Dishoom Movie Review

Varun Dhawan has had the best start imaginable to his career with half a dozen successful films. With Dishoom, he unites with his big brother Rohit Dhawan who directs the film. Rohit teams up with his ’Desi Boyz’ star John Abraham. The trailers have pointed to Dishoom being a buddy cop action adventure comedy. Does it live up to all the expectations? Is the film entertaining? No better time to find out than now.

Story: India’s star batsman Viraj Sharma (modelled on Virat Kohli and played by Saqib Saleem) has been kidnapped ahead of an important match against Pakistan. Indian officer Kabir Shergill (John) is put in charge to bring him back. His investigation takes him to the middle East where he has to partner up with a comic book cliche Junaid Ansari (Varun). In their travels they also meet Ishika (Jacqueline Fernandez). Things get interesting when the big baddie Wagah (Akshaye Khanna) enters the movie, and then twists and turns eventually lead us to a high octane climax.

Screenplay and Direction: Rohit Dhawan has stuck to the template of buddy cop films where one guy is serious whilst the other one is the comic relief. The cliches of a action adventure are all packed into the movie which takes place in a time frame of 36 hours. Even though there’s some semblance of logic, it would be futile for you to expect complete logic from the movie. There are leaps of faith which you have to take. Fortunately, the movie doesn’t lose grip of the audience keeping proceedings brisk. Rohit manages to balance the action with the comedy pretty well.

Dishoom Movie Review

Dishoom Movie Review

Dishoom has been shot on a relatively large scale and the action scenes accentuate that fact. The action choreography and the cinematography make the film look bigger than it really is. The production design is grand but the visual effects are rather lacklustre. The editing is slick as the movie has been kept at a reasonable length of 2 hours. The music of Dishoom is a disappointment, you expect better from Pritam, more so considering his previous album with Rohit (Desi Boyz) was such a huge soundtrack. Sau Tarah Ke is barely the saving grace.

Acting: Varun Dhawan gets ample opportunity to showcase his comic timing, and he also gets to flex his muscles during the action scenes. He is in complete form here although we wish his chemistry with John was better. John himself is in decent form. He does what he can with his limited bank of expressions but he looks mean, rough and tough. On paper, John and Varun make a better buddy cop team than they do in the movie. Akshaye Khanna is a pleasant surprise and it is nice to see him back in Bollywood after so long. He nails his part with the right amount of evil in his voice and eyes. Jacqueline is alright in her small part. Akshay Kumar is the king of cameos in Bollywood and he’s terrific in Dishoom.

Conclusion: Dishoom is an enjoyable film. If you’re familiar with buddy cop movies you will easily recognise the clichéd tropes used in the movie and overlook it. The film feels breezy and it is light because the stakes are not that high. The makers have set the movie up for possible future sequels and we can only hope that Varun and John will have better chemistry if the sequel gets made. If you are in the mood to burn some steam with humour and enjoy rollicking action then Dishoom is a good recommendation. Just don’t expect a lot from it.


  • Enjoyable film, certainly a one-time watch.
  • Varun is hilarious, John is mean
  • The movie looks big on scale
  • It is a breezy film as it is only 2 hours in length
  • The cinematography is good
  • Akshaye Khanna’s return


  • John-Varun chemistry could have been better
  • The music is disappointing
  • The stakes are never roof touching
  • Clichéd tropes

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • The best think i like about varun is his energy.. He is humble man.. Hope dishoom will be big success for him.

  • Dishoom 1st week around 38-40cr..lifetime.60-68cr..verdict hit/ semi hit…1st day my prediction.9cr.approx.

  • I watched dishoom today.
    First half was good when there were comic elements in the movie.
    Second half movie dips
    The scene where they caught Akshaye Khanna with chopper was very bad.
    Music was good .
    Varun dhawan was good.
    Rest of all were average.
    Akshay Kumar cameo was fantastic.
    Overall ,average movie….2.75/5

  • After reading this review I was expecting 2.5 stars . Varun has a 100 % success ratio and in the next one week we will see whether he is able to sustain this record or not . It has 2 weeks to do business before Mohenjo Daro and Rustom . The opening day collections and the weekend will decide whether Dishoom becomes successful or not . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They should have taken akshay kumar instead of John and with varun’s comic timing the movie would have crossed 150 crores now it will hardly collect 50 crores as sultan and kabali are still running strong

  • Went to watch the movie FDFS in Pakistan, was very excited, even booked ticket in advance. Got there 5 minutes before the show, turns out movie is banned in PK. Really disappointed. Was really craving watching a commercial entrertainer in theaters.

  • How audience trust Critics like you and others.Salman and Srk movie not get best ratings from crtics expect some bt also it works because audience love there superstar…

  • Seems like very ordinary movie ,no need to watch it at theatre or don’t watch it even in pirated copy and waste your time.why to do such a crap movies by wasting money?

    Waiting for Rustom and Mahenjodaro.

  • Entertaining movie.. Varun is a star from start to end.. Wish they had someone other than John… Akshay would’ve rocked in place of John.

  • Why the hell can’t I watch the movie in Pakistan???! Booked ticket.. now they are saying movie is banned.

  • I will watch this only for Akshaye Khanna! Otherwise, I’m full of shitty movies with John and awful comic time scene of Varun!

  • Mar Dishoom !!!
    Movie is Worth to watch
    Paisa Vasool Movie guys
    Support Young Actors atleast they are future of Bollywood

    If you have Negative think before come to watch theatre for this movie then I’m helpless speechless for those moron !!!

  • I was expecting dishoom will get mixed to negative reviews because such type of movie usually not get good reviews. But surprisingly movie has get positive to mixed reviews which is good for such film. Means movie is good. Another hit for varun dhawan.

  • Movie is really good. Varun is truly a star…..Akshay would have been best in the John’s character though he shines……..

  • It means masses will love it, I guess it will dent the chances of Sultan reaching 300 crs. Sultan may end with Life time collections like 296-298 crs if Dishoom trends well !!!!!!!!

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