Drishyam Preview Shows (Thursday) Box Office Collections

‘Drishyam’ had a limited multiplex release on Thursday evening. Since the movie was always expected to rely on word-of-mouth publicity, preview shows were meant tospread theword out faster that ‘Drishyam’ is a family thriller with strong emotions.

The film has collected Rs 50-55 lakhs on Thursday, the occupancy was in the 20% range because not many were even aware of the fact that the film has released in theatres.

Reports from the paid previews was excellent, but that hasn’t helped the film take a good opening on Friday morning.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express got by far the widest ‘preview’ release and the occupancy was by far the highest too, followed by Hrithik Roshan’s Kites and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

Akshay Kumar’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai collected about Rs 11 crore on what was latercalled as ‘preview shows’ by Balaji. But unlike other films for which shows began evening onwards, OUATIMD shows were running from morning.

Top 5 Paid Preview Collections

  • Chennai Express 6.25 crore
  • 3 Idiots – 2.75 crore
  • Kites -1.75 crore
  • Ghajini -1.6 crore
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag -1 crore




  • good but not great collections.

    @indicine, you are right, not many including me were aware that the movie released yesterday.
    anyway, Drishyam will rely on word-of-mouth publicity to carry it through to safety n that looks like possible now.

  • Ouatimd preview show record will not be broken for next 5 years….!!…

    Drishyam 1st day competin wid kill dill,, raja natwrlal,, hak,, tevar,, bombay velvet etc….!!…

  • Thank God. Bangistan got postponed, otherwise Drishyam would have been finished in the 1st weekend itself.
    remake can never match the original script(great one)

  • Again Drishyam is critical acclaimed movie. Bajrangi bhaijan, Masaan and now drishyam. Because of aamir khan other actors got to know content is most important.

  • Where’s the review.I am scared since some of the reviews aren’t as positive as expected but nevertheless Ajay’s intense performance will save the movie

  • @indicine when it comes to collections you post producer figures and now Akshay has beaten Rohit and Srk’s Ce then ur nit following producers too much biased u are

  • Where the hell is your review? :O Most reviews are out since yesterday :P

    Indicine why are you always so slow? :( Except when it comes to updates of box office collections :D

  • OUATIMDs figures are by producers for what they call previews so who are we to disagree with them…?

    If we believe in FilmKrafts Kalkulations regarding the kollections of its cartoon Jadoo 3 then we should also believe Balaji too…!

  • It was 12.75 cr in limited screens TAran adarsh & Ajay devgan starrer k preview show rkhna aur twaif ki lut ti izzat bachaana dono bekr haiii…!

  • @4:07pm

    For someone who rates himself as an ‘analyzer’ your knowledge of films, correction recent films suxXx like aNIPUNmas reviews- what is ‘TMWR’…? When did it release…?

  • Waiting for aNIPUNmas review- once he bashes the movie then public will do the opposite n start watching the movie…! Lets hope krks review last night hasnt dampened our kindergarteners spirit even if his diaper is damp…!

  • @Navin
    M also a human not Being human so anyone do mistake so its TWMR
    I hope my above mistake won’t effect your health
    If you lost something bcoz of that then i feel sorry

  • Drishyam got good reviews and audiences are loving it. But I guess no one is excited for it what with the record opening weekend its going to have.


    Movie is gripping and you will be gripped by the story. Its a great Thriller and everyone must watch it.. Great act by Ajay, Tabu,Shriya nd others.

  • Can’t wait to close from work!!!!!! Watching it online!!!…
    @indicine… review ? Box ofc. Bollywood hungama taran adharsh komal nahta hindustani Times all reviews are from 3.5-4.5 so waiting to see yours!!*
    Forget preview collection wait for Friday night audience/critics(having best review already by almost all critics).
    ..whether bb collects more or less, …..this night they will be still 2 winners ….an already on going winner BB….and a fresh one …Drishyaam!!!

  • Current imdb rating as of now. 9.3/10!!
    To haters u don’t have to watch d movie …if u really want to comment negatively make sure u watch d movie 1st then comment with real IDs plsss…. let’s see how your inner conscious will mock @U. Dontt spoil this article…..where majority of critics called it an excellent thriller and one of d best movies of recent times. Plus 9.3 imdb rating at least should tell you how beautiful the movie is.
    For neutral non bias fans ….One thing is for sure..ajay won’t flex his muscles this time but his gonna flex his master brains in d movie truout and @d end I guarantee enough seetiis(whistles for him). Cheers!
    @arjun ?

  • @Challa, u too wanna join d bangwagon of those akki fans who cldnt sleep just to see d movie does wrong. Thank God many ajay fans and neutral fans knows why u won’t get a bumper opening for a lowly promoted movie. D genre and non commercial movie sandwiched between 2 huge mainstream commercial movies. I personally told someone he shd not expect 100 crores yes if it does that’s a bonus considering d budget too.
    Between u said many reviews are not positive? If it’s expert review am sorry I take that as a typing error. Cos the experts gave the best reviews. So pls the source? U got from expert reviews I would like to know if they suddenly changed their minds in less than 1hour!! Waiting for the source u read from and d *rating they gave.
    2. If it’s audience I think that’s anoda typing error except u read from most akki fans who cldnt sleep to see a poor review and just 2 srk fans I know including @English ENGINEER (B.ENG) that are busy monitoring every single update. I won’t ask for the source of user review u read rather will refer you to imdb now and see if its my eyes that saw consumer reviews 3.9/10 instead of 9.3/10.?? Nothing personal I enjoy yr comments normally but suprised with this one same with d only sensible Akshay fans @thallu comment. …well u guys have fun though!, cheers!

  • @Aisha I guess you haven’t read my comments in the previous article where I predicted it to be one of the best thrillers made in Bollywood.I had read Koimoi’s review in which the movie was criticized for its poor adaptation also another site named India.com something too called it an average flick.You can check them.I don’t exactly remember the other sites where the performances were appreciated but the 1st half was being said to be too slow paced.Perhaps that is the reason why I was quite skeptical about the movie’s success since the initial wasn’t good but after reading Indicine’s review I am pretty sure it is a damn good film and Ajay would be back in form with his intense acting which is difficult to be matched by any of his contemporaries.And BTW don’t take IMDb’s reviews seriously at least for a month since any movie’s release since die hard fans of actors rate it high to create a positive vibe around the movie.It happened with HNY too BTW:)

  • Drishyam’s WOM is extremely positive. This is aambi race ghoda unlike some craps collecting 12cr preview but below 60cr lifetime.

  • today I watched drishyam and here is my short review-

    at first the movie was looking like a horror movie then it dramaticaly turns to a tv adaption of sony’s CID .as a thriller movie drishyam is fail without VFX I went to see some VFX in drishyam but alas! there was not a single scean where they use VFX .i am very disapoint with ajay.
    I wl give 3/10 to drishyam just because of ajay and tabu’s acting if they would use some VFX then I would give 8/10

  • @Challa..
    Acknowledged….yeah I guess I ddnt..
    Yeah agree with u with d imdb rating stuffs too. But I know it wil settle between 7.2-8.7.

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