FAN Advance Booking Report

FAN releases in theatres tomorrow and this film is probably the biggest test of Shah Rukh Khan’s ability to bring audience to theatres on Day 1. His last few films have either featured a top heroine, a strong supporting cast, universally appealing genre, huge in-your-face marketing campaigns and popular music. FAN has none of that. Absolutely none.

The director of the film, Maneesh Sharma, isn’t someone who can sell tickets either. The biggest hit of his career is Band Baaja Baarat, and his last two films Ladies vs Ricky Bahl and Shuddh Desi Romance didn’t do too well at the box office.

Yet, the advantage booking of FAN is by far the biggest this year and the tickets sold for Day 1 are about 2 / 3 times more than Airlift. However, the advance is best at multiplexes and is average to poor at smaller centres – which was expected due to lack of universal appeal of the film.

1. Mumbai City – The advance is solid in Mumbai. The film is getting plenty of shows at multiplexes, easily the highest for 2016 and the ticket prices have been hiked by around 20% too (compared to usual weekend rates). Mumbai, with holiday advantage, is set for a good opening day.

2. NCR Region (Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad etc) – Excellent advance, better than Mumbai city and strong throughout the NCR region.

3. Bangalore – Advance booking began late at quite a few multiplexes in Bangalore. At places where ticket counters were opened early, the advance varies from good to excellent. Finding tickets could be a problem on Friday though, because the number of shows aren’t as high as what a big film gets in a city like Bangalore.

4. Hyderabad – Excellent, all shows expected to be running close to capacity on Friday.

5.  Mangalore – Poor advance so far. It’s a small city and the advance of FAN is poor at quite a few B and C centres. These are likely to rely on word-of-mouth, which could come into effect as early as Friday evening.

6. Kolkata – SRK is the king here, record advance comparable to festive releases.

7. Chennai – Excellent, Khan is a huge crowd puller here, arguably the biggest followed by Aamir and Hrithik.

8. Patna – Decent, even at places where you have to visit the theatre to book tickets.

9. Chandigarh – Best of the year, but not even close to the kind of advance that big films get.

10. Valsad – Poor start and was dull until morning today, but has picked up towards the end of Thursday.

Stay tuned for the detailed box office prediction and IndicineFBO. Both will be out in an hour or so.



  • Sidhu ‏@sidhuwrites

    #Fan Interval: So enthralling. One of the most exciting plots in recent times comes to life through a stun show from SRK. Enjoying this. #Fan: Fantastic. Intriguing take on the rush of blood between a fan and his idol. Tense, fun and emotionally gripping too. Recommended! #Fan: Ideally SRK’s best since Chak De India, he is absolutely spotless as the die hard fan Gaurav. 20 min sequence in FH and climax – wow! #Fan: May not please the entertainment junkie, but this is a brave step from SRK sans doubts. Try it, for this’ll help you forgive Dilwale. #Fan: Loosely based on The Fan and The King of Comedy, with a shade of Vaali too. Yet, I’m already toying with the idea of seeing it again.

    Shiva Satyam ‏@AsliShiva

    It’s interval for #Fan & it is going very good so far. @iamsrk has given very good performance. #Fan is fantastic film & superb work by @iamsrk, it’s vfx,screenplay are awasome & it has well designed action sequences. #Fan is a emotional film which dealt with relationship of a fan & starts & at climax you wil get all the answers, “Must Watch”. #Fan has shaped up very well but it’s becoz of only @iamsrk, Manish Sharma fail to show his talent,editing & cinematography is very well. #Fan is very outstanding & emotional film with terrific performance by @iamsrk, “a must watched film”.My Ratings ****.

    Bindu Rai ‏@BinduRai

    Halfway through #Fan and we’ve only had 3 babies cry, one kid having a meltdown and 2 running ard playing #DontStealMyShow #Dubai Meanwhile, #Fan review at intermission: intense, slightly slow paced; Gaurav’s character disturbing; @iamsrk entertaining #ShahRukh #Fan post intermission: (no spoilers) Is very #Bollywood. Has some ‘say what now’ moments. #SRK is of course, a star, but as #Gaurav

    Xeny Pexico ‏@XenyP

    SRK the actor is back. @iamsrk loved Fan It’s amazing From acting to screen play to direction to bgm to action scenes & locations everything is superb. have to admit now, you are god of acting. still can’t believe that same actor played both roles aryan & GAURAV. after 1st half everyone was like what will happen in 2nd half. Everyone was discussing during interval. but it was opposite of what we thought. best second half . I don’t how to describe the awesomeness of CLIMAX. Standing OVATION.

    Zing Petron ‏@Zing_Petron

    @iamsrk sir just now watched fan. Take a bow baadshah. Welcome back. It’s ur finest performance in 25 years. Thinking to go for it again with family.i’m still shivering. How u can act such brilliantly? really you are god. & action scenes r the best. BEST CLIMAX EVER. it made everyone emotional. But u as gaurav & aryan now waiting foe ur next one bcs I watch only ur mvs (blwd) First review of #FAN is out and #THEFILMSHOW rated 4.5 stars to #FAN #ShahRukhKhan is absolutely mesmerising as Gaurav & Aryan @yrf @iamsrk

    Aatif Imran ‏@AatifImran3

    Just finished watching FAN loved every bit of it. SRK stunned us all with his brilliant acting ad Gaurav. Climax is the best part of FAN First Half of FAN is Awesome But 2nd half is extraordinary It will give you goosebumps & you will get stunned in climax. Hats off SRK

    Kamran Musstafa ‏@kami3012

    #FanFirstDay @iamsrk’s best performance till date. Aryan Khanna was excellent but Gaurav usse thoda sa better. Great Job @yrf 9.5/10 #Fan

    Faraaz Mohamed ‏@frz_aju


  • @X zone only 17 crs first day will be OK 4 u ? What r u saying? It’s a solo big release on partial holiday? Biggest star?

    Airlift 12.5 in 2200 screens with clash on non holiday .

    Fan in 3500 screens,hiked prices, solo,partial holiday? Only 17 ?? Means airlift opening will be considered better then fan

    Hope indicine post real morning occupancy of fan tomorrow without hiking it , they posted wrong occupancy of airlift . 😡

  • @Indicine Team I m your reader since u started this site ….please support our beloved star when people spreading lies and hatred around us .i have sent some information on your twitter account amd fb account please do something. How could one man without support fight against all odds ..and you say it is a reality check of star…about following ..when they all spread negatively responce by using fake photoshop and post.because there is very less people who spreading truth and love and positivity by right information ..please i m requesting you.

  • @fans

    Those who r barking that bhai is insecure and loser so he does lock only holiday releases should realize the fact that no ONE has GUTS to take on MEGASTAR of Bollywood (not even queen has guts to take on Bhai, so he does make way for Bhai this EID)

    Coming to his movies he is challenged every chota mota star (ranvir) and beat him left right and centre…

    Its like calling Sachin Tendulkar made centuries only because of opening the innings… Orelse he is just a normal batsmen… Same way sirf & sirf Bhai can take the best advantage of holiday factor. In worst case scenario BLOCKBUSTER if accepted ATBB.

    So don’t bark for Bhai’s dominance on his holiday releases… dum hain toh CHALLENGE kar…


  • Dear Indicine, so you started this finally, huh!! :)

    Ticket prices are increased, it’s a partial holiday release,… waiting for more jokes. :)

    Stop crying and start accepting the fact that SRK is duniya ka sabse bada super star!

    Nice to see that you have all the reasons up your sleeve to defend your criticism against SRK.

    Please do watch FAN, thanks.

    Love you SRK!

  • @Romance KING : at 10:03 pm

    Your remarks on Non Khans are not true

    Srk :: Dilwale :: 21 Cr 1st day with clash

    Non Khans
    HRITHIK :: BB! :: 27 Cr 1st day with Clash
    Which is 12 Cr more than your remark or thought

  • @indicine advavance in Ahmedabad, Pune is terrific too and you won’t get full capacity in every screen due to large no of shows. Who is supporting cast in HNY. Sonu sood? Boman irani or abhishek? These people are not even capable to open 4 cr as a solo.

  • @sunny alcoholic if Airlift released on 4000 screen then it would have done 35 cr right? Why Akki fans always crying about less screen non holiday etc.

  • @Yuvraj the village idiot 9:21 pm : There is no direct named “Many’s Sharma”. Again you proved, you are a typical illiterate villager , residing in a remote village of Jharkhand.
    @9:24 pm : Sure, I will convey your message to SRK. But on a serious note, there is vacancy available for a bulky buffalo in a zoo. Will you be kind enough to recommend your bhabhijan for that?

    @Javed : Sure buddy, but my reviews will be out by late evening as I will be watching the evening show .

    @Bajan the bimbo/Mayanmari Langoor/Aunt : Keep barking. First day collections of FAN will make you all zip your mouth tight.

    @Sunny 10:46 pm : Anything above 17cr will be a bonus for me. I want FAN to collect 17cr+ on opening day so that I can tear the clothes of bhabhijan fans apart.

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