FAN Advance Booking Report

FAN releases in theatres tomorrow and this film is probably the biggest test of Shah Rukh Khan’s ability to bring audience to theatres on Day 1. His last few films have either featured a top heroine, a strong supporting cast, universally appealing genre, huge in-your-face marketing campaigns and popular music. FAN has none of that. Absolutely none.

The director of the film, Maneesh Sharma, isn’t someone who can sell tickets either. The biggest hit of his career is Band Baaja Baarat, and his last two films Ladies vs Ricky Bahl and Shuddh Desi Romance didn’t do too well at the box office.

Yet, the advantage booking of FAN is by far the biggest this year and the tickets sold for Day 1 are about 2 / 3 times more than Airlift. However, the advance is best at multiplexes and is average to poor at smaller centres – which was expected due to lack of universal appeal of the film.

1. Mumbai City – The advance is solid in Mumbai. The film is getting plenty of shows at multiplexes, easily the highest for 2016 and the ticket prices have been hiked by around 20% too (compared to usual weekend rates). Mumbai, with holiday advantage, is set for a good opening day.

2. NCR Region (Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad etc) – Excellent advance, better than Mumbai city and strong throughout the NCR region.

3. Bangalore – Advance booking began late at quite a few multiplexes in Bangalore. At places where ticket counters were opened early, the advance varies from good to excellent. Finding tickets could be a problem on Friday though, because the number of shows aren’t as high as what a big film gets in a city like Bangalore.

4. Hyderabad – Excellent, all shows expected to be running close to capacity on Friday.

5.  Mangalore – Poor advance so far. It’s a small city and the advance of FAN is poor at quite a few B and C centres. These are likely to rely on word-of-mouth, which could come into effect as early as Friday evening.

6. Kolkata – SRK is the king here, record advance comparable to festive releases.

7. Chennai – Excellent, Khan is a huge crowd puller here, arguably the biggest followed by Aamir and Hrithik.

8. Patna – Decent, even at places where you have to visit the theatre to book tickets.

9. Chandigarh – Best of the year, but not even close to the kind of advance that big films get.

10. Valsad – Poor start and was dull until morning today, but has picked up towards the end of Thursday.

Stay tuned for the detailed box office prediction and IndicineFBO. Both will be out in an hour or so.



  • Indicine are you scared to predict FBO as your prediction will go wrong or you are sticking to previous prediction that is 21 cr. … you said your job is to analyse then where is your expert analysis… come on.. publish this comment

  • Fan review by
    DIRECTOR: Maneesh Sharma
    STARRING: Shah Rukh Khan, Waluscha De Sousa, Yogendra Tiku, Shriya Pilgaonkar
    RATING: 2.5 stars
    Shah Rukh Khan in a song-less, romance-less, heroine-less movie directed by the poet of middle-class Maneesh Sharma seems like a perfect recipe for a hatke film. I watched the film in happy anticipation and enjoyed it too. The first 30 minutes at least.
    The movie started with Gaurav Chanda’s (The Fan) award-winning performance at a local superstar sitara competition, which was executed so well that I sat there smiling, enjoying the mohallah, the middle-class maahol that Maneesh so beautifully weaves into his films.
    Fan seemed like it would be SRK’s best film in last five years. Wait. What was I comparing it to? Chennai Express? Dilwale? Happy New Year? Jab Tak Hain Jaan? It’s almost like calling Rakhi Sawant smarter than Poonam Pandey or Sherlyn Chopra.
    I realised I spoke too soon. The film that looked promising started to give a few ‘that’s-a-bit-much-bro’ moments that soon turned into ‘haha-kuch-bhi’ moments and by the climax, logic had stabbed itself in the eye with a blunt knife, leaving you miserable with the improbability of the situation.
    Check this out:
    Gaurav is the imposter who sets out to tarnish Aryan Khanna’s image. His devious plans, no matter how improbable, are delicious. You want to know what his next move would be. But the sequences lead to rather extreme irrational decisions taken by Aryan.
    Gaurav’s bad behaviour is caught on camera and misread as superstar’s to disgrace him. Wait, the camera also catches Aryan at another location. Logic would prompt to reveal the footage and clear the air, right? Wrong. It’s a Hindi film.
    Here Aryan Khanna plans to settle scores with Gaurav Chanda personally, sans secretary, sans security, sans common sense too.
    Minute by minute into the film, you wonder:
    Why would a popular actor take a cab to his home and argue with the security guard to get into his own house?
    How can a fan know a star’s itinerary so well?
    How can he get his number?
    How can he get to his house? Vandalise it? I am sure you have a lot of money. You can afford CCTVs. You can buy common sense too. Report him to the police. Have some logic. Pay your writer. Hire one if you haven’t.
    There is a clash between the star and his fan. As a viewer, I would like to be empathetic towards one, judge the other, take sides and get emotionally engaged. I couldn’t quite decide. Honestly, I couldn’t even care. All I wanted for them was to say sorry to each other, bury the hatchet, shake hands and be good boys again. Trust me, ‘sorry’ is indeed one of the most important words in the film.
    Shah Rukh Khan gives a decent performance. The starry twinkle in Gaurav’s eyes when he first sees Aryan Khanna, the excitement in his voice when he first speaks to him, makes you go all ‘Aww’. Gaurav is still the easier part to play. Aryan Khanna is the trickier one. They have used his real life footage, gone into his personal space. How do you disengage and distance yourself when you play a character loosely based on your life? SRK keeps it subtle, however, I wish Aryan’s stubbornness and arrogance were further explored, both in writing and acting.
    Fan is implausible, unreasonable and unconvincing. And RJs don’t EVER speak the way they do in Hindi films, even if they are presenters in London. Argh.

  • @indicine don’t u think paid previews would have been beneficial for a movie like fan. coz if the content is good wom factor can come into play from first day morning itself as all the reviews will be out in the evening itself ?

  • The good thing is that everyone is praising srk acting which wasn’t the case in his last movies where mostly we used to read “Although Srk performed his part brilliantly but there wasn’t any margin to perform -that was pretty simple and straight role”-❤️❤️

  • if Fan Collects 23-24 crores on first day will u srk the biggest crowd puller as PK and BB collected on the same levels but with all the above written advantages and fan solely coz of srk

  • Hope excellent bussiness…. in NCR…MUMBAI. Which will be enough…as these contribute lots in overall bussiness.
    SRK is huge crowd puller in KOLKATA… South.
    So…. expect big numbers on opening.

  • Lol so many hater barking before its release..mark my words.. mark my words…hey hey idiots we dont need your marked words…see you tommorrow…..

  • Tomorrow is not non-holiday…It’s Holiday for ‘Ram Navami’, Then why all are calling it a non holiday release including indicine admin team.
    If ‘Gabbar is back’ was a partial holiday release on 1st may, then definitely ‘Ram Navami’ is bigger holiday than that. Hope all are getting this.
    So , FAN is not ‘non-holiday’ release.

  • SRK acting is superb in FAN which will make huge impact at boxoffice what was missing from srk from a long time

  • @DESTROYER OF KHANS ! Only Non Khan films open bellow 15cr not khans film take my words mohenjodar open bellow 15cr clashing with rustom

  • @Indicine, you were the same people who reported Shudh Desi Romance as a hit way back in 2013 and now you are saying it is an average movie..I remember that it collected in excess of 50 crores and due to the small starcast and production budget, it was declared a hit

  • Who those are said Jai Ho only 17.5cr only opening day collection then don’t forget to know which working day release while fan release holiday.
    @indicine team, tomorrow we want Jai ho vs Fan first day footfall compares. Just request to you indicine.

  • Media overhyping the paid for positive reviews n neglecting the honest negative reviews…!

    Due to this false misleading assumtion about Billu Fan I expect opening of 10crp

  • Oh good.. poor me.. cant watch it atleast till 20th april due to packed working schedule.. each minute is like a year for me now.. just want to see the power packed performance of srk the actor after long long time..

  • hello indicine …..!!!
    … HV bn following u 4almst 2 yes 24×7 BT its sad most of da time u never published my comments !!

    #nys its jst a reminder ….disappointed

  • My prediction:-
    Fri- 19 crs
    Sat- 18 crs
    Sun-23 crs
    Weekend-60 crs
    First week- 95 crs
    2nd week- 35 crs
    Rest- 15 crs
    Lifetime-145 crs.
    Verdict- hit/superhit (as per

  • Agreed Indicine.

    It is more about positive WoM rather than a blockbuster opening. Fan has an entire month to perform with just one good release Baghi. So it has plenty of time to grow and sustain. All that is required a positive WoM similar to Neerja and Airlift.

  • Guys no need to waste money on FAN movie instead of that go and watch KRK review he explains full movie scene by scene and totally ruin the movie interest….

  • By looking at advance booking double triple times more then airlift with hiked prices, first day 27 cr minimum ?

  • Fan will be biggest blockbuster of this decade for sure….Nd plz haters stay stay out from fan u need not to watch our kings movie will collect around 28 crs tmrw ….shahrukh sir its still 12 hrs to go fr fan we guys r counting hrs …i hv allreday left my hostel for the train to vizag will reach vizag around 3 o clock in the morning nd then frm there i will be waiting fr sun to shine fr fan … u shahrukh sir god bless u ….”wo sirf star nhi hai duniya hai mere ”
    A small little fan of ur world

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