED DIALOGUES and ACTION LEVELS is not less than any hollywood movie along with OUTSTANDING CINEMATOGRAPHY with TERRIFIC DIRECTION with AWESOME SCREENPLAY which doesnít have at all any useless scenes.

    there is no song to divert THE STORY ,if really youíre a hollywood and completely realistic kind movie watcher.


    I saw IT in almost every KING SRK movie released after 2010 except DON2 and JTHJ upto some extent.but believe me youíll not find a single con in the movie.

    there is no song,which may disappoint regular masala movie watcher but doesnít at all issue for good cinema watchers.


    sorry for being gone little out of topic.I want to ask @indicine one thing as they unnecessarily questioned the REALISM of the the sense I too can ask you how in bajrangi bhaijaan despite of tight security salman tried to enter pakistan which is highly unrealistic.and what can I say about pk,the complete logic of understanding mind through touching hand as well as being alien is the biggest unrealistic logic that these movies has.but honestly speak where you found a simple unrealistic scene in FAN MOVIE ,can you answer,I know you canít.and if your rating this movie as 4/5,then your rating to movies like DILWALE,HNY,kick, and all big entertainer must be 1-1.5/5.and for films like bajrangi bhaijaan,pk youer review must be 2-2.5/5.AND FOR FILMS LIKE NEERJA,AIRLIFT must be 3.5-4/ some fools are really thinking itís a dilwale/HNY type movie.

    THIS IS THE MUST WATCH MOVIE for every good cinema watcher and compulsory if youíre A DIEHARD FAN of ANY SUPERSTAR(UNKNOWN).

    MY RATING : 4.5/5 (being a neutral sensible realistic movie watcher) but

    5/5 (being an SRKIAN or the DIEHARD FAN of AN UNKNOWN SUPERSTAR)

  • @ babaji why r u creating negativity at fan articles? airlift was a v good movie n may deserve better but whats the relevance at fan movie pages?

  • @indicine team, why did you describe only Good opening for airlift movie? While others movie like TWMR, ABCD2 and Phantom Excellent or very good that our @babaji already give link. Please be neutral for Akki movie.

  • So 55% average occupancies in multiplexes on a holiday or partial holiday?? What about single screens indicines???

  • With the similar occupancies in 3900 Screens on a non holiday (here 3500 screens for FAN), Jai Ho earned 17 crores. If FAN earned more than that with 55% occupancies, the reason could be that either it has hiked ticket price to a great extent or THERE WILL BE SOMETHING REALLY FISHY!!

  • So it may earn around 15-18 crores without manipulations!!

    It will be like HNY vs PRDP Opening Day:
    Screen Counts – PRDP >>> HNY
    Occupancies – PRDP >>> HNY
    Ticket Price – PRDP >>> HNY

    But yet,
    Opening Day BO figures of HNY >>> PRDP.. Why???
    Know you have never answered my question??

  • IMDb ratings will soon be below 9 and by end of Saturday should drop to 8.5… Early shows are always filled by die hard fans who rate the movie by being a bit biased. It was 9.6 yesterday 9.1 in morning and 9 now. Will be 8.5 by tomorrow noon mark my words

    Will stabilise around 7.7-8 and that is pretty low for a film that was supposed to be content oriented !

    Won’t cross even 130 and people are boldly predicting 150

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