Akshara Haasan in Aamir Khan’s Dangal?

After impressing the critics in her debut film ‘Shamitabh’ starring acclaimed actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush, Kamal Haasan’s daughter Akshara Haasan seems to have caught everyone’s eye. The beautiful actress is being considered to star in Aamir Khan’s next, Dangal.

According to a source close to the film, the makers are searching for two fresh faces for the film and Akshara is likely to be signed to play one of the characters


“The makers are searching for two fresh faces to play the role of Aamir’s daughters in the film. After a few discussions, they have zeroed in on Akshara, who will mostly be playing one of the daughters.”

Akshara’s sister Shruti Haasan has already starred in many Bollywood films and it seems like Kamal Haasan’s second daughter is also following her footsteps. Although, there is no official word, it would be interesting to see Akshara play Aamir’s daughter in the film.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Dangal is a story of a father and the relationship that he shares with his two daughters. The film releases in theatres during Christmas 2016 – Aamir’s first release in two years!



  • @indicine

    Is this true? I heard, Bhumi Pednekar is likely to play second daughter’s role. Aamir khan was impressed with her debut performance.

  • Please God no, we Aamir fans don’t want her in Dangal. She is just horrible. Look at her double chin and those stupid looking eyes, and that hairstyle is straight away copied from a DIAN. plz NO!!!

  • she is nt as gud looking as her supersexy sister but she still.can score in acting …after all she is daugher of guy who is film university himself…

  • I hope whoever they cast they cast quickly- I know Aamir is a perfectionist but two yrs waiting for an Aamir film despite having 15 yrs to get used to this practise of his is still unbearable.

    Its all about Aamir and not about some brand, script, Santa Clause, director or even CONTENT- an Aamir movie is all I want for Christmas 2016 after giving Christmas 2015 the cold shoulder…!

  • In recent times it was observed that the directors are considering relatively new heroines in big movies with big A grade actors. Eg. Pooja Hedge opposite Hrithik, Mahira Khan opposite SRK, Daisy Shah opposite Salman. Even Jacqueline was not established by the time she was signed for Kick. It seems as if the Directora and Producers are reluctant to spend more money on actress because all these movies with A grade actors are usually big budget movies.

  • No matter who they cast as the ladies,villain and supporting characters, it is aamir khan film and that’s all what matters the most to a large section of audience

  • @Anupama, it depends on the film. Dhoom 3 & Bang Bang had Katrina, HNY had Deepika, Singham 2 had Kareena and Deepika was 1st choice for PRDP.

  • Komal Nahata tweeted “Just heard gist of Dangal script last evening.Super-duper blockbuster on its way. Christmas week of 2016 will see b.o.history being written”

  • Name the bollywood actor who is in industry from 30 years and has just 11 hits in whole career

  • Really looking forward to seeing Aamir and Akshara on big screen.
    Dangal really looks like it might be interesting. I pray it doesn’t have the crappy overdone songs and background music that most films have these days.

  • Christmas 2016 is very far,I don’t care who will be the actress but that should be an actress by performance not by looks.Aamir and Nitesh will cast talent, if Akshara in the film than she need to work hard as playing a wrestler is tough.
    @ek tha talli that bhumi pandarkar news was for fun due to first April.

    A very very special birthday to Brilliant Actor-Superstar Ajay Devgn.Wish him best of luck for upcoming projects.

  • it will not gross 130 crore….
    box office has become so boring.
    people are tired of watching these kind of movies.

  • Dangal will be copy like Brothers..Because it has same plot..
    In Brothers,One father and his two sons..(Genre-Wristling)
    In Dangal,One father and his two daughters..(Genre-Wristling)
    Brothers and Dangal are copy of Hollywood movie Warrior…Because both have same story line..
    Big films are copying hollywood..It’s not good at all..

  • @hrithik (Greek god)

    How do you know that? Nitesh Tiwari has made 2 acclaimed films in past. Both of them had original story. Don’t talk rubbish without getting your facts right!

  • Kamal Hassan is so naughty. He has fucked both his lovely daughters Shruti (in her pussy hole) and Akshara (in her shit hole).

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