Dil Bole Hadippa Box Office Opening

Dil Bole Hadippa was expected to do well at the box office, especially at the multiplexes in India and rank second best after Salman Khan’s Wanted for the weekend. And the box office opening of the Shahid – Rani starrer threw no surprises.

Although the all India collections were average at 45 – 55%, the word of mouth is strong, Rani’s performance has received tremendous appreciation from the public both in metro’s and other parts of India.

Quite obviously, the Yashraj movie based on cricket is faring better at multiplexes (70%) while the collections at single screens remain on the lower side (30 – 40%).

With both the big releases sharing business and carrying good reports, the long weekend should ensure healthy overall numbers for Week 1.

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  • I loved Dil bole Hadippa!! Shahid you rocked!!!
    I’m sure this movie WILL BE a hit even though its not yet!
    For me this film will always be a hit!
    I love you SHAHID!!!!!!
    you rock!!

  • Nice to hear..Movie is doing good….But i listen mix review of this one…But still hope it do well not because of Shahid but for rani………….

  • the movie was really good, though a bit borin in some parts………
    in my opinion the best thing about the movie was shahid…!! HE LOOKED LIKE A MILLION BUCKS AND ACTED SUPERBLY!!!! rani was also very good.

  • yaar i have no word for DBH

    waste of time , money & ……..
    better to take ur Gf to somewhere else

    folks i was sooo disappointed by this f^ck product by YRF.

    This is no COMEBACK movie.

    DBH sucks in every manner,,, yaar cum on when rani hit a six watch how she holds the bat…… its all messed up performences by every one..

    n somebady tell shahid stop doing female dominating movies …. he got that talent .

    overall DBH is a step brother of victory…


  • DBH is the worst movie of the year.
    just by adding a moustache she becomes a sardar??wht rubbish.

    rani looks like the elder sister of shahid.horrible movie.

  • It looks like Dil Bole Hadippa may not sustain beyond the weekend now. Collections have dipped slightly at few places.

  • DBH – just another movie that shows off Rani’s versatality as an actress. Shahid was “I” candy ……..I’m sure Beboo must be kicking herself.

    All in All – The movie was average – a bit far fetched and not realistic. But congrat’s go out to Rani for a job well done and to Shahid for concentrating on his career, and just being a gentlemen.

    Anyway guys – the ICC is starting tomorrow – now that’s cricket.


  • i love movie dil bole haddipa .the lights of the movie are shahid kapoor and rani mukharji.
    from my side the film is super hit .and work in box office.

  • hi shahid i,am big fan of your,s i like dil bole haddipa better than wanted.
    you and rani mukhargi done a greate job.love you shahid

    suresh tandon

  • the message is loud and clear that rani is the undisputed queen of bollywood, look at the style she performed both as a man and woman , no matter what you say the film will gear up soon and become a super duper hit , are yaar i just loved rani how effoertless she acts , sab ko bata diya usne ki ek haddi ke chudails cant rule bollywood for long , its time women show some substance , hats off rani India salutes you , dont worry dbh will be a super duper hit

  • Rani it’s time to leave aditya chopra and YR FILMS .Let them them make good movies like Lamhe,Chandni,DDLJ,Dil to pagal hai,We know adi is a good guy but AAP KE AANE SE WO DHAR AB NAHI RAHI.PLZ GOD SAKE LEAVE THAT YASH RAJ GROUP.YEH TO PUBLIC HAI YE SAB JANTI HAI.

  • this film is hit i love rani mukharjee if this film become not a hit then bollywood is nothing . no one can act like her in bollywood rani is the best .


  • Rani Luksss realliii cute Mwaaaasshhh and man she luks soooo skinny and preety:)

    Gud work Rani & Shahid wish ya all da very best:)

    By me

    Aussiw haha

  • I read some of the other comments of the people who did not like the movie and I am wondering that may be I saw a different movie then those..because I think the movies is BIG BIG hit..I live in US and the first friday I went for the 9:35 P.M. show it was sold out!!..I eventually managed to watch the show that starts at 12:20 A.M. in the night..and even at that time of the night that was 3/4th full!!! people were getting crazy with laughter throughout..

    DBH is a fantastic movie..Both Rani and Shahid Rocks!!!…Almost everything works perfectly for the Sardar that is Rani…From witty one lines like ” frontier mail humare pind se nahin guzarti .. veera ke dar se” to the big sequence scenes with Miss Soniya!!..Climax is a little far fetched making 160 in 10 overs with just one wicket is like asking for a bit too much but then it is a movie!!!Except for the little speech by Rani in the end everything is grrrrrrrrrrrreat…Shahid has really matured as an actor..Long way to go!! This movie is a sure hit..

  • in dbh, Rani and shah id. look best couple in the world than Karena and the film rocks than she was the man.i love u both.it is too worth to watch it .i have watch 10 time.it is so interesting .so people u should watch it definitely it worth it.i m looking forward to watch u both again.

  • I love Shahid and I think He acted great in dil bole hadip, but guyzz the movie was booring, am so dissapointed with this yash raj bla bla bla!!!! as you can see this message is written in november and we got the information abt the box office now and it was below average, Dil bole booring Hadippa never became a super duper hit or something and some of you said that the ticket was sold out in the cinemas and everything but guess what?! it`s the first movie which shahid and rani acted together and it was a new shahid movie and everyone thaught that it was great as Kaminey, of course ppl will go to the cinemas and watch it fast, but I guess that they weren`t happy when the movie ended and maybe they never saw the movie again. Anurag Singh isn`t smart as a good directors he don`t have the skills to be a good director, as my oipinion I think Karan johar is the best director he has the skills to be a director and he has got the best fantasy. Like K3G the story was a bit boring but when you watch the movie you never get bored you still wanna watch the movie again and again and you`re so into the movie.

    — Anurag Singh, plzz plzz don`t do another movie and waste our preciuos time and money.

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