Dhoom 3 to release on December 20th

It’s official! Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom 3 will release worldwide on Friday, December 20th 2013. The film will get 21 open days at the box office before the release of Akshay Kumar’s Thuppakki remake which hits theatres on January 10th 2014.

Like Dabangg 2 last year, Dhoom 3 too will release on a working day and then enjoy a extended holiday period. It will be interesting to see if the film manages to the break the opening day or weekend records set by Chennai Express – which could well belong to Krrish 3 by the time Dhoom 3 releases!

Our early predictions for Dhoom 3 will be published after the release of the theatrical trailer. But now that we have a confirmed release date, do feel free to post your own predictions and expectations in the comments section below.



  • Amir is famous for his acting like
    Qayamath se Qayamath tak, Hum hain rahi pyar ke, Ghulam, Lagaan, Dil chata hai, 3 idiots & Talaash not his copy or overacting like Gajini and Dhoom 3

  • Market is growing. Anything can be possible. Both Krish 3 and Dhoom 3 will have great chances crossing CE. But its depend on how movie is accepted across masses and classes. Record breaking opening is for sure.

  • Oh hell.. how disappointing… And I was planning to drive 4 hours to watch this movie…. Will wait for Peekay now….. :(

  • It will earn around 190+ crores, because of 21 open days, but in my opinion its a letdown already. I must have watched the same scenes in atleast 100 movies…..Its the action equivalent of “Mein tumhare bachhe ki maa banne waali hoon”…

  • Some one is telling Amir is not better than John and Hrithik. With due respect to these two actors, it is like telling that you are an imperfect to universally accepted perfectionist, even SRK have told in his earlier interviews that Amir is perfectionist.

    Jealousy is natural but being over jealous is bad.

  • Amair is first person to join 100cr club and 200cr too. Bollywood other starts has taken four years to break this record. I’m glad to say that this Amair khan starter will join 300cr with DHOOOOOOOOM 3.

  • chennai express is biggest hit due to direction of rohit shetty, u all know very well srk’s last three releases collections in domestic market nd who r d directors. All srk fans shutup ur mouth, wait and watch wat is Amair? Wat he can do?.

  • Nilesh here we’re talking bout ‘look’ not acting, ofcourse amir is a good actor but this rule does’nt suit him like hr and john, short villian, crap.

  • @J: No one is interested in your nonsensical talk, even SRK have similar height, so was he fit for DON? Was not DON meant for the person with height like Amitabh, e.g. Akshay, John or Hrithik.

    I have nothing against SRK, but the rubbishes dished by SRK fans amazes me.

  • It was an ‘Okay’ teaser, neither great nor bad. I, like many others, was expecting more from it. I didn’t get the point of the opening dialogue, he’s supposed to be a mastermind, a thief, but he seemed like a freedom fighter. Plus, he isn’t looking convincing in this role. Although, he will act superbly, but you must also look convincing in a role. John Abrahim did well in ‘Dhoom’, and Hrithik Roshan set the bar high with ‘Dhoom:2’. Although, it’s just a teaser, and I’m expecting that it’s official trailer would be much better. Loved the background music though. Releasing it on a working day means ‘CE’s or potential ‘Krrish-3’s opening day record will most likely remain intact, but it has great chances to become the highest opener on a working day.

  • Opening of the movie will be grand as expected…… even the first week belongs to Dhoom3 due to Aamir Khan and Dhoom franchise…. But from 2nd week it will entirely depend upon movie content……. have you all remember the condition of highly hyped movie KITES….. as content of 3 idiots was rock solid, movie had fetched unbelievable INR 56 Cr. in second week……. wait and watch…. with good content INR 200 Cr will be easily achievable.

    Waiting for Dec 20 2013….. :)

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