Ek Tha Tiger Day 3 update

After garnering Rs 46-47 crores in it’s first 2 days, Ek Tha Tiger has dropped by around 10-15% on the third day of release. The Day 3 collections is likely to be around 13 crores (estimate based on collections at select screens).

The extended weekend will be extremely crucial now and tomorrow (Saturday) the audience-verdict will be clear. If the film picks up tomorrow, then Sunday will be huge. If Saturday remains flat or shows a further drop, then the chances of the film crossing 200 crores will be ruled.

The drop in collections today, could be due to the wide release on Wednesday. The other reason being cited by the trade, is that the muslim audience don’t go out to watch films during the Ramadan period.

Update: Boxofficeindia has reported that the collections have dropped by 20% at certain places – “The film should have consolidated on Friday and have similar collections in the 14 – 15 crore nett range but it seems a fall is on the cards as collections coming in at places are 20% lower than Thursday so a Friday fall is certain even if other places hold up better.”




  • Watch ett yesterday movie starting was fantastic but middle part is bit boring,post interval part is very.and 2nd part is mindboggling full of action.4/5

  • Arey 20% drop compared to Thursday mean its around 10 to 13 cr, so it fails to beat ra.one’s record which is 59cr ( all region)
    Lol salman made record for a huge 17cr drop— shows how much people disliked this movie.

  • @shahid not disliked the movie yaar it is expecting and it has so may reasons to drop.but from tomorrow film will see huge jump wait and watch

  • After a huge opening, Ek Tha Tiger’s collections fell heavily on second day BUT WAIT A MINUTE, Ramadan, Working Day, No Muslim Audience and still Ek Tha Tiger manages to collect around 15 crore on Day 2 which is equal to the collections of big movies released in good conditions.

  • yaar thoda chill koi site ETT first day 33 cr bol raha hain to koi 2 day 50 cr + bol raha hain…3400 prints ticket price hike by 20%,complete holiday relese aur 31.25 cr opening,just see wednesday was Independence day compare kar rahe ho Ra.one jo tha deewali,yaar koi Flag hosting nahi karta par deewali manata zaroor hain,RS ka value bhi bada hain to 30 cr big deal nahin hain….still compare karo 31.25+14.50=45.75 2 days now friday 13 cr =58.75 cr ok no issues ab Ra.one jisse sab flop bolte hain less print deewali relese not a complete holiday aur next day working day and friday ok now its collected 18+25+16(including regional)=59 check any site u want …so Ett first 3days=58.75 and Ra.one=59…simple calculation…

  • Sallu is weekend king And all record breaker king.
    Sallu se jalne wale ka moon kala.
    Sallu is best

  • @saddie, 31cr would not be possible if muslims did not watch this movie. If Muslim people did not see this movie I bet it would have been around 23-25 cr.

  • And due to negetive responce it got lower collection. It would have been still lower if Muslims did not watch this movie on Thursday— so without Muslims it would have got like 10-11cr. The thing is Muslim people still watch movies in Ramadan as well. A perfect example is bodyguard people watched it despite of Ramadan. So pls don’t make any excuses of why it got lower collection.

  • Waste of money and time.total bakwas movie.sala har bar paisa bigadta hai ,achhi opening ke nam par jo rikshaw wale se hoti hai.

  • SRk fans ki khoob jal rahi ahi..hahaahhaah.. let a life guys.. jitna bhi bura bool lo sab tumhare apne face per aa ker gir raha hai..

    Day 1 broke every record possible
    Day 2 Broke non holiday weekday highest collection
    Day 3 Bkoke the higest ever first 3 days collection by a mrgin of 7 crs..wooow

    The funniest part is all these people talking negative about ETt are SRk fans who’s movies were released last year on biggest Holidays Diwali and Christmas and could not even cross Salman’s Lowest movie in more than last 2 years Ready…lol

  • Nice post, it’s false information HAHAHAHAHA, who the hell told u it breaked non-holiday record? Don collected 14.70 cr and this Chindi movie collected 14.50 cr . But yes it had created two records
    1) huge opening
    2) the biggest historic drop on day2. Lol
    And the hell told u it breaked 3days record? Friday’s collection is around 11-12cr which means it gets close 56-57cr and ra.one 3days collection is 59cr (all regional languages included). Hehehe
    And who cares about these, now the situation is like it is difficult for the movie to cross 100cr hehe
    Now pls don’t cry :)

  • Marx u r such bastard let’s wait fit the end of Ramadan than I will tell u wht is salman power those who r true Muslim they don’t go to cinema due Ramadan my all friend here in the uk are dying to watch ek tha tiger bark as much as u can but I can understand u will be hiding again some where in the corner nd thinking about the new misconception to tallk about salman just walking style 1000 times better than Crap SRK

  • Arey yaars itna kyon tention lete ho. 3 dinao me film ab tak ka best bsnes kar chuki hai.
    Rahi baat aage ki to abhi sunday aur EID monday baki hai. Muslim RAMADAAN me films nahi dekhte. Aftr rmzn pata chal hi jaega

  • DYING TO WATCH EK THAT TIGER THAT TOO ON UK??!!??? oh i have heard enough man. It only collected 1.25cr lol and u are saying that people are dying to watch?

    Yes u are right a true muslim won’t go and watch movies on ramadan and those true muslims are less in number becoz of salman as he releases his movies on the month of ramadan.
    And anyway the worst thing is that salman is destroying their roza (fasting) just by releasing the movies, songs and etc. Atleast he could have released the movie after eid but no ,all he wants is to show how profitable he is by breaking records. WHAT A SHOW OFF!!

    And talking about salmans walking style HAHAHAHA he always walks with style when he is naked, just to show the muscle lol.

  • its like salman is forcing the muslims to watch movie as he is releasing on ramadan everytime (shame on him). best example opening of ett–31cr. now if u remove the money that muslim people paid then it would have got like 16-18cr. another example bodyguard– many muslim people went to this movie on ramdan.
    at monday u guys are gonna eat ur own words!!! MIND IT!!

  • Listen Marx I m not here to make argument with u I just want u to except his power on box office lets wait to more days than u will realise it nd by the way he didn’t make movie just for the Muslims I don’t care weather he cares or not but he is salman khan the altimate power

  • I hav a one question for skr lover fans. Kya tum log aaj ka business herne ke baad baat kare. Kyu ki tum log ne kaha tha ek tha tiger cant break ra.one one day collection. Salman he yar sab kuch possible he.

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