Don 2 Plot Holes – By Sahil

Some plot holes and flaws of Don 2 by Indicine reader Sahil

Things I want to understand in DON 2

1) Have all his aides gone for Thanksgiving vacation that THE DON himself has to be the carrier for drugs and collect payment. This was there in the original DON, but that was released in 1978, I guess we have grown from that point.

2) Don’s surrender and then exit. Kind of same screenplay was written (mind it its “kind of” ) for Kidnap and half dozen movies. And no need to tell what was the response for Kidnap, but since this time SRK pulled this heroic stunt that’s y critics loved it.

3) Where was Roma exactly, a dance.. a chase.. and finally some screen presence in Climax. was she actually part of this project. Do u really think that the Script was at all balanced as there was only Don and Don.. like a autobiography of Gandhi where no other entity exists.

4) Mr Vardhan, for those of u who remember the scare crow in the field aka DON. What was his purpose except of the fact that he had keys of the locker. And he kept him alive, just to put him behind the bars.. for his vengeance or for his sadistic pleasure or may be he became law abiding guy. In Either ways nothing worked. It was as lame as the Ra 1 becoming real.

5) Two of the counter characters were more or like invisible as far as Plot was concerned but yet this was supposed to be a heist film. Ppl may be audacious enough to juxtapose it with MI 4 but i may feel that the level of script and sense of plot was not where close to Fast Five. It was childish.

6) Childish, couple of kids … grown up kids were there, the hacker, the Inter-pol officer…. i guess his name was Arjun in the movie and few more…. could have gone for the better ones. Infact Vindu Dara singh would have been better than Inter-pol officer and as far as Kunal Kapoor is concerned, Lucifer from Ra1 would have been better choice.

7) Don wearing a mask of Hrithik, possible. Don mimicking Hrithik, i cant say that he had an Voice change like Ethan Hunt does with that chip on his throat. Don becoming Tall (sorry no explanation).

8) Jabbar gets the supari to kill DON. wow even Indain Govt should do the same, give some money to Papu yeda or Munna Mobile or Halim Langda and get rid from Honorable Mr Dawood.

9) Finally Currency plates: In 90?s we first saw the best of best in Vishvatma, Azgar juraat had publication house in kenya where he “Publishes” Indian rupees . Please dont ask why and what because at that time the concept as well as the country “Kenya” were new for me so i accepted it humbly. But even The legend Rajiv rai raised the bar by showcasing the Asambhav of Pres of India getting kidnapped. (yeah this Asambhav was made sambhav in his classic). Do i need to crib more on this, i guess this comparison is more than enough.

10) What was the purpose.
a) To get the Printing Plates b) To make fool of ROMA and VARDAN
c) Get all his enemies killed by Police and he gets the imunity d) To Make fool of Audience.

Note: I felt SRK was really good in this episode. At least better than DON 1 but what disappointed me was Farhan Akthar. I have such a high regards for his writing skills and he disappointed.

This was a big let down from his end, it was like an Abbas-Mastan film, I think he could not get a worse comparison than this.



  • they like only bullshit just like cheap remakes bodyguard and ready in which water can remove the shirt from the person’s body and cheap actings just like salman does…

  • @8th point jabbar got that contract from a person,not frm german why r u dragging this toward indian govt.
    @10th point.if getting plates,immunity was not sufficient for a movie then what about bollywood love stories?
    in all the love stories the moral z hero z going to marry heroin at the end.
    so what is the point of making love stories?

  • @6th point
    u didnt complain when they named a scientist as phunsfuk wangdo or a police office and a bodyguard as chulbul and lovely,then what are u complaining here???

  • hey guys (Sahil , INdicine team,and other haters)..
    why jst u pepole can’t diggest the sucess of SRK??..why u people are tryng to make every movie of srk a bad one..??
    you writer of this artilce ‘SAHIL” just name a bollywood muvi which is perfect..having Zero number of flaws…
    jst chill guys … jst enjy the sucess of srk and his muvies…

  • @ indicine:
    Pls tell me for what purpose u posted this idiotic comments frm sahil…we can say such hundreds of points frm every movie…he is posting as if he has founded something great…

    pls indicine… dont post such rubbish articles in ur site…after all film did great buisiness… dont try to degrade it… already u published the character of hrithik before the release itself… and it ruined mine and many others suspense wen we saw hrithik as we understood tat it was SRK…

  • Where do these people go when films like Ready and BG release..
    When we say this is is not has such a big hole in its plot..then they reply..Bhai bas entertainment ke liye film banaaate hain..

    In sab ko..SRK ki film ke baad..itni khujli kyun machti hai


  • ONe thng to INdicine
    why you hav became so baised
    Srk’s don 2.. most probably earn 125 crs in india and 75+ crs ovearseas..(already99.83 crs in india and 65crs overseas in 11 days)…it means (200 crs+ worldwide nett) in a budget of 75crs..almost tripled it’s money.. u r verdicst s hit..
    worldwide nett 180 crs net.. in a budget of 60 crs.. is a all time blockbuster..
    is this a joke or what??

  • i just call miss everything…what earth vice president walking alone taking bus dealing what ever…very suck historical telling. what was hirthik all about everything not relating what so every i just cant go make together ….

  • 1) 1978 don and this don character is same thats how don prefers, he like to do everything alone
    2) don surrender and then exit thats how don think, it will never change
    3) in action movie herione always had small but i think priyanka has small but brief role
    4) don kept vardhan alive was for the same reason why he kept jabbar alive
    5) i think none of the character were invisible , if u think level of script was not close to mi 4 it was coz indian audience wont understand if they make script more complicated
    6) name doesnt matter even rahul and raj is a not a great name but sharukh made it special with his acting in short what i meant to say actor gives life to the name its not vice versa
    7) if sharukh in hrithik mask speak in sharukh voice then the suspense element will not be there, do u still think sharukh voice would be better in that scene?
    8) jabbar didnt succeed in killing don , r u sure nobody gave supari to kill dawood ibrahim?
    9) i though ur last point was childish so u dont deserve my feedback
    dont compare with any other flick and enjoy the ride that would be my advice to u, don 2 is definitely a good film atleast farhan tried to make every scene look real

  • I don’t understand why some people and some sect in media always tries to compare SRK movies with other actors in Bollywood?.
    SRK is ruling Bollywood since 1993 by giving consistent hits. Its really unfair to compare SRK with aamir and salman Khan. If you really want to compare them then consider all their movies list and check for yourself who is the king in Bollywood. Who got more awards n maximum number of hits.

    SRK don2 has collected close to 12 million $ world wide in just 2 Weeks which is equal to combined life time collection of body Gaurd+ ready movies! Even in India it has crossed 100 crores in two Weeks.SRK is not king any more he is emperor who is ruling whole world!!!.
    No one can be another SRK by doing remake movies of south and whose stories are watched only by single screens people…..

  • @Everyone.. A star’s presence (in this case SRK’s) has absolutely nothing to do with how good or bad a film is. Also, if you read the article carefully, Sahil is criticizing Farhan Akhtar the writer. Not SRK the actor!

  • Few observation:-

    1.We cant talk abut ready and Bg as this topic is abut Don2 ,It means whatever salman does is great becoz he is earning moolahs which matters…but if there is a single flaw in SRK movies we will make a big issue of it.(who is bias??)

    2.One item song,unreal fights,hero will not get a scratch but 100 of villans will be kicked,140 cr business thats what we need right??? but when SRK make movie with almost no songs,Hero is also getting hit while fighting and a new and hollywood standered project and it makes 125 cr people starts having lot of issues…Seems like they just waana do a negative publicity of srk movies and whatever Salman and aamir does is always correct.

    3.Its a record breaker and a blockbuster overseas…so everyone watching Don2 r fools there and only few people like saahil has brains.

    4.ra 1 and don 2 r original stories yes may be they have few flaws but seems like few people cant digest that…but copy of tamil like BG and cheap comedy Ready seems to have no flaws.

    5.with just targeted to limited audience,no songs . if don 2 has done so good business its just on the merit of SRK snd the story,,,but they still has 10 point to show that the don 2 has flaws,

    Plez dont bother abut the flaws with the movie.if u liked it watch it if u don’t u csn go out

  • My only reply to all the points… It seems the publisher of this article is not Mattie enough to understand the script of don2…!!!!!!

    SRK , Don character was designed in such a stylish way that only multiplex and worldwide audience understood it in the correct way. SRK is trying to use every other characters in the movie for his personnel gain!!!!!!! That’s the style!!!

    Don utilizing vardhan for tape and to get the finger prints.
    Don utilizing Roma at the end by showing love to escape.when vardhan asks Roma to shoot Don, she will not shoot him a she beloved what Don bluffs…
    Don uses Kunal to hack the bank but at the same time since he likes him, he plans in such a way that police don’t arrest kunal by asking him to call police to say where Don is (climax).
    Don uses Jabbar for arranging guns and other goons.

    SRK= king of Indian film industry! The only Indian film actor who was in the top 50 most influential people in the world!!!!!!!

  • if the movie cross 100 mark in india without the help of single screen bewakuf audience then film is a huge success

  • and don 2 is not a award film it a entertaining film, do u know rediff critic raja gave 2 star for 3 idiots nad 1.5 star for don 2 and indicine team posted his 10 worst film 2011 in here , how can u post any fools article here and ur doing it again by posting another fools article

  • Wht a wrthless post first of all
    1)It was a covert mission and don needed to stay hidden nd if u think a drug leader stays with a bloddy army of his then Im highly sorry u are mistaken I dnt supposeu even know wat going off the network means do you try reading some tom clancy novels douche!!!
    2) this oneis pathetic u need 100% originality ya right even the bible and geeta say that everything that we are doing has already been done under the sun what matters is improvement on it
    3) Roma has a pretty good part the films name is DON it has to sideline other characters
    4)So u thnk if don did nt want to take vardhan he would want to.miss the opportunity to rob such valuable plates which was half his property dnt think so!! So don had to take him
    5) not a plot hole just ur opinion!!
    6)Really names my boy cant be potholes!!
    7)It was just farhan trying to show the technical prowess of bollywood saying hey hwood we can also do the mask scene
    8) now now 5million $ is nt a supari people people will go on a witchhunt fr that amount of money
    and he was just chasing the guy he nvr captured him!!
    9) putting up a co herent argument here will be wrong for me as I dnt know the source material u were talkin abt but hey the heist scene was pretty awesome evry1 knows that
    10) the purpose was a perfect crime a mastery of tricks which is what don is abt deception and misdirections and about fooling the audience yes he did but in a gud way with the twist in the end!

    On any other site i would not bother posting bt hey this is indicine nd I think they r unbiased and hope they publish this as a comeback article at sahil

  • @zarena Sallu’s fans are jealous.They only critcise SRK’S work, where are these type of critcs when Bodyguard and Ready realeased and when they realised that public is supporting Don 2 then these type of critics trying to criticise.

  • @indicine ……. U try ur best 2 degrade SRK movies……..but i m sure u wont succeed..u r publishing this nonscense comments from sahil…..u hav published that raja sen’s worst movies list 2011,which tops DON 2……u published BOI hit movies list……..dont u hav ur own topics/comments to publish???

    @Sahil…..where were u when 250 hindi movies with many flaws release in a year & those sallu movies with no plot & script release.anyways ur free 2 comment on anything….but audiance of whole world liked the script & plot of DON 2 & farhan for his brilliant direction…& of course SRK as DON.Thats why its made 100 crores in india & 60 crores from overseas in just 12 days without any help of MUNNI & mindless single screen audiance..

    Congrats & thanks to SRK & Farhan for making such a great cinema which takes bollywood a step ahead..Take a bow.

  • Lucky, strange that you noticed the two negative articles but somehow managed to miss more than 20 positive articles on Don 2. Including our review, where we gave it a 4 star rating!

  • @indicine……I follow ur posts regularly….i liked indicine the most because u guys always posted unbiased comments/posts. but 2 negative posts of DON 2 r senseless & worthless… yourself yaar…..dont get biased by that Raja sen, who never talks sense & guy like sahil ,who comes from nowhere when SRK movie releaes & talk some shit about it.if u continue posting these things then u ll be
    degrading ur name only.

    anyways @indicine …….i ll be following ur posts because ur news r latest ,exclusive & unbiased(i wish). u rockkkk…

  • Sahil said..he is dissapointed by Farhan..for fooling the audience..

    WOW..It is so ironical..

    The drops prove that..

    DON2 is showing “trending” which is barely seen nowadays ..

    Which film has 30Cr Approx 2nd Week… u still think Audience is mad..

    well..8000 people of that audience have given 7.5/10 rating on IMDB

  • Indicine…your prediction , Players will affect Don 2 may be go wrong,..Players advance booking is terrible, reported that, people still seems like interested in Don 2…..

  • thank u sahil for you constructive criticism to don 2
    concerning your points i d like to reply you
    1i agree with you on this point i think that don here is do it yourself don that sy you see him exchange traffic on his own
    2 your point is unclear what do you mean please clarify
    3 the title says it all don all about don not roma or whosoever plus its thriller action film
    4 this is the plot and the scheme aforthought vardhan jabbar roma malilk samir all just toys in don s hand
    5 don 2 far better than ajj the mi franchise and the fact the us crtiques trashed and welcomed don 2 is a good and soud proof to its detractors
    6als an ineligibe argument
    7 if you watched the movie you will see that farhan didnt focus his camera on hrithik tallness rather on his bust so that he gives the watcher the ilusion of watchin proportionate characters
    in main ho na sushmeta is taller than srk in real life but the director farah was smart in showing her as tall as srk by waring heellees shoes bending down etc that is the clue in here

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