‘Dont think I look tough enough to be a cop’ – Shahrukh Khan

We recently caught Shahrukh Khan at the premiere of Sachiin Joshi’s Mumbai Mirror, a masala-action film that exposes the nexus between the powerful, corrupt dance bar owners and the Mumbai police.

When asked why he hasn’t played the role of a police officer in any of his films, SRK jokingly said “I don’t know, I’ve been trying from 20 years now. Nobody has offered, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to be offered anytime soon. I guess I don’t look tough enough to be a cop.”

The actor looked unwell and was on medication, but still made it to the premiere to support the makers of Mumbai Mirror. Khan missed most of the movie, but promised to watch it later this weekend.

Shahrukh Khan

A bit under the weather, SRK attended the premiere of Mumbai Mirror

SRK Sachin Joshi Vimala Raman

Vimala Raman, Shahrukh Khan and Sachiin Joshi



  • SRK looks tired! He has been a wonderfull actor and a grand ambassedor for India. He has taken bollywood to oversees with majesty. But with all due respect i think he should take some time for him now. Rest for a while! Stop smoking. Take a year off! And then come out with an eternal blockbuster!
    With all due respect he cant pass off as a 20-30 year old anymore. its his own fault of smoking! But there are many more roles that he could explore and still starr as the main character and win! So I hope he understands this cause i am genuinly a great fan of his!

  • He’s tough enough for an army officer’s role but not tough for a cop? LOL!

    He did do One 2 Ka 4 in which he played a cop. But that film was a flop.

  • He looks tired. Smoking and dancing to Salmans movies at anybodys wedding, birthdays and award functions have done that to him. His hunger for success, money and awards even til today has led to the stress marks to show on his face. He needs to take a step back like Aamir in order totake 2 steps forward. SRK can then maybe deliver quality meaningful powerful cinema with a social undertone. I fear CE and HNY may give him some sort of commercial success but critically he may continue to get ridiculed for poor script selection. SRK needs to manage this next stage of his life carefully.

  • Agree! He is indeed getting a bit carried away! Super success can do that to a man! Way too much money does change people! I sincerely hope that wont be the case with SRK in the future! As a fan, i would gladly sit through a year without a release and wait for a better scripted better acted film from the king! Everyone has great paces in their respective carriers! Others should learn to respect that! Salman is at the very best now! But i believe SRK can give a big challenge if he backs his loyal fans by getting a break, rethink his career and comeback with a bang!

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