Does Shahrukh Khan fix Filmfare Awards?

We answer some questions by Dr R C Patel from the all new ASK US section.

1. Would you know when, if ever, will Hrithik Roshan’s wax-work image be unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s or was that news false?

There was a strong rumour in April that Hrithik will be immortalized at Madame Tussauds. Turned out to be just another false rumour. Must happen sooner rather than later though.

2. Is it true that SRK has got some hidden connections with Filmfare and other award juries? Always wondered why he would win for mediocre performances in Devdas, DDLJ, DTPH and KKHH. Why is he even nominated for horrible performances in Don, KANK and OSO? Is it a must that all his roles have to be nominated? Why are award juries afraid of him?

Hmm.. strong words but a very controversial question. Let us just say, SRK is quite close to the Times group. To his credit, he is brilliant with Public relations (PR). You might find this article interesting – Go here

And regarding your point that he didnt deserve the nominations, Filmfare tends to go the popular way. That’s the reason there are 2 best actor categories. Best Actor Critics and Best Actor Popular. Most of SRK movies for which he was nominated, were blockbusters at the box office and very popular characters. Again, lets give him his due credit. He did perform exceedingly well in DDLJ although the rest of the movies that followed were just different versions of his same old character (Raj).

Back to Filmfare awards, they haven’t been very consistent with the Popular awards. In 2004, SRK was nominated for both Swades and Veer Zaara. He won the Best Actor award for Swades, a movie that flopped at the box-office. Veer Zaara was a superhit, and easily the more popular performance. Not saying, SRK was better in Veer Zaara, but his performance and character in VZ was more popular than Swades. So to be frank, Filmfare is loosing its credibility.

3. Could you please provide me with some information on the following stars of the yesteryears: Sadhana, Mala Sinha, Nanda. Are they still alive? If so, where are they and what are they doing?

Yes, all of them are alive.

Sadhana fell in love with RK Nayyar (director) on the sets of Love in Simla and married in 1964-65. She is currently living alone and strictly stays away from the media.

Mala Sinha is currently living in Mumbai with her husband. Her daughter, Prathibha Sinha, is a Bollywood actress who has acted in a few movies and is known mostly for her special appearance in the “Pardesi Pardesi” song from Aamir Khan’s Raja Hindustani.

Nanda who lives in Mumbai, never got married. She was engaged to Manmohan Desai, but he died tragically in 1994, an year after they were engaged. Nanda is currently great friends with Waheeda Rehman and stays away from the media.

4. What are these V Shantaram awards? Why was TZP included with this year’s films such as Jodha Akbar? Why did Darshil win Best Actor and not Hrithik for Jodha Akbar?

V Shantaram Awards constituted by the Central Government is named after V Shantaram, winner of the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award. The V Shantaram Awards is held every year in November. So films that release between December – November every year is taken into consideration.

We can never really answer questions like why Hrithik didnt win and Darsheel did. These awards are based on votes by the Jury and not the public. Almost all awards in India are in someway or the other flawed. Even the National Award lost its credibility, when Saif was awarded the Best Actor for his performance in Hum Tum!!!!! Unbelievable wasn’t it?

5. When are National Awards for each year presented?

Frankly, we have absolutely no idea when the National Awards are held. If someone who reads this has any info, please enlighten us!

6. Who are the nominees for this year’s filmfare awards for lead actor, male and female?

Nominees for the Filmfare awards 2008 will be announced in January. We would like to add something here. The reason why we feel Filmfare awards is majorly flawed is, movies that release early every year (January – March), seem to have absolutely no chance of winning awards, as the public get over films and performances rather quickly these days. So as Filmfare is 50% Jury and 50% Public it looses out on the later. Public will obviously vote for something that is fresh in their minds.

As of now it looks like Aamir Khan will win the Best Actor award for Ghajini. Although it is quite close between Aamir and Shahrukh.

Hrithik has very less chance as Jodha Akbar released in February and the public is clearly ‘over’ his performance. It would have been a different story altogether if Jodha Akbar had released after October. Finally, we are hoping Naseeruddin Shah gets a nomination for A Wednesday.

Regarding Best Actress, its between Priyanka Chopra for Fashion or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for Jodha Akbar. Are there any other noteworthy “popular” performance this year?

Our prediction for Best Actor Filmfare Awards Nominations.

1) Aamir Khan for Ghajini (most likely to win)
2) Shahrukh Khan for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
3) Hrithik Roshan for Jodha Akbar
4) Farhan Akhtar for Rock On
5) Naseeruddin Shah for A Wednesday. If they decide to go for Popular, Imraan Khan for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na instead.

What do you guys think of the Filmfare and other awards? Post your comments below



  • shahrukh deserves all the awards he gets even though OSO was nominated I know that he would have not gotten that awards for best actor its more of a comedy etc movie so he deserves it for chak de india and all the rest of the movie that he get best actor award for.

  • rnbdj was absolutely rubbish and how did you say shahrukh will be nominated for it even Emran hashmi would b a better choice instead of rubbish srk performance..

  • this year amir will be the winner.
    i dont think that shahrukh even deserve a nomination.
    he is the worst actor in bollywood.

  • how can u say dat dat fims releasing between jan and march cant be awarded the filmfare awards,as rang de basanti,black,kaho na pyaar hai,qayamat se qayamat tak can win filmfare best movie awards,how can anil kapoor win filmfare awards for beta and madhuri 2,so its false dat films from jan 2 mar cant win filmfare awards

  • “Hakla fixes the awards” 100% truth. In 1994 he said that If I am not winning this award I will buy it. So from that day he is buying the awards.

    Aamir , Akshay and Hrithik are far better than him. His first movie was romantic and the last release is also a illogical romantic. Hakla sucks Amir Rocks.

    Abe hakle ab to ladkiyon k peeche jana chor aur kuch logical picture kar.

  • Hrithik must win the award for best actor if there is any justice.his whole potrayal as akber was marvellous. Historical films can be very boring but Hrithik didnt let us get bored for even a second. That is true talent. Even Dilip Kumar said so. Like his role in Koi Mil Gaya, nobody can carry off this performance as Akbar. Sure, Amir is very good in Ghajni but he has the advantage of an exciting, thriller film to propel his good performance. Hrithik has no such advantage and yet he made the film so watchable. I urge you all to revisit Jodha Akbar before putting your vote firmly on Amir. As for SRK, he should not be in the running at all because of so much ham-acting as Raj. Awards must be meritocratic otherwise there is no point in having them. Also, I cant see how Priyanka can be compared to Ashwarya in Jodha Akbar. The 2 performances were miles apart with Ash being far more superior.

  • I just love love love SRK!!!!! hes my fav actor since i was 1 and he still is…i HATE it when anyone says things abt srk which r bad! ofcourse SRK is the BEST!!!! srk i love u sooo much! im just dying to meet u! plz come to dar!!! srk im jst crazy abt u..i have posters of u in my room, pics of u in my phone and laptop!!! i love u loadz srk!! u rock! and yes u doo deserve an award! SRK is the best actor in bollywood, he was he is and he will be FOREVER!!! srk u rock!! love u sooooooooo much!!

  • srk should win 2008 film fare award

    1.rab ne bana di jori has touched every peoples mind.

    2.his films cost only 30 crores but earned almost 130 crores.

    3.his acting was fantastic and incredible.

    4.amir has acted like his past film bazzi and gulam.

  • to be very fair i think Shahrukh Khan should win the award,because he act very well in RNBDJ,amir was also very good in Ghajni,lets see.

    Best Actor Nominies:

    1-Shahrukh Khan (RNBDJ)
    2-Amir Khan (GHAJNI)
    3-Hrithak Roshan (JODHA AKBAR)
    4-Imran Hashmi (JANAT)
    5-Naseer u Din Shah (WEDNESDAY)

  • main aap ko kheta hoon kaun deserve karta hia only shahrukh khan because
    1.shahrukh khan ne jab 1992 main deewana se filmi career suroo ki to us waqt Amir khan AUR Salman khan superstar the amir ki qayamet se qayamet taq ,dil, jo jeeta wohi sikendar se Amir khan ne bollywood main apna sikha jama chuka tha aur salman khan bhi maine pyaar kya ,se apna mokam bana chuka tha.
    2.shahrukh khan ne 1993 main two super hit movie Baazigar Aur Darr main negative role kaar ke public ki diloo main jaga banali
    3 shahrukh khan hi haar tarah ke role main dhal jata hia
    4. ab rab ne bana di jodi main kamal ki acting ki hia
    5.shahrukh deserve 100 percent to be won filmfare award actor shahrukh khan only
    he is no one actor in bollywood ever

  • Filmfare award is not fare .100%
    they always like sharuk .if sharuk give one hit movie they are nominating him or give him award as they did many times befor .but if akshay ,salman and other have blockbuster they agnore thire hard work
    for example 2007 akshay kumar was the most succeful actor four back to back super hit .whay they didn’t give him award the answer is clear .I think that evrey actor have a right to win award for his or her hard work .it should not go to one stupid actor evrey year .

  • Filmfare award is fix .stupid Jeory . chosing stupid actor .
    the award should go to Akshay or AAmir .not stupid sharuk all the time .
    filmfare please be fare other way change your name to ((( sharuk ward )))

  • To be honesh SRK should win the best actor award.Bec in bollywood there is ONE and Only shahrukh who can be compare with any one of the hollywood Actor.Amir is also ok.But one think i would like to say about indian media.why india media is saying king kumar(Akshay Kumar)as per me Akshay still dont know how to act.he is good in comedy but when its come to romantic or serious kind of roll he still need to go and Learn Acting from Acting school.

  • filmfare award very hard for srk

    although every body said incredible performance in rab ne.

    it will get amir bcs

    1.2007 and 2008 akasy made many fans now they are totaly unrespect srk.

    2.salman fans also hate srk bcs of fight

    3.amir fans also avoid srk bcs no 1 position.

    4.many dirrector also jelous the sucess of srk.

    so many fans and people now against srk .

    but all of them respect amir and love to watch his film holeheartedly.

  • All those hwo are telling sharukh doesnt even deserve to benominated then should leave watching movie or cinema. how could u compare the srk performance in chak de it was a movie which brough back our sprots spirit and brought our national sport s into lime light, his expressiion and acting was too good. i cant find anyone close to him. and now a days bcoz of his success all are getting jealous.

    I will say one thing here those who think aamir khan ghajini deserve to be best film or best actor. no doubt ghajini is a good movie but not upto that to get best movie. it had nothing new in the movie except aamir 8 packs and media hype, it had the same story formula as 1990’s.

    Those who have doubt about srk acting go and see the suri character then they will know what is beautiful acting. i am not ardent sharukh fan but this is my opinion.

    eExcept lagaan i dont see any of aamir movie where he acted marvellously. point out one movie where his acting was perfect and good. the main show stealer in tare zameen par was darsheel.

    Aamir is increasing is fan base which is a good sign but do not negative about the stars who have contributed more to the industry. nobody could have known about hockey had chak de not released.

  • soban ! my dear what dose acting mean to you ?romantic movies only .No you are completly wrong.
    Comedy is not esy for actor like sharuk .he is acting is fake my dear .
    and also he is nothing with out Yash raj .A person who knows about acting will never campre stupid actor like sharuk with great Super star like akshay kumar who done evrey thing on his own power .
    he plyed difrent kind of movies in last twenty years20. from Comedy .action .romance .
    that’s way he is the king .

  • many person says srk buy filmfare but i dont agree

    who is better its will decide when every years ends.

    shahruk enter film industry 1992 and 1993.he deserved filmfare if you saw his 92 and 93 films.

    then dilwale dulhaniya 95 this film runs still now.

    then 96 amir raja hindustani

    97 and 98 dil to pagal hai and kuch kuch hota hai two blockbuster

    99 sanjay for vastav and 2000 rittik for kaho na payer hai .r u not agree this

    than amir for lagan 2001.

    02 srk for devdas and rittik for koi mil gaya 03 ,04 srk for swades .r u not agree.

    05 amitab for black o6 rittik for dhoom2 and 07 srk for chak de india

    all films are mind blowing and all actor deserved the filmfare

    so why u unrespect srks all work.

    film fare age is almost 50 years.u should respect filmfare.

  • Shahrukh is a self proclaimed super star. he always talks about himself. Infact, He compares himself with Super duper star Amitabh Bachhan. Big B is an instituion in himself.

    Other than Chak de all the rolls played by him are bull shit. Suri of RNBDJ is a very poor form of Amol palekar’s Golmaal. other hand see Aamir and the roles played by him. Raj in QSQT, Sanju in JJWS, Munna in Rangeela, Rathore in Sarfarosh, Bhuvan in Lagaan, DJ in RDB, Sanjay in Ghajini, Ramdev Nikumbh in TZP.

  • Yes, the FILMFARE is fixed because every year that ass hoe srk takes the best actor award which he does not deserve. Aamir and Akshay is by far the two best actor in Bollywood. Aamir or Akshay should take the award this year. SRK SHOULD NOT GET ANY AWARD THIS YEAR BECAUSE HIS MOVIE RNBDJ SUCKED ASS!!!

  • khshal dear,
    U r write in ur place.Bec u r a fan of akshay.But when its come to bollywood there is so many actor who is brilliant in comedy like govinda do u think akshay can be compared him never so if i’ll go As per u Govinda is or was king of bollywodd no never..But i do like comedy movie of akshay kumar but personally i dont like his acting i like in his movie only paresh rawal and the dialogue deleivery thats it my friend.

  • As we approach now the Awards Ceremonies for the films & performances of 2008 and as my fellow janta get ready to cast their votes in the popular categories I appeal to one and all, from baache to buzurg, to please please use your intelligence. Awards are serious business and should be MERITOCRATIC!
    Do not be taken in by glamorous antics which have been put in place for the express purpose of throwing dust, albeit stardust, in our eyes.
    For eg, films such as A Wednesday, Jodha Akbar, Taare Zameen Par, Chakdhe India, Koi Mil Gaya, Swades, Rang De Basanti etc required little or no promotion because THEY WERE GOOD FILMS, SUBSTANCIAL FILMS which could carry their own weights. There was no need for any antics by the directors, producers and lead actors. It is only such films which deserve awards. Ask yourselves why did Amir Khan keep TZP such a secret until it was released and yet for Ghajini he started propaganda about his eight-pack, about being a psycho, about cat fights between the two new actresses, about his new look and hairstyle etc long before its release?
    The answer is very simple – Ghajini is so full of flaws that for it to succeed these gimmicks were necessary whereas TZP was a masterpiece which did not require any such promotions. It is a pity that an actor of substance like Amir Khan had to stoop so low (to SRK’s level) – but he did succeed. His gimmicks of 8-packs etc succeeded in making everyone agog about the film and overlook its obvious flaws.
    That is why I am appealing today to all of you. Dont get taken in by such excessive promotions. Show everybody that we all know how to differentiate a good film from a mediocre one by VOTING FOR THE GOOD FILMS some of which I have listed below:
    1. Welcome to Sajjanpur
    2. Jodha Akbar
    3. A Wednesday
    4. The Last Lear
    5. Aamir
    These were films that were not promoted much but held their own as excellent, substancial films.
    Before casting your votes, ask yourself why films like Ghajini, Sing is King, Rab Ne, Dostana etc needed so much promotions…
    Because in essence they are all weak films. Producers and actors will just say “the film is weak so lets start boasting about our physiques etc. The gullible janta will just gobble it up and we will be blockbusters and get the awards too”
    In other words we are encouraging them to laugh at us behind our backs!
    So let us recognise instead,
    Hrithik and Ashwarya for JA, Shreyas Talpade for W2S, magnificent Nasrudin Shah for A Wed, and BigB for Last Lear… And perhaps, Akshay Kumar for Best Comedian.
    As for the rest, particularly all the Khans who have become too big for their boots, let them enjoy their money earned at the expense of the janta’s innocent gullibility but leave them without the awards.

  • Akshay all the way .he is trully king .
    he won SFK 2009 .becouse there was no Jeory .it was public voting only .
    if film fare is really fare the winer will be Akshay king kumar or No 1 khan AAmir kahn.
    Not Monkey sharuk ,he he he he he he he he

  • SRK is an exceptional actor. His passion and commitment to his work comes through in ALL his films. Even though some of his movies may not hit jackpot with the box office, does not deter from the fact that he choses movies that ultimately become classics, e.g Swades, VZ, KANK, Rab Na, etc.

  • it is a heartbreaking for aksay fans bcs he was not nominated .

    srk is now victim of akki and amir fans.

    but amir get support by srk and akki fans.

    so its clear amir will get filmfare.

  • Well,,,, first i really like Dr.R.C Patel’s latest comment. It shows the truth. When TZP released aamir didnt give much publicity. But for Gajhni he was screaming a lot. All credits go to him coz he succeed. Gajhni wasn’t really a good movie, if not the publicity many ppl wouldn’t even spend money go to a teatre and watch it. Bit boring movie as well. Specially the actresses, asin was overacting, and jiah khan cannot speak hindi at all. I am not an indian, but i can speak better hindi than her. I personnaly met many ppl who said gajhni was not that good as they expected, it was all publicity. I want to mention that i am a big fan of both sharukh and aamir. RNBJ was not that good either. I prefer this time in filmfare someone else be the best actor. Not Aamir or Sharukh. Hrithik or Nazurdeen is my preferences. By thinking of Akshey’s recent popularity, I have some expectations on him as well.

  • You want to know why SRK rules the Bollywood world??? Just go to polls and watch the results. Go for example now to bollywoodtrends!!!! You are democratic so go and watch results of polls.
    Watch who is the actor who gives indian industry great number of blockbusters. Who gives Bollywood its respect in the world!!!! Is it Aamir??? Or Hrithik??? Or even Amitji??? NOOOO at all it’s the one and only king of Bollywood: King Khan Shahrukh Khan. When I read that someone is saying that SRK is not a good actor and starting to insult I start laughing because in this moment I know that the person who is insulting is a fan of an actor who was (for many many years) and is still crushed by The King Khan.
    Stop being jealous like that!!!!!!!!!


  • Why the other actors’ fans hate THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD SRK?????
    Because he simply crushed their actors for many many years and still do it.
    It’s simple (He makes his fans proud of being and others are jealous).

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