Even SRK is not allowed to carry his phone to the sets of YRF’s FAN

The security on the sets of Yash Raj Films’ upcoming film FAN is so tight that even Shahrukh Khan has been asked to deposit his phone before entering the sets of the film.

Sources say, everyone from the director to the cast and crew of the film has to keep their phones outside every morning before the shoot and retrieve it only after shoot wraps up. Apart from the shooting equipment, no other electronic device is allowed on the sets of the film.

SRK phone

SRK’s iPhone deposited with the security

Previously, the head honcho of Yash Raj Films, Aditya Chopra, had similar security arrangements during the shoot of Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3. However, a few stills from the film managed to leak on to the internet during the outdoor shoot.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, FAN releases in theatres on August 14 2015.



  • Srk should learn from bhaijaan… Bhai still uses nokia 3310 , wich nowadays evn kaam wali bai’s dont use ! Long live bhai #bhairoks

  • Oh no.They done this so that nobody can click pictures on the sets and share it but our king now cannot talk on phone also coz of this so we want our king to buy any china made phone with no camera in it

  • Pictures of Ceiling Fan, Wall Fan or Table? What is the big deal? They are behaving as if ISIS has threatened YRF.. Hahaha!!!

  • Yrf allowed Salman to carry his vanity van to the set at the time ETT shooting. But they are not allowing our king to carry a mobile phone. Too much fun.

  • @Nivin_Pauly, Bhaijaan uses that phone because he is not materialistic. He is a common man’s hero. He doesn’t show off that he has this or that!!!

    @Tiger, you have to know differences between the skeleton king and our bhaijaan! Bhaijaan has been in great demand. You know that.
    Bhaijaan needs not approach any directors like SLB or Rohit Shetty to work with him. Rather, the top producers and directors are desperate to work with him.
    Last time, YRF was desperate to work with Bhaijaan because despite working the skeleton king so many times, it could not get a 100 Crore movie when every other banner working with the Bhai and Aamir were getting it.
    So, YRF approached Salman Khan for ETT. Adi called him to YRF office for script hearing. Rather, Salman Bhai asked them to come to his farmhouse. And YRF had to follow his terms and conditions. The world knows this.

    @Bulli, good recommendation for your king. Hope your mates appreciate you for your good suggestion at least this time.

  • now thats a real actor .. King can do anything for the maker’s vision .. unlike some wannabe actors.
    no doubt he is a Legend.

  • @Anand — And its the last film of our Bhaijaan to earn profit for distributors….after that Bhabijaan is providing them loss after loss ???

  • ‘Fan’ will showcase SRK’s acting skills after so many years for his fans like me. Salman’s next projects also sound interesting just like SRK’s after HNY. Akshay and Ajay also have good line ups after 2014. It could very well be golden period in Bollywood, not just in terms of money profit, but also in terms of quality and development of Indian cinema.

  • @Anand — Its the film of a production house whose marketing policy earned them profit through ETT….Without them our Bhabijaan is unable to earn distributors profit….so when they are making something it should be kept under wrap.lol

  • @babjii
    Samsung products are not that good bro according to me…the company is definitely going to fall back in long run now….

    I m glad u keep all the records of srk tweets and its timing….good…

  • Srk-yrf combo never failed except JTHJ which also not a failure but a underperformer, but still that movie shocked our comlain boy and he is loosing his control on mind. Let’s see what fan in the store.
    Srk fan reaction- oh no. Throughout since last decade our king is endorsing Nokia phone but he using iPhone for himself. Salman is better he is using Nokia but never endorse that.Salman bhai is great, he not making us ullu like our king.

  • Adi dictates Srk n Salman dictates Adi. Now you know who is ruling whom?? King title rakhne se koi king nahii hota !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @shera zeeshan sayed khan

    Nice to see you back on indicine after another one of your public break ups with triniman… All the best dude

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