It takes years to reach Salman’s position – Sohail Khan

Filmmaker-actor Sohail Khan is happy at the stupendous opening of “Ek Tha Tiger” and says it’s the best “Eidi” Salman Khan’s fans could give him.

“It’s the happiest feeling anyone can have. I have seen the film, it’s a superb film. I think it’s the best Eid that Salman bhai’s fans could give him,” Sohail said here Thursday at a special screening of the film.

“This film caters to youngest to the oldest. This is one film the whole family can go and watch together,” he added.

According to reports, “Ek Tha Tiger” did a whopping business of Rs.32.95 crore in India alone on the opening day, breaking the record set by “Agneepath” that collected Rs.25 crore on the first day.

Sohail said the film’s success is a proof that Salman is a true tiger.

“Yes, he has got a heart of a tiger. If you see, he has been working for the past 22 years. He has taken his time and the foundation is much stronger today.

“He is not like the paper tiger actors who feel if they come in front of media and create some kind of attention, they can create stardom. It is the love of the fans you have to gather for years to come to the position that Salman has come to,” Sohail said.

“But you know, he is what his fans have made him. Really happy that he has got this loyal fan following,” he added.



  • Promotion for sher khan.u r thinking u brothers r wisest pepole of india Showing crap movies & telling that family entertainer

  • ek tha tiger is d best movie till date for salman !!! 13 -15 cr business on working days has been terrific figure ….just wait 4 SAT – SUN – MON business, u’ll cum 2 know who is Ra.1 .
    LOLZZZ sharuzzz ra one had 6 months marketing still managed to reach somewhere close 2 movie Ready. n bodyguard tailor cum out just 1 month b4 still 148 cr !!! sharukh not even close 2 sallu ! wats d point in comparing but after all he is good comic star lolax

  • @Marz u flipping damn traitor, u used to be salman fan wat happened now?, also mark the word ett will do outstanding business on sunday and Monday becuz those will be eid and on Tuesday I will cone on indicine to cuss and swear at all salman haters, I want other salman fans to join me, becuz I’m confident

  • Many of u are talking bout the film be flop becuz of 2nd and 3rd day collection well let me tell u remember wanted wen it released it wasn’t independence day and opened quite slow but on eid and after it picts up so much it was given a superhit verdict, and u dumb illiterates have forgotten eid is yet to come and just watch the undescriable success

  • Salman, I was never a salman fan and I will never ever become a salman fan, it’s just that people used my name becoz they were all jelouse and were not able to answer me back when I commented against salman.
    Now about the movie, I was disapointed– I am not saying this because I am a srk fan but even salman fans were disapointed. And it got negetive responce from india–proof— record breaking drop in day2 by 17cr Thursday–14cr . And today I.e friday got lower collection than Thursday by 20% drop.
    I bet it won’t even cross rowdy rathore’s record. And the condition is like it eon’t even cross more than 105cr. This movie is not even worth to watch. But many salman fans from other sites told that it is one time watchable.

  • And wanted and ETT are totally different genre, wanted is action masala and ETT was a thriller movie. And in thriller movies people are forced to focus on story to get entertained and I guess the story was bakwaas, 2/3 of the movie was wasted on romance infact it was not even looking like a action thriller.
    And kabir told that the title was named according to the script. What the fish?? Salman played his character like a gaddar, left the important mission of his nation just for a girl. WHAT NONSENCE?
    Wanted got story- music-dialogue-entertainment-action.

  • @Marz go to utube and type in ett public reaction people are crazy about it forget India in America the film opened housefull never seen the crowd like that b4, and obviously the collection had to drop becuz it was a working day, and still in working day film doing 17-16 crore buisness is outstanding and let me tell this movie won’t be hit becuz of music it will be hit becuz of it’s plot, screenplay and action and also salman.

  • salman, even got positive reaction from public on first day show. So its useless to prove public reaction of ett. Okay just leave just check other movies like housefull, don2, agneepath etc –public gave positive responce on first day show.
    and on working day it is doing a business of 14-15 not 16-17. And thats a big let down for the movie.
    31cr to 14cr is a normal thing? If it would have got positive responce then it would have got aroun 18-22cr. 14cr after a mammoth opening clearly shows that it got negetive response. And another proof– friday’s collection the source says that the collection droped by 20%. At least it should have showed some growth on friday but no.
    IT CLEARLY SHOWS THAT IT GOT NEGETIVE RESPONCE. Even in overseas this is totally rejected.

  • just check other famous bollywood sites– u will get ur answers weather it got positive or negetive.
    Positive responce was only given by salman fans and no other people gave positive.

  • @Marz I know you are spread your negativity just because you are jealous that ek tha tiger did a record breaking opening. this is exactly what you guys did when agneepath had a drop on second day because you were jealous of what hrithik did that srk couldnt do and that is to break opening day record, but agneepath did great bussiness and so will ek tha tiger. wait till saturday, sunday and monday than talk. just to let you know that srk next is comming and trust me whatevr you are doing right now it will come against you when the srk movie will release because it trailer already got average response

  • can anybody tell me the name of website from which i can download ek tha tiger as there are no cinemas in our area to watch it out from there.

  • @Marz ok I admit it did have a drop but for now mark my words Saturday it’s gonna pick up and Sunday and Monday it’s goons be unpredictable figures, also wen agneepath released it crashed more than ett despite it’s story and ration bit gradually became a hit

  • marz….ett blockbuster nahi koyi baat nahi kyun ki is saal akshay is no:1 but srk can never come back…now ett gettin mixed response joker defintely superhit thn khiladi 786 also same

  • as i m a amir khan fan . .ETT COLLECTION
    Aug 15# 31.25 cr
    aug 16# 14.5 cr
    aug 17# 12 cr
    aug 18# 16 -18 cr
    aug 19# 19-21 cr
    aug 20# 20-23 cr
    aug 21 -23# 21 cr
    2nd weekend#23-27 cr
    2nd week day# 13-15 cr
    3rd weekend# 11 cr
    3rd weekday#5 cr
    rest # 10 cr

    LIFETIME COLLECTION: 180-195 CR. . .

  • @king kumar well said bro.akki is far bettetr then srk.let the joker and k786 come.then all akki haters will know.promos doesnt matters.don2’s promo were very good but it cannot break any joker will do great despite of average promo.all the best akki.i m your die hard fan.

  • Can’t u see which records its chasing
    1. Highest single day(
    2. Highest 3 day(
    3. Highest 5 day (
    And still they bark was flop just google and find it out got 240 crore despite negative word of mouth.
    Though ETT broke its record just wait for Chennai Express Inshallah again records will be shattered.

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