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Sajid-Farhad have built a career out of writing uproarious dialogues and scripts for films like Golmaal 3 and Chennai Express. They are Rohit Shetty’s proteges and that is evident from the trailers and song promos. And Entertainment is also the return of Akshay Kumar after delivering his first smash hit in some time – Holiday. The producers have highlighted the fun part and the animal loving part of the film and that has created buzz. So how funny is Entertainment really?

Story: Entertainment is centered on Akshay Kumar’s character Akhil and his hilarious antics with his friend Krushna. Akhil is the son of a poor father played by Darshan Jariwala and he has to make ends meet to earn money. So he suffers a jolt of sorts when he finds out that his real father is a multi-millionaire called Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil). But then news comes that Mr. Johri has passed away in Bangkok. Akhil and Krushna land up in Bangkok to claim their inheritance when they find out that Johri has given all of his property to his dog Entertainment. The film derives its name from that of the dog and thinks take a funny turn when Akhil and his buddy Krushna try to put one over Entertainment the dog. Things get even more interesting when Karan Arjun (Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood) arrive on the scene to complicate the matters.

Entertainment Movie Review

With a film like Entertainment, the viewer goes in expecting non-stop fun and hilarious jokes and gags. And Sajid-Farhad deliver on the promises to an extent. The jokes are funny but if you are not used to their brand of humour then you might not like the jokes. The script could have taken a Humshakals-ish turn but they managed to steer clear of such mindless buffoonery.

The technical aspects of the film are not something that viewers will be particularly looking to investigate when they go the see Entertainment as long as it looks good and makes them laugh. Having said that, Entertainment looks good, has high production values for its genre. The music of Entertainment has become a hit what with two big chartbusters like Johnny Johnny and Veerey Di Wedding. The Atif Aslam track sounds clichéd.

Entertainment works so well because of the return to comedic form for Akshay Kumar and his chemistry with both Krushna and Entertainment himself! An actor like Akshay with unmatched comic timing makes a huge difference to the end result. Interestingly, his chemistry with Tammanah fades in comparison with Krushna and Entertainment. Krushna is rip roaring in the film. And it is such a joy to see normally serious actors like Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood enjoying themselves so thoroughly. Johnny Lever, Darshan Jariwala, Dalip Tahil and Mithun Chakraborty provide ample humour to the film with their own performances. Tammanah is decent. Entertainment works because the cast seem to have had a lot of fun while making it.

Entertainment lives up to its title and works well because of the funny jokes, gags and situations. The director duo make a ridiculous premise work beautifully and their experience of working with Rohit Shetty comes in handy. Akshay Kumar and the whole cast had a lot of fun while making it and so will the viewers while watching it. But if you have a problem with the slapstick type of humour that Entertainment promises, please steer clear.

Box Office: Entertainment will take an above-average opening at the ticket counters but will continue to grow throughout the weekend and should post a respectable lifetime total.


  • Hilarious gags, and jokes
  • Akshay Kumar and the whole cast are in fine comedic form
  • The music is chartbuster with two songs being big hits
  • Kids and families will love Entertainment


  • Sometimes the gags get too ridiculous
  • The lead actress could have had more to do
Rating: ★★★½☆


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