Ek Tha Tiger vs YJHD vs 3 Idiots: Detailed comparison

Over the last 4 years or so, almost all major releases starring the Khan’s were expected to break the 202 crore record of 3 Idiots. Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger was the only film that came close, but fell short by around 2.5 crores.

Now, with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on a record-breaking spree at the box office, the film is almost certain to be the 3rd highest grossing film in Bollywood.

But how close can the film get to two of the biggest grossers ever? Below is a detailed comparison between Ek Tha Tiger, YJHD and 3 Idiots.

UPDATE: 3 weeks after release, YJHD is ahead of 3 Idiots but below Ek Tha Tiger. The film is unlikely to surpass the lifetime collections of both films, but should cross the 190 crore mark.

Day3 IdiotsEk Tha TigerYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Preview2.5 crores----
Day 112.5 crores (Holiday Christmas)32.92 crores (Holiday)19.5 crores
Day 211.5 crores14.52 crores20 crores
Day 313.5 crores (Sunday)12.90 crores22.5 crores (Sunday)
Day 411 crores16.75 crores12.7 crores
Day 59.5 crores23.06 crores (Sunday)11.8 crores
Day 69 crores20.64 crores (Holiday EID)10.6 crores
Day 710 crores16.31 crores9.5 crores
First Week79.5 crores137.15 crores106.6 crores
Day 811 crores (New Year)10.45 crores6.9 crores
Day 910.5 crores6.61 crores10.2 crores
Day 1012.5 crores (Sunday)4.53 crores11.25 crores (Sunday)
Day 116 crores7.00 crores5.5 crores
Day 125.75 crores9.18 crores (Sunday)4.8 crores
Day 135.25 crores2.92 crores4.3 crores
Day 145 crores2.60 crores3.9 crores
Two Week Total136 crores180.44 crores153.45 crores
Day 154 crores2.39 crores3.25 crores
Day 167 crores1.97 crores4.25 crores
Day 178 crores (Sunday)1.25 crores5.6 crores (Sunday)
Day 183.25 crores2.11 crores2.5 crores
Day 193 crores3.15 crores (Sunday)2.25 crores
Day 202.75 crores0.88 crore2 crores
Day 212.5 crores0.86 crore1.8 crores
Three Week Total166.5 crores193.05 crores175.1 crores
Day 222.25 crores1.04 crore1.1 crore
Day 233.25 crores0.71 crore2.1 crore
Day 244 crores (Sunday)0.42 crore2.6 crore
Total till fourth weekend176 crores195.22 crores180.9 crores
Remaining weeks26.5 crores4.38 crores8.02 crores
Lifetime Collections202.5 crores199.6 crores188.92 crores

Note: The Ek Tha Tiger vs YJHD vs 3 Idiots table above will be updated every day. Bookmark and visit this page for daily updates on box office collections.



  • News 1) Ranbir Kapoor beats Akshay Kumar’s highest grossers in both India and overseas
    2)Trade analysts Taran Adarsh & Komal Nahta give Thumbs up to Fukrey
    3)Komal Nahta feels CE trailer entertaining
    4)Ranbir beats Dabanng 2 opening in UK but fails to beat in UAE
    5)Ranbir beats JthJ opening in India but fails to beat in overseas
    6)Ranbir fails to beat Housefull 2 collections in Newzeland where Housefull 2 remains highest grossing Bollywood film ever beating 3 Idiots & MNIK

  • Nice analysis indicine… Looks like YJHD is going to make around 170-80 Cr…. That’s pretty nice!!! Well I really donno how ETT made such a huge number… thats unfortunate!!! :(… :P

  • @Dinesh Vijan
    JTHJ is the highest grossing film in NEW ZEALAND beating the record of many HOLLYWOOD blockbusters.

  • @romance:
    dont tell wrong things.hrithik career was not over in 2006.his movies like jodha akbar,znmd and agneepath were superhits. .then how can you say his career was over.moreover he is the most sexiest man in asia since 2 years. .anyway when k3,bang bang will be bb,you willnt be able to show your face.

  • @nipun i hope it happend, but if k3 failed like kites than hro careare completely over as khans may retire with in 5 years and ranbir film doing well then hritic

  • Highest Bollywood grossers in overseas
    1)UAE & GCC – Jab Tak Hain Jaan
    2)Pakistan -Race 2
    3)Newzeland – Housefull 2
    4)China & Hongkong – 3 Idiots

  • @Danish,I have checked various websites. JTHJ have not beaten Housefull 2 in Newzeland. JTHJ had grossed about $199411 after third weekend of its release while Housefull 2 grossed about $260000 lifetime, a little more than 3 Idiots.

  • Jun 09 – 9:02 amhink u all will go mad after the release of dhoom 3 because everyday it will break some record and finally 3 idiots record will be left behind aamir khan started 100 crores club then later 200 crores and now ranbir movie making to 100 crore there is no big dealI think whatever collection ye jawani hai dewani make will be shattered by dhoom 3 in only 1 week

  • YJHD is nothing but media hype. Movie has no story to tell. Now the advantage its getting is no big movie
    releasing. 3 idiots had great word of mouth and was kind of must see movie for every family. If 3 idiots releases today it will do the business of 250 crores. See the opening day was only 12.5 crores inspite of holiday.Ek tha tiger’s collection was based only on opening. Pls dont compare shitty movies with 3idiots.

  • See Guys at the end of the jan 2014 these Box office equations definitely change

    Like 3 idiots Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 will be compared with other movies

    Fingers crossed which will collect more As Thupaaki remake was no of times higher than RR so Krrish 3 will have long run business but also not under estimate dhoom 3

  • I appreciate whole heartedly the success of YJHD as a pure Hrithik Fan
    As my Fan say simply Love all
    and i was happy he has beaten all previous records including Agneepath(Mentioning this movie as i m hrithik fan and also Dharma first 100cr movie)
    Next in my opinion as a movie like Youth centric movie has done a smashing business like this 150+crore
    A Universal appealing movies like Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 must do 275Cr-300Cr other wise as a hrithik fan even i will not call it as BB or ATBB
    A 50Cr movie like YJHD collected 154Cr in 2 week run and
    A 40Cr movie like 3 idiots collected 202Cr
    So a 100Cr+ movies like Krrish 3 and Dhoom3 should collect 275Cr-300Cr its the target its a goal
    Other wise some are predicting 185 Cr and 200Cr ok wat ever your prediction but the real stamina and boxoffice power will be shown who crosses 300Cr these low level figures means it will be underplay for such movies

    So 200Cr is not enough for Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3

    Mark my words After release of Trailer of both movies sky will be limit for top grossing definitely 40Cr on non-holiday and 5000 screens world wide enough to make such huge figures

    So comparison is only between Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 we should not compare these with any other we can say other movie as just compitetion when it releases at that time these have potential of one month to 50 days of full run in theatre in both multiplexex and SS

  • To all hrithik fans just love Romanceexpress as you all are seeing him tht he is putting bad comments on hrithik but in my opinion what ever may be he is putting him in his heart and mind always sometimes fullfledged hatred nature may turn into love one day he may change i hope he will change

  • This Article name was because of hrithik for all haters with love especially Romance Express

    Rakesh Roshan said i made krrish because of hrithik

    A wafer thin story line like Dhoom 2 was only hit because of hrithik

    Dhoom franchise has got universal appeal because of hrithik

    Jodha Akbar got profits because of hrithik(he has done when he was at peak of his career)

    Guzaarish got all positive reviews from all critics because of hrithik

    ZNMD turned profitable venture as hrithik was part of it other wise it remained as a feel ghood film with no profits

    (So many people were Barking like he has done Remake remake remake
    what remake? it is a flop movie in the history of bollywood does any hero has taken a flop movie to hit movie it was done only by hrithik and also it was not an fullfledged commercial movie its a mix of art and cvommercial movie otherwise if the movie having hard core action sequences then it will be sure 160cr)

    So Agneepath was a hit because of hrithik(Sanju baba and rishi ji also to be given credit for film success but it was only hrithik when we see boxoffice opening)

    Krrish 3(just one word papa and beta in reel and real)

    Bang Bang if K3 wa ATBB then it will get fetched due hrithiks boxoffice power

    Shuddhi same as bang bang because of hrithik

    Tigmanshu dhulia next commercial and critically acclaimed because of hrithik

    Paani happened because of hrithik

  • By next year we will argue about these different figures but the simple fact is, records are meant to be broken

  • for all those who know nothing about movie.. lemme explain it to you…first all three khans are giving this sort of blockbuster time n again thats why they are called megastars… second ranbir has to deliver like this at least 6,7 times jst only to become a superstar….. third even rahul roy had a blockbuster in the form of ashiqui bt later he could not emulate the success so he is not superstar….. only one superhit does not make a star a megastar…..if u r talking about the age… salman had delivered all time blockbuster in his solo first release … and same was the case with aamir….its all ur lack of knowledge to compare ranbir kapoor with salman and aamir….. he has to repeat the same success at least in ten movies to b compared with them…. only one hit does not make a superstar… get acknowledged.

  • ranbir the true rockstar. the real king of bollywood. :D he is going to rule bollywood for at least this 2025 :D

  • but i dont think so it will 3rd highest grosser coz there are many movies to come in later this year and till now srk,amir, akshay and hrithik ki movie bhi nahi aye hai ab tak……so dont predict so much big things guys………

  • Taran aadarsh:
    YJHD [after Week 3] India total: Rs 177.09 cr. Overseas total: Rs 56.30 cr. Grand total: Rs 233.39 cr. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.

  • yjhd is becoming 2nd best to 3 idiots in every department of b.o. and audience appreciation because it is 2nd best big film to release since 3i.I hope it does 200cr b.o. and becomes 2nd best 3i even in lifetime collections department

  • @salman i agree with you totallywe cannot judge an actor with a single movie he should prove his consistency sometimes he should be responsible to make even average content to blockbuster it was happened to the likes of srk for JTHJ,salman for Dabaang 2 and hrithik for Dhoom 2

    And also it took him 6 years to throw the challenge despite salman and hrithik and aamir were challenged at early stages of their career but one way ranbir strategy was looking promising but despite his versatality one thing i m seeing common in all his films were his PLAYBOY act as this present generation will connect well with him but that PLAYBOY act in real and reel life are making him in newws and successful

    In my opinion ranbir was already proved to be future megastar or superstar but he should face compitetion with multitalented shahid kapoor who wasted his life with non commercial movies except kaminey

  • @hritiklover yes bro correct…. mark my words one day imran khan will overtake ranbir…he has that potential.

  • yjhd is a lovely movie and its brilliant box office collections are testimony of the fact that majority of the indians are intelligent enough to understand the depth of the movie as it is not just another love story.Instead it is a movie on self awakening,a story of a couple who understand that there is much more to life than just being succesful in academics or job.Majority of the writers in comment section of this kind of websites claim to be great intellectuals but are actually the dumebst creatures of this great nation

  • Yes Akshay is the biggest star in bollywood action ka baap his movies will surely be blockbusters

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