Dhoom 3 Update

A quick update on Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Dhoom 3 produced by Yashraj Films.

  • After several delays, due to casting, dates of various actors and Aamir Khan’s TV show, the shooting for Dhoom 3 has finally begun.
  • The first schedule of Dhoom 3 will be shot in Mumbai and for the second, the cast and crew will travel all the way to Chicago (USA).
  • Jackie Shroff has been signed to play a pivotal role in Dhoom 3. He will be working with Aamir Khan after 17 years – they last shared screen space in Rangeela, way back in 1995.
  • Aamir has been sweating it out in the gym, to get in shape for the role that would require him to perform heavy duty stunts. And guess whose helping him out? Jackie’s son Tiger Shroff.
  • Katrina Kaif, who plays the female lead, is also working out hard and Salman Khan has been helping her out. Apparently, a UK based fitness company is so impressed with Katrina, that they have approached her to be the brand ambassador for the company.

So then, that’s all the latest that we have on Dhoom 3. The final star cast reads – Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Jackie Shroff. The film will be directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, whose debut film Tashan didn’t do too well at the box-office.

Dhoom 3 is scheduled for release in 2013.



  • lol…tingu is just not suited for villanous roles, the movie will be all time disaster no matter it’s sequel to sucessfull franchise.

  • The only film which has potential to shatter records of 3 Idiots! Aamir will rock! Haters can keep barking. They will bark more in jealousy when the film succeeds!

  • dhoom 3 will be all time blockbuster the film will broke all impossible record after that no one will touch the record of dhoom 3

  • i think hrethik would b better for this role bcoz he rocked in dhoom2 also………and he looks better wid katrina

  • i think hrethik would b better for this role bcoz he rocked in dhoom2 also………and he looks better wid katrina and aamir will look too old with katrina

  • Aamir ki movie se kabhi badi expectation hoti hi nahi hai start from his career(early 90s) but jab movies release hoti hai toh sab ke mooh band ho jate hai
    no 1 expect blockbuster likes
    rang de basanti
    tare zameen par
    3 idiots
    par in sab movies ne sab ki ma cccccccchhhh di
    don’t worry aamir ne agar D3 hath mein lee hai toh dhamaal hi hoga
    use pata hai uski comparision hrithik n john se hogi
    warna use apna kachra karane ka koi shok nahi

  • have u eva heard dat bolly movie wl collect 500 cr alone in india?just ready for dat..no one even touch 3idiot’s record 3 years after its releasing.same is gonna happen again.bt dis tym its nt 3 years..it wl b 5 year’s .and again aamir wl break d3’s record.aamir rocks..

  • have u eva heard dat bolly movie wl collect 500 cr alone in india?just ready for dat..no one even touch 3idiot’s record 3 years after its releasing.same is gonna happen again.bt dis tym its nt 3 years..it wl b 5 year’s .and again aamir wl break d3’s record.aamir rocks…

  • Sohail gets dad Salim Khan back to films

    Sholay, Zanjeer, Don, Shaan, Deewar…blockbusters in the 1970s and 80s were synonymous with scriptwriter duo Salim-Javed.
    And now, for the first time since the Salman Khan-Raveena Tandon starrer Patthar Ke Phool, 21 years back, Salim Khan (Salim saab, as he is fondly referred to in the industry) is being brought on to supervise the script of Sohail Khan’s directorial Sher Khan.
    The film that already has on board two writers – Rumi Jaffery and Dilip Shukla, will now have Salim saab to pilot the plot. He will be credited for his special creative contribution.Confirming the news, Sohail told TOI, “My father is the script doctor on the project. He’s guiding all of us. We all are counting on him to make Sher Khan one of the most special films in Bhai’s ( Salman Khan) career.”
    Speaking about the new task at hand, Salim saab told TOI, “I am there in the scriptwriting process of Sher Khan to point out their mistakes and not to breathe down their necks. I don’t want to take away the credit from whatever those kids are doing.”
    Stating that he is a ‘farmer by nature’, Salim saab continued, “I like to nurture talent as much as trees. I’ve to admit they’re capable of looking after the script. But since they’ve asked me to help, I presume they think I’m better informed and cleverer than them.”

  • KRRISH-3 will be biggest hit as its a sequel of very successful movie which was a superhero movie so we can expect this time BIGGER BADDER BETTER!!!!!

  • Party with Sallu for Rs 1.75 crore

    With a string of hits to his credit, Salman Khan is not just one of the highest paid actors when it comes to films. He has reportedly been quoting a jaw-dropping Rs 1.75 crore to make an appearance at events. What’s more, the actor also wants to be ferried in chartered flights.
    Reportedly, Salman, after the success of Wanted, Dabangg and Ready, has raised his fee to a whopping Rs 50 crore (which includes profit share).
    But the box-office effect has rubbed off on the actor’s off-screen aura as well. According to an insider, recently when he was offered Rs 1 crore along with a chartered flight for a couple of events in Dubai, the actor flatly refused to take them up.
    Insiders revealed that this sudden and staggering hike in remuneration is a brainwave of Salman’s manager Reshma Shetty. According to reports, she was also the one who had convinced Salman to hike his fee for Dus Ka Dum and Bigg Boss.
    Sources close to the actor told TOI that more offers for events (business launch, birthdays, weddings) have started pouring in. “Everybody wants Salman to perform at their event. If one person fails to offer him the amount of money he asks, another will,” said the source.
    But Salman’s spoils of success don’t stop at merely a price hike. TOI has learnt that certain producers even consult the actor whether he wants the director of the film changed before he signs the project. And though, Salman does not push his choices, he does mention names of his favourite directors and asks the producers to select one.

  • DHOOM 3 WILL BECOME THE FIRST INDIAN FILM TO COLLECT $100 MILLION OR 500 CRORES MARK.for those jealous hypocrites who r commenting on Aamir-katrina pair,ur fav khan srk or sallu r also shorter than katrina&they look older than katrina,but Aamir appears younger than katrina even in 3idiots,he looked younger than kareena.Aamir is capable of doin Daredevil stunts,he has done the no.1 stunt of alltime in India-the train stunt in Ghulam

  • Well villan roles doesn’t suit Amir yar. He is better with some police roles etc but srsly villan roles doesn’t suit him. Well we will have to see the posters

  • Shahrukh khan and katrina kaif in Farha khan Happy New Year film 2013 biggest blockbuster Hit.

    Happy New Year releasing 2013 December 25 Chirsmas.

  • 2013 top5 blockbuster film.
    1-SRK Katrina in Happy New year. Chirsmas
    2-SRK in Chennai express- Eid Ramzan.
    4-Krishh2 Diwali
    5-Salman in Sher khan.

  • Dhoom3, krish3 n Ek tha tiger, only these 3 have d potential 2 break 3idiots records.. Salman’s 1st film under a big banner n a nominal director surely gonna rock.. Dhoom3, Aamir khan.. Do no need 2 say anything n Hritik growing bigger n bigger has can do it with Krish3

  • A*bee @ Ek tha lallu – dikha apni Taklu
    Aamir Khan ne 3 idiots ka record 2009( All Time Record ) main bana thaa
    tere lallu khan ne nahi banaya
    lallu khan, haklu khan abb tak brek nahi karpai dabaang,bodyguard, ready, Raone(flop),
    Don 2 ( Average ), AGNEEPATH, HOUSEFUL 2, RowdyRathore, nahi karpai
    aage karenge bhi nahi so keep dreaming all lallu FANS and haklu FANS
    to moral of story jis ne record banaya wahi record todsake gaa

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