Ek Tha Tiger vs YJHD vs 3 Idiots: Detailed comparison

Over the last 4 years or so, almost all major releases starring the Khan’s were expected to break the 202 crore record of 3 Idiots. Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger was the only film that came close, but fell short by around 2.5 crores.

Now, with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on a record-breaking spree at the box office, the film is almost certain to be the 3rd highest grossing film in Bollywood.

But how close can the film get to two of the biggest grossers ever? Below is a detailed comparison between Ek Tha Tiger, YJHD and 3 Idiots.

UPDATE: 3 weeks after release, YJHD is ahead of 3 Idiots but below Ek Tha Tiger. The film is unlikely to surpass the lifetime collections of both films, but should cross the 190 crore mark.

Day3 IdiotsEk Tha TigerYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Preview2.5 crores----
Day 112.5 crores (Holiday Christmas)32.92 crores (Holiday)19.5 crores
Day 211.5 crores14.52 crores20 crores
Day 313.5 crores (Sunday)12.90 crores22.5 crores (Sunday)
Day 411 crores16.75 crores12.7 crores
Day 59.5 crores23.06 crores (Sunday)11.8 crores
Day 69 crores20.64 crores (Holiday EID)10.6 crores
Day 710 crores16.31 crores9.5 crores
First Week79.5 crores137.15 crores106.6 crores
Day 811 crores (New Year)10.45 crores6.9 crores
Day 910.5 crores6.61 crores10.2 crores
Day 1012.5 crores (Sunday)4.53 crores11.25 crores (Sunday)
Day 116 crores7.00 crores5.5 crores
Day 125.75 crores9.18 crores (Sunday)4.8 crores
Day 135.25 crores2.92 crores4.3 crores
Day 145 crores2.60 crores3.9 crores
Two Week Total136 crores180.44 crores153.45 crores
Day 154 crores2.39 crores3.25 crores
Day 167 crores1.97 crores4.25 crores
Day 178 crores (Sunday)1.25 crores5.6 crores (Sunday)
Day 183.25 crores2.11 crores2.5 crores
Day 193 crores3.15 crores (Sunday)2.25 crores
Day 202.75 crores0.88 crore2 crores
Day 212.5 crores0.86 crore1.8 crores
Three Week Total166.5 crores193.05 crores175.1 crores
Day 222.25 crores1.04 crore1.1 crore
Day 233.25 crores0.71 crore2.1 crore
Day 244 crores (Sunday)0.42 crore2.6 crore
Total till fourth weekend176 crores195.22 crores180.9 crores
Remaining weeks26.5 crores4.38 crores8.02 crores
Lifetime Collections202.5 crores199.6 crores188.92 crores

Note: TheĀ Ek Tha Tiger vs YJHD vs 3 Idiots table above will be updated every day. Bookmark and visit this page for daily updates on box office collections.



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