If I work in an international film, it has to have importance: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said he hasn’t thought about going abroad and working in an international film, because he feels he isn’t “good enough”. The actor has also said he is way too “patriotic” to look for work elsewhere – adding that he respects actors who make a mark internationally.

“I have not looked elsewhere. I donít think Iím good enough. Iím a patriotic person. Iíve always wanted to do something great for Indian cinema, but not as an actor; that is not greatness. I wanted to work something out, where Indian cinema would gain from what Iíve done, like VFX etc”

What does he think of actors like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, who are making a mark globally?

“I donít want to belittle any actor whoís worked in the US. I think they are all fantastic. You expose a lot of your inner fears when you go to an alien land, and achieve something. Whether it is a big or a small role”

Talking about†himself, SRK said†”In a strange, self-important and self-obsessed way, I feel that I represent India. If I work in an international film, then it has to have some kind of importance, not only for me, but also for the country that has made me the star that I am”

However, the actor still dreams of making an Indian film that will be loved globally – even if that means he doesn’t act in it.

“I feel that even at this stage of my career, I may become part of a film, which may be loved internationally, but is made in India. It would be something like a Life Is Beautiful (1997). I may not act in it, but I want to make a film like that”



  • Always a pleasure to hear him speaking on different matters.

    He has earned worldwide fame while working in Bollywood industry so not much need for him to work in a Hollywood movie. If he ever does, it should be something special.

  • You are the real pride of India but some people dont know the fact and are crying against you.. you are king and will remain King

  • It is too late SRK, now try to win back your number 3 position because you have lost it to hrithik.

  • Try to beat first sallu , aamir and hrithik before dreaming about having a chance in Hollywood.

  • Shah Rukh Khan is just not the best actor…..
    He is the best person indeed…
    He is a inspiration for all the people who are struggling for success…
    He is an example for all the man that how to treat a woman…
    He is a savior for a lot of frustrated people…
    He is an example for those who wants to be a family person…
    And most importantly he is the perfect example of a romantic man who is leading a fantastic life with his wife and children for last 24 years…
    He is the one SRK
    #Love uuu king khan..
    #Proud to be ur Fan

    #Fasal kerala

  • Shah, what happened to ur movie with Leo called Extreme City? I was eagerly waiting for that, but the project did not get started..Still awaiting for that project bcz SRK+ Leo would be perfect movie to watch..

  • I think srkayz happy new year was an international film..robbery in the name of a dance show

  • Indicine why always u post about Srk , u should post about Sultan , like u promoted so much Fan, why like that,,

  • /* In a strange, self-important and self-obsessed way, I feel that I represent India */

    That is CONFIDENCE .

  • Go ahead SRK you and Aamir are doing really great for bollybood, unlike Salman who always depends on crap massla movies to sustain his carrier
    After SRK and Aamir only Ranbir Kapoor has thr potencial to do something different,

  • In India only SRK has the class to act in worldwide cinema. That’s why is he the most popular.

  • I hv watched LYF IS BEAUTIFUL it wz really a nice movie nd d lead actor got oscar best actor award. i wud luv if srk make a movie like dis nd act as well..who knows dat movie cn extract out his best performance

  • @Hrithikian Forever srk isn’t a star who fight or grap for 3rd spot. A king is always king always on top or fighting for no1 even in his bad time like a true phathan

  • Nobody wants the overactor to overact in their film hence he wont ever get an offer from Hollywood…!

  • It’s all upto him. If he gives his nod, many foreign directors/producers will queue up to cast him into their movies.
    He is most recognised Bollywood celebrity outside India and many renowned foreigners have praised him time-to-time.
    So it’s not at all tough for him to bag a significant role in Hollywood or elsewhere.
    But I personally don’t want him to move out.
    He is our asset, our pride and he should continue his good work within our territories.

    Btw, there was a movie called “Marigold”. Was that an attempt made by a greedy actor to acquire global fame? Well, can somebody tell me what was the total collection and verdict of that movie?
    I have heard it was a blockbuster in Antarctica breaking all the previous records of that continent.

  • @Rang-ill 02:52 pm : Fan of non-actor is talking about acting. God should save this world now.

    @02:55 pm : It seems you people are not happy with upcoming releases of your superstar and thus you are inviting others to bash Hrithik on every Mohan-Se-Mat-Daro and Kaabil article.
    Is that true?

  • leave all things aside, a period where everyone are scoring hundred even Youngers The so called King (actually the name was given to him for his movie Badshah n not bcz of his success… some misunderstanding in SRK Fans) duniya ka sabse bada Super star with fan following of more than Global population failed to touch 85 crs… A Very Big Shame….

    @The Phenom – Lier then WTH were u doing in Sultan Trailer Articles ?

    lol see every SRK fans need some burnol.

  • Who says you do not represent in India? You certainly do. You do represent the people that have chain smoking habits and commit hooliganism in public.
    Otherwise, you do not represent anything for India.

  • Self obsession at its height! These fading star will not realize that he is failing even when he disappears in oblivion.
    Such is the toll of his PR Machinery works that has taken on him that even he himself has been led into an illusion that he represents India.
    First, let the people of India decide/think if you can represent them or not. Lol

  • He should remake his Green Lantern n showcase it to Hollywood by retitling it as Ratoon Point One…!

  • If his billions of fans dont want to see his movies then what chance Hollywood wants to see his maha craps…? Zero Zilch

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