Dhoom Machale Dhoom Full Song Video – Dhoom 3

Prior to the theatrical release of Dhoom 3, Yash Raj Films decided against the idea of releasing the full song promos of their mega Christmas release. It was a gamble that worked big time – the audience got their money’s worth as they got to watch the song on the big screen.

Now, with Dhoom 3 going on to break box office records, YRF is releasing one full song a week. Here’s the Dhoom Machale Dhoom song which appears during the end credits.

Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty
Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma



  • This song is a hit bcoz 3 times i saw “Dhoom 3” and even after the movie ends majority of people were not leaving their seats and watching this song.

  • Only good thing about Dhoom 3 is its music and Pritam…..except dis song…this song sucks…Pritam is No.1 music director in bollywood

  • Alok Nath’s Box office Ranking (January’14)
    Grade 1: Salmaan, Aamir, SRK, Hrithik
    Grade 2: Akshay, Ranbir, Ajay
    Grade 3: Saif, Emran, Ranveer Singh, John Abraham

  • In Last Decade (2003-2013) :-
    2006 – Dhoom 2 Broken Gadar’s All Time Record
    2007 – Om Shanti Om broken Dhoom 2’s record
    2008 – Rab Ne Banadi Jodi Broken Om Shanti Om’s RECORD
    2008 – Ghajini Broken RNBJ Record
    2009 – 3 Idiots Broken Ghajini’s Record
    2013 – Chennai Express broken 3 Idiots Record
    2013 – Dhoom 3 Broken Chennai Express Record
    Now in 2014 :- Which film will Break Dhoom 3 All Time Record ??

  • Rohit Shetty and Deepika are responsible for Chennai Express success.
    Deepika was in fantastic form as shown by YJHD(which beat all SRK movies) and Ramleela which crossed 100 crore without any superstar actor.
    None of SRK’s movies crossed 120 crore before CE.

  • SRK beat Aamir’s record after 4 years with 6 crore margin
    Aamir broke SRK’s record after 3 months with 70 crore margin

  • In 2008
    Aamir broke SRK’s RNBDJ record after 1 MONTH with almost 25 crore margin

    In 2009
    Aamir broke his own Ghajini record after 1 YEAR with 90 crore margin

    In 2013
    SRK beat Aamir’s record after 4 years with 6 crore margin
    Aamir broke SRK’s record after 3 months with 70 crore margin
    Do I need say anything more?

  • Thanks Indicine

    Definitely the HOTTEST dhoom song video EVER…!
    For me though the best Dhoom song was Tata Youngs version from 1st movie- that song rocked BIG TIME in 2004.

    Best song from Dhoom series is MALANG- best visual/ picture/ choreogrsphed/ costume designed everything was 100% perfect. PS please Indicine can you provide a video of it soon…? Cheers

  • @sachin11 totally agreed with everything you said- strange thing was that when I saw Dhoom on first saturday here in UK for the first time, 99% of audience stayed for credit rolls and the Dhoom song- Sahirs and Samars interaction at the end was a pleasing reassurance to audience that the brothers really cared/ truly loved one another so that was a Big Plus for the audience than just having a lasting image of brothers falling to their death…! So it was first time I saw that people were staying to the very end and enjoying every single minute of Dhooms runtime.
    People dont usually stay til the end like for when Crappy Express released, I saw it on first saturday and honestly 99% of audience scrambled out of cinema when lungi dance song came on— people felt it was a mockery of a song and out of respect to Thalaiva left asap…! Its True I tell you…

  • @nipin Dude give it a rest- Dhoom 3 has broken all records of Rohit 3 whether you believe Papa Roshans calculations and tax dodging tactics, Taran/ Komals estimates/ guesstimates, Indicine or BOI or if you only believe in Jadoos figures…! Dhoom 3 was the best movie of 2013 , way better than your cartoon Rohit 3, your Lootera, your Lunchbox, your Jackpot, your Poonam Pandeys NASHA, your Satya 2 or any other ‘art’ film you went and saw…!

  • @Navin, right said, i liked the Tata Young’s version. It was smoking hot in D1.

    They tried the trick in D2 putting english lyrics, and it sounded all too amateurish.

  • @Ace
    Ya. So basically Aamir broke Hrithik’s record. But I purposefully put RNBDJ so I can compare Aamir and SRK. And show SRK fans like SAKHI where his place is.

  • @JC yes bro the Dhoom track from D2 was to gorified for me but I dunno as many like it and some didnt like it like me fir one.

    Tatas version in 2004 was ahead of its times and I just been in the UK for acouple of years and at most university night outs that song was being played everywhere in tandom with RDB, Jazzy Bs music etc etc. the song was definitely a game changer and now I feel Malang has changed the game too- benchmark has been set high indeed.

  • when Dhoom machale dhoom song launched i find the song is below average but now i love this song,it have good picturisation and Kat done remarkable job @navin agree Malang is best song as per visuals,love that song immensely

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