Don 2 Trailer – Official

The Official Trailer of Don 2, the teaser that is set to release with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is out on the internet. And as always, we have it right here for your viewing pleasure.

We have mixed opinions on the trailer. The film looks sleek, but the dialogues sound more like those Bollywood masala flicks from the 80s – “Ab Mujhe Koi Nahi Rok Sakta” right at the end.  

We also loved the way SRK enters (at 0.25 minutes in the video) and the makers also tease with a small glimpse of Hrithik Roshan who makes a special appearance in Don 2. That’s probably one more reason to watch the Farhan Akhtar directed film.

What do you think of the Don 2 Official Trailer? Tell us in the comments section below.

Don 2 Trailer


Don 2 stars Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal and Boman Irani in key roles. The film releases during Christmas.

Update: No Hrithik in the teaser. It was SRK falling of the building. Also, its Kunal Kapoor whose seen riding the cycle.



  • No issue with amir nd salman khan fans. i like both of them. But srk is king nd this is reality.

  • @haroonn1986: and who cares a shit about oevrases? huh? It’s india that matters!
    Outside they watch SRK romantic films and laugh at their stupidity, they don’t give a damn about them!
    Which really matters is to be n°1 in your country because your people will really appreciate you, love you and support you. So let SRK be famous outside India who cares At his time, Dilip Kumar was not famous at all outside India but it’s Raj Kapoor who was known oversases, so Raj Kapoor is a better actor than Dilip Kumar?
    Now SRK is more famous than Aamir overases like Raj K was more famous than Dilip Kumar but it’s not a question of talent.

  • Sorry for the above comment, i wanted to post it the ZNMD page.
    Please Indicine Team can you delete it!

  • @priyanka: Srk will be no 1 at the end of this year as he was two years back. You will see. Salman 2 nd Amir 3. Srk ruled bollywood for so many years. By the way all three r my favourites. If u like amir its ok. Everyone has his or her own opinion.

  • @haroon1986: Oh really so you predicted that Aamir will be n°3!! GREAT then…
    First of all Aamir does not have any release this year that’s why SRK and Sallu will be on top you can’t say he will eb n°3 coz he has no film in 2010 and 2011 so don’t rate him, and even now without any release he is still n°1…
    But just wait till Zakhmi releases and then Dhoom 3 and let’s see who will win.
    Btw i like Salman and SRK also, but we all know that when Aamir releases a film, every other pales in comparison.
    I also respect your opinion, as you like SRK he will be n°1 for you but only till the end of this year. 2012 will belong to Aamir no doubt: he has 2 BIG releases.
    Take care.

  • Shahrukh Khan – the chopra-johar made superstar of bollywood was detained/frisked in USA Airport. He came to India Media with news – I was detained/frisked because “My Name is Khan”. We all are aware that Indian media is very smart in making news out of any small issue. We have seen many instances of Indian media where they shamelessly made news about the dressing-room clash between Dhoni and Sehwag. Our media is so cheap that they can do anything for increasing TRP. May be they can even sell their daughters and sisters. (I may be a bit rude in writing, but I just hate our media people). Had I been a bad guy, I would have bombed them out. Oh… sorry I am out of track. I am supposed to write about our superstar SRK – the gay symbol of India.

    We all know that after 9/11, what USA did to Iraq and Afghanistan? They might be wrong in spending more than 1 trillion dollar for attacking those two countries, but I think their intention was clear. They wanted to show the world their supremacy and give a message – “If you do wrong to us, you will be wiped out from world’s map”. I think that the message was very strong and because of that not even a small incidence of terrorism took place in USA after 9/11.

    We can’t compare India with USA where terrorists roam freely because of so-called secular government. All terrorists are served like DAMAD of India instead of shooting them out. JAN GAN MANN RANN, BHARAT KO BACHAYE VIDHATA.

    Our SRK might be megastar in India, but who knows him out of India?? SRK was telling security person – “You don’t know who I am?” SRK baby! Get a chill pill. Do you think that Americans watch your movie when your Punjabi flicks are released in USA? I think you just humiliated yourself asking that question to security guy. Your popularity out of India is almost zero. Only Indian community esp. Punjabis and Gujaratis(not even south indians) living in USA/UK/Canada watch your movie. So, next time when you visit these countries, don’t ask such stupid questions to security personnel. You might have featured in People and other magazines, but it’s only because of their marketing strategy. Those magazines are now launched in India and their MDs know it very well that Indians like sex and SRK.

    Being a celebrity, you must have reacted the way APJ Kalam reacted. Oh…sorry SRK, how can I compare your brain with Kalam. You are such an ASSHOLE who doesn’t have brain. Brainless Indians always like your shit and it was certain that they will come out on road to show USA how big they are by burning USA flag.

    SRK, do you think you are bigger that Indo-US relationship? If USA takes flag-burning issue seriously, you know who will be looser. It’s India baby. So, if you really love your country, just send a message to your stupid fans to stop such activity. It will be good for India’s health.

  • @priyanka : Yes thats really interesting to see who will be the no 1. I think the real competition is b/w srk nd amir. Both of these two r great actors. These two have taken bollywood to another level amir in india nd srk in overseas. Srk also has one big release in 2012 which is a romantic movie nd we all know srk is the king of romance. I think shahrukh Amir rivalary is going to be the greatest rivalry in bollywood. Its good for bollywood.
    Take care u too.

  • @haroon1986: Oh!!I see then why you said Aamir will be n°3 if you think SRK and Aamir are close rivals!!why are you contradicting your statements? this is called double faced, putting him behind Salman first and then saying that the competition will be between SRK and Aamir, How strange! :O
    Anyways, I too love 3 Khans, and agree that SRK and Aamir are way ahead of Salman as far as acting is concerned.
    And yes i heard about the romantic film of SRK, well i didn’t think he would go back to romance again as he is too old now for such roles, but who knows he may surprise us.

    In short good luck to all Khans :-)

  • @priyanka: You didnt get the point. As u said there is no release of amir in this year so he will be at no: 3 at the end of this year. Bt overall no doubt srk nd amir belongs to different league nd way ahead of other actors.

  • @priyanka: No doubt its unfair to rate Amir for this year as he has no release this year. yes good luck to all three khans.

  • haroonn.. What the hell? A certain Mr Salman Khan has given two of the biggest hits the industry has ever seen and you say.. Aamir and SRK are in a different league?

    In my opinion this is how it is currently..

    1. Aamir Khan
    2. Salman Khan
    3. Shahrukh Khan
    4. Hrithik Roshan

    The rest dont matter and are not really ‘superstars’

  • IF both Ra One and Don 2 crosses 125 crores in India, then we can debate over who is No 2.. SRK or Salman

    IF one of Ra One or Don 2 crosses 200 crores. Then we can debate who is No 1 SRK or Aamir.

    IF both Ra One and Don 2 cross 175 crores in India. Then we can safely say SRK is No 1.

    I seriously think.. Agneepath and Krrish 3 will break all the other records that exist then..

  • @Meera: You r very much right about boxoffic. But u know there is ranking system according to that amir khan is not getting any point this year. Yes salman has delivered two blockbusters in a row currently he is no 1 according to @boxofficeindia ranking in india. But i m sure abt ra 1 nd don 2 will cross 150 crore nd may 200 crore so after that srk will be number 1 whether its india or overseas. yes no other is even a superstar. hritk can make impact next year. Bt its tough .

  • Next year will be the best each actor has at least one big release:
    Aamir: Zakhmi, Dhoom 3
    Hrithik: Agneepath, Krrish 2
    SRK: Romantic movie with YRF
    Sallu: Kick, Ek Tha Tiger
    Akshay: ??????

  • In my opinion as i hv studied the history of bollywood a little bit there r four mega stars

    1. Daleep kumar *ruled bollywood for many years* * 8 best actor filmfare awards*
    2. SRK * ruled bollywood for many years nd still ruling* * 8 best actor filmafare awards*
    3. Amitab bachan * ruled bollywood for many years* * 5 best actor filmfare awards*
    4. Amir khan * Replace srk frm no 1 close rival to srk* * 2 or 3 best actor filmfare awards*


  • @Meera: Wow exactly the same!!
    Well to be really honest i LOVED Aamir when i watched him first in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and gosh!! wasn’t he cute? those innocent eyes, that short protisture and baby face :D, he was too young and cute<3
    He was truely my childhood crush<3
    And When I watched Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, i felt another Aamir is coming to Bollywood, He was too hundsome and natural i loved him in that film. Ans he's my second favourite after Aamir.
    So those are my favourites.
    And Also i love young actors like Ranbir and Shahid, esp Ranbir in Wake Up Sid he blew me away and Shahid in kaminey, they are hugely talented and hundsome too.
    But i like Sallu too<3 and SRK. The only one i cannot digest him is Akshay!
    I don't know why but his voice irritates me and hell! I HATE his films!
    So now i'm only waiting for Aamir's Zakhmi and Dhoom 3.
    Hrithik's Agneepath and Krrish 2.
    Ranbir's Rockstar and Barfee.
    And Shahid's Mausam.

  • @haroon1986: These bullshit awards! Do they have any international recognization!!!
    Those are jokes dude! SRK winning the best actor for DTPH or Hrithik for Dhoom 2 were the biggest jokes ever.
    I personnaly don’t care about awards and don’t give them any important because in my opinion they don’t decide the fate of any actor nor can recognize real talent, also the persons wh win are not always the best we all know that.

  • @priyanka
    Ok leave awards bt no 1 matters for u. I mentioned those stars bcz o their long time dominance in bollywood.
    SRK has always been on top frm the very start of his career nd very consistent. According to boxoffice india srk stayed no:1 for more then ten years until Amir replaced him in 2009.
    Dalip kumar: ruled bollywood in whole 1950s nd replaced frm n01 in 1963.
    Amitab bachan
    ruled bollywood in 1970s.
    All these three were very consistent.
    He is versatile actor infact brilliant actor. Bt he was unlucky so many times bcz his movies couldnt become very successful on boxoffice in past. Bt he was always compared to srk. Bt in 2009 nd 2010 he proved himself that why he has been compared to the legends of bollywood.
    I think all these four have their own specialties nd thats why they r legends of bollywood.
    Salman nd hritik r super stars bt not legends.

  • @ Meera
    Srk nd amir r legends. You asked why salman doesnt belong to that league. I hope u hv got the answer.
    Salman is super star bt not legend yet he has to prove a little more in acting.

  • @haroon1986: so you putted SRK ahead of Amitabh! how shame!
    But i agree that Salman is superstar not a legend actor, Hrithik i don’t know he’s still has a long way to go.

  • @Priyanka
    I think srk is the biggest supper star bollywood ever had bcz srk is the recognition nd proud of bollywood in world. Infact i started watching bollywood movies bcz of srk. Srk has the most number of vax statues in world. Srk is not only superstar in india he is magastar in world. Srk has more fans than tom criuze nd brad pit. Oh what can i say srk dilon ka badshah the king no comparison.

  • @haroon1986: Ahh dude plz don’t tell old jokes like those in 2011, 10 years ago i would listen yo you but now!!!! What Brad pitt! Go on his page on Facebook he doesn’t not have many fans even Ranbir Kapoor has more now. It’s not to put him down, but that’s reality, SRK is no more a big Star as he was 5 years before, he’s the biggest Star only in the eyes of his fans. Others don’t think that way.

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