Drona Box office Collections

Drona, Abhishek Bachchan and Goldie Behl’s ambitious Fantasy film has opened to a disappointing response. While the overseas numbers have come as a shocker, in India the opening has been below expectations.

For a movie with an actual budget of 60 crores, the over amibitious film has suffered due to several reasons.

  • Abhishek Bachchan’s last few films (with the exception of Sarkar Raj, which did quite well) have been box-office duds. Quite clearly Abhishek lacks box-office pull, a key for such High budget movies.
  • The trailers failed to create hype and curiosity around the film. Infact most of our readers decided against watching, soon as the first teaser was aired.
  • Kidnap being preponed went against Drona too. Solo release would have ensured a better opening.

Drona, released on 55 screens, managed to gross just £32,369 (Rs 27,00,000) from 51 reported sites. In comparison, Kidnap on 50 screens managed £64,161 (Rs 53,50,000) from 46 reported sites on Wednesday.

In India too the story is similar, the opening for Drona is around 45%! Almost half of Kidnap which has managed 85 to 90% collections on Day 1.

Overall, the Drona ship looks likely to sink sooner rather than later.

Early Prediction – FLOP!

More updates tomorrow.



  • I expect next time both Abhi n Goldie will hire a filmi guru while planning to make a film in future. Anyway after a huge budget of 60 crores, though flopped it helped many unemployed people to earn for living. Thanks to the producers for helping others with a flop film.

  • i am thanking my stars i didnt have to shell out 5.80 pounds to watch this as i sneaked in to watch it for free after paying to watch kidnap.well i will tell u this much i walked out of drona

  • pavan
    drono is the film i want to see, it is quite good ,but not of my expectations,want to see next reliese.he is a good actor .

  • wht a piece of shit. priyanka is luring. but heck and pity for Abhishek. he must learn acting or face expression form his legendary star Mr Amitabh. he sucks in this flick. it would have been justice with the character if caste some other star.

  • Drona is very flop Film I don’t want to tell that intrest is dead in film but not create any kind of interet in film very flop film

  • Well some scenes in the movie are good.Priyanka of course is the best thing in the movie.Abhishek althouh is improved bt the pace of the movie is really slow and story is sucking.dont knw what they wanted 2 show.KK was fully wasted and looked Comic in the movie.Songs miserable ,title track at times sounds good.Overall a bad movie,Goldie Behl should stop making movie or either become assistant of Rakesh Roshan if he wants to make a movie like this.Rating 1 out of 5

  • wat a bakwass movie drona was. yaar abhi shek abhi kabtak tum acting sheekho ge
    after tushaar kapoor ur r the next superstar

  • chattu and pakkao movie of the decade. abhi forgot to act after his honeymoon. saaale ka worst acting and addtional chat movie

  • abhi rocks the theatre with no audience.special effect and picturisation is too childish and making fool.i dont know how they say they have spend 6o crore in movie.i think they mean 6 crore.by mistake it was told 6o crore.pakkao movie.no more beard abhi look.looks like dadaji

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