Emraan Hashmi fans celebrate 11 years of Murder

11 years ago on this day, Anurag Basu directed his second film ‘Murder’ starring Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat. The film went on to do outstanding business and is still remembered as the most erotic film of its time.

Even though other popular films like Shahrukh Khan’s Veer Zaara, Main Hoon Naa, Hum Tum, Dhoom and a few other films released in the same year, Murder was one of the biggest ROI hits.

After delivering a impressive performance in his debut film ‘Footpath’, the serial-kissing image of Emraan began with Murder. It was also his first film to have chartbuster music. Songs like ‘Bheegey Hont Tere‘ and ‘Kaho Na Kaho‘ still get a lot of hits on our website – 11 years after the film released!

To celebrate the occasion, Emraan Hashmi fans managed to trend ’11 Years of Murder’ on popular social media website Twitter.

Enjoy the ‘Bheegey Hont Tere’ song and share your ‘Murder’ memories in the comments section below!



  • I was a not grown-up back then..But still managed to watch it after some years..I feel pity for the character of antagonist because the true lover did not get the true love…
    Instead the husband won at last who did not love her much…Actually film was beatifully woven in terms of screenplay..Characters stayed with u even after film end..One of the best films of imraan hasmi ..

  • 11 Years Of Murder . Brilliant negative character played by hashmi. It is one of the most streamed movies on Youtube,Vuclip n other video streaming sites. Its songs along with aashiq banaya aapne are the most viewed ones on youtube. Popular!
    Waiting for Mr.X.!!

    And also waiting for Hamari Adhuri Kahani introduction – 2 weeks to go! 1 of the biggest film of year.

  • Emraan Hashmi fan base is equal to khans ,,akki hr on social media like twitter..almost see him trending every month or week..
    But unfortunately family audience has not got up to his dark, gory..or say erotic type films.. His films always end up with good message at end which i like..

    Eagerly waiting for Mr.X .. It has nothing going for it..But still i will watch it as i don’t miss his films often which r different from regular films..
    Hamari Adhuri Kahani will be surely big ..
    He always has the 3rd choice of doing awarapan2 or murder,jannat,raaz series to make quick bucks….

  • first time I m hearing someone cekebrating 11 years of a film.ppl generally celebrate 5yrs,10yrs or 25yrs of a film but emmy fans desperate of promoting emmys upcoming trash mr x is now suddenly celebrating 11yrs of murder

  • @indicine now I want u to post similar articles this year where u will b celebrating 3yrs of ishaqzaade,soty and 5yrs of band baaja baraat.

  • @indicine# instead of imran hasmi u could have said it to mallika swerawat coz she is the only sole reason to get a hit status n followed by music .!!

  • it was bheege hooth song n mallika hype…honestly imran was nt that gud ..he needs another murder otherwise he will be MR X from bollywood…invisible….

  • Don’t know why media is not recognising emraan’s performances n only highlight kiss.
    Agar emraan kiss kare to serial kisser.. Agar ranbir kare toh romance..!
    This kapoor-tard media has damaged emraan hashmi’s image to bring him down…and to downgrade his achievements…
    Media whole day publish news abt kapoor family to promote them…

  • Emraan is the best romancer of btown(if btown considers him a part of them) .. Otherwise he is parallel industry in himself..

  • Liked Murder a lot.I think now family audience should welcome Emraan movies with open hearts as other stars like Ranbir, Ranveer, Sid etc kisses on screen with every movie. If u hate emraan for kisses,than u should also hate other stars.Looking forward to MrX.

  • Will watch MrX. Some Idiots ( who don,t want progress in bollywood ) are busy comparing it with Hollow Man or Mr India.Movie may have same theme but story will be different for sure.

  • Some guys are saying Murder worked due to its hit music and Malika but that is not true, Emmy with Malika was one of the reason why Murder s still considered one of the most erotic thriller film in early 2000s. Emmy as a Sunny was believable.

  • see dis somebodda is burning … bullshit fellow … if indicine posts any article about emraan he starts burning to ashes due to jealousy … get some water from ur idol pathetic arjun kapoor … each and every new comer is far talented than ur ak ..whether it is varun or rk or sid or ranveer .. ur ak should learn acting first

  • @Arjun Byomkesh BV Fan : let your youngistaan (kids) become boys and from boys to men then celebrate such stuff. Emraan has been in industry since your kids were in chaddis and diapers !!!!!!!!!

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