Ek Tha Tiger 5 day Box Office Collections

Ek Tha Tiger is likely to fall agonisingly short of the 100 crore mark after 5 days at the box-office in India. Early estimates suggest that the film has crossed 20 crores on Sunday, taking the 5 day total to Rs 98 crore nett.

Ek Tha Tiger 5 Day Box Office Collections

  • Wednesday – 33 crores (31.25)
  • Thursday – 14.5 crores (14.5)
  • Friday – 13 crores (12.12)
  • Saturday – 16.75 crores (15.75)
  • Sunday – 23.1 crores (20.5)
  • Total – 100.1 crores (94.12)

Note: Since some have asked us to include Boxofficeindia figures, we have put them in brackets. The other figure is official (except the 5th day estimate)

To add to the historic 5 days in India, Ek Tha Tiger has done well in the overseas markets too. The film has collected Rs 16-17 crores in the first extended weekend (released in US, UK, UAE, Australia on Wednesday, rest of the countries on Thursday). The ban in Pakistan meant that ETT lost around 6-7 crores.

Worldwide 5 day total is 113 – 114 crores.



  • ab bolo salo,,,,,,,ab dekho collections ab start hoga movie ka asli bussiness 5 days 98 cr stilll counting and today eid day u know better what salman do on eid,,,,,,,,pic abhi start hogi meray dost,,,,,,those who criticize this movie should slap there face by themselves otherwise it will be shame ful for them Tiger roars again,,,,,,,,,Salman ROXxxxxxxxxxz

  • Don2 1st day with paid previews was 19 crs from overseas. ETT 5 day overseas is only 16.5 crs. And they say salman is bigger than srk. Get a life fanatics. Srk in his bad time also bigger than these local khans.

  • movie has picked up really well on sat and sunday..this means the movie is being accepted…. this is a positive sign for weekdays too….. expected first extended collection is 140 cr, which is similar to lifetime coll of dabangg and bodyguard.

  • @ruksan.. shame on u srk’s fan.. don 2’s lifetime business is beaten by ETT within 6 days and u still showing ur face here… shame

  • wat happnd salman fans barkin 200,250 crores…..i think salman khan movie never gon cross 200 crores in his life

  • @Hit.. Bodyguard collected around 45 crores, after the first 7 days.. If ETT does 125-130 in 7 days, and trends the same as Bodyguard, then 165-170. If better, then it could get close to 200! Let’s see.

    The word-of-mouth is not overwhelmingly positive to say, it will sustain better than Bodyguard.

  • @indicine thanks for the good new and wanna ask that what do you think about monday, are collection going to be bigger than sunday or about the same and what do expect the weekdays total wanna know you thought on that

  • The film is a big winner after the negativity spread by fool people.
    the humongous collection itself shows tht the film is nt

  • @ rowdy 786 well its collections are than a guy who had consecutivly 19 flops. you guys should even be speaking about success because you already saw response of the trailor and please don not visit salman’s pages if you hate him loser

  • @ahmed.. We are expecting it to be higher than Sunday as muslim audience might come out to watch it. But how big a difference it would make. I wouldn’t know. Advance booking is surprising good for Monday. Some night shows are ‘filling up’ fast.

  • I think yaha pe sab pagal hai,5 days n already 98 crores,abhi eid,to collection aur badhega..aur kya expect karna hai.srk ki movie to jaise taise 100cr cross karti hai

  • without a story a muvi does a collection of dis much..wat india has cme up to..I bet if god tussi gr8 ho wld hv released nw in place of ett it would also hv collected dis much..its nt abt story or anything it z just d hype n craze..n we r fools to wastewater our money..

  • 70% negative comments of srkfans still the movie will crooss 100 cr in 6 days ,,,,,,,,,,,THtas salmania for u

  • @ahmed bhai flop salman nay bi daya….ett is expected to be very gud in content..wat happnd now? U fan go and ask kabir khan why mixed response instead cryin here

  • @indicine But why are u updating yashraj figures for ett only and other films by BOI. YASHraj will give more figures because ett is there film. Biased figure.

  • hey aashu.. first of all happy Ramzan.when it comes to God tussi great ho the film lacked from its promotion. if it was properly promoted then it would be also a big hit, if any doubt then check it in the wikipedia by typing God tussi great ho and go through the release details it was a good film watched more in t.v by home media circuit.

  • I think ETT just look the advantage of 3 holydays into first 6 days..and increase of ticket money..
    Otherways it is not a very good movie…
    And on overseas SRK is far far better than Salman..

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