Dhoom 3 to release a week earlier?

Initially announced for the lucrative Christmas weekend, Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom 3 starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra might release a week earlier.

There are rumours floating around that YRF is looking at two dates – December 17th (Tuesday) and December 20th (Friday) – to take full advantage of the extended Christmas and New Year holiday season.

If the rumours turn out to be true, the makers of smaller films like Madhuri Dixit’s Dedh Ishqiya and Imtiaz Ali’s Highway (both scheduled to release on Dec 13_ might have to reconsider their release dates.

What’s the best release date for Dhoom 3 – Dec 17, Dec 20 or Dec 25 (Christmas)? Tell us in the comments section below.

Dhoom 3



  • Now DHOOM 3 gets 3 full weeks 2 at rule box office and shatter every possible box office record.
    Just deadly strategy of AAMIR KHAN AND YRF !!!

  • D3 is gonna be the biggest hit of 2013.

    Dec 17 is a smart move as they want to cash in on the second week holidays, which if the content is great (which will most probably be, as it is aamir’s movie), will create huge profits for producers.

  • @virat kohli dude,DHOOM 3 is a succesful franchise of bollywood with high octane action sequences and it is full on commercial film whereas talaash was a suspense drama and it didnt have any masala in it. How can it have same results ??

  • They’ve completely lost it…..they hired aamir khan just after seeing the collection of 3 idiots….and then salman rose to the top n became no.1 which left yrf pissed(even more after seeing the downfall of dhobi ghat n talaash) and iam surprised y they’ve not casted SRK afterall whether one except it or not he is The most consistent star in history of bollywood…y iam saying that ?? do i hate aamir khan ?? no…its just bcoz he is not a good choice for a franchise like dhoom..the most important need of a film like dhoom is that the antagonist should have STYLE,CHARISMA N SCREEN PRESENCE which in aamir khan is in the least amount compared to the other two khans n it’ll be very hard for aamir khan to top what hrithik did in the last film.

  • Any date release it is going to break all box office records. And if it comes on the 17 or 20 december then they will take full adwantage of holiday. 250 cr is possible.

  • Dec 20 will be the best date if not Dec 25 bcoz “Dhoom 3” will get 3 open weeks to cross 200 crores but whenever it release it will set the box office on fire like this Poster above.

  • @Virat Kohli don’t compare “Dhoom 3” with “Talaash” bcoz “Talaash” was a non universal movie of suspence genre which is the least popular genre still it made 175+ crores worldwide while “Dhoom 3” is a universal movie of action genre which is very popular genre and is expected to break many records so ur prediction is 100% wrong so now concentrate on semifinals of Champions trophy.

  • 17th Dec is not a good date to release Dhoom 3. 20th or 25th Dec, yrf should choose between these two.

  • Aamir is a highly overrated star. Last time people said Aamir will break all records.. but nothing happened with his last movie Talaash.. once again he will get semi hit with dhoom3.

  • Yrf 3 open weeks , that’s why they releasing on 17 or 20
    if they releasing on 25 they will get 2 open week
    and 10 jan 2014 akshay movie take all screen

    Now if film releasing on 20 dec 1st day they will earn minimum 25 crs

  • Dhoom will probably beat all opening record but will find hard to beat lifetime collection of Chennai Express collection which will be around 220 crs. Few reasons why I dont find Dhoom 3 to be not a record breaking movie
    1. As dhoom 3 has Aamir khan this time. He always behind quality which in turn make movie a bit complicated subject like Don 2. Which single screen audience and salman khan fans will find difficult to understand.
    2. Dhoom 3 need to have extra ordinary action scenes like in ett, which is simple yet looks exciting. Which is very difficult combination to attain
    3. As Aamir never looked stylish in any of his earlier films ever. He has to re invent himself and shud stand in the stool all the time when he share screen space with katrina
    4. As Dhoom 3 is directed by Tashan director. There is possibly high chance that actions in the movie will look like in that of cartoons.
    Anyways I wish dhoom 3 breaks Chennai Express lifetime record

  • I feel like laughing even imagining amir in dhoom3. He will look like a lilliput infront of abhishek bachchan. Wahi chor /police game, irritating uday chopra, blank faced abhishek bachchan and this time new amir (he should do good movies like dhobi ghat and mangal pandey). Why is he doing dhoom3 lagta hai Aamir has lost his mind. Dhoom3 director is debut of vijay krishna acharya, who as a director gave tashan which was a super flop. Dhoom3 will be high on substance and low on content. It will become another ‘tashan’. Dhoom3 for amir looks like raone for SRK. I am doubtful how that little amir would like when he plays a international thief. Vijay krishna acharya if makes a movie like tashan then what can we expect from dhoom3. Anyways aamir made fool of us with ‘talaash’, such a pathetic movie talaash, all copied from hollywood flicks. Finally I think amir does not suit for dhoom3.

  • definitely two best dates are dec 20 & dec 25th, but one thing for sure that it will shatter all records eagerly awaited for this
    @virat kohli dear you should worry abt Salman’s films as the r like you watched once but you will not watch it again anymore except salman fans so first tell salman to make great movies not good at least Aamir have quality and classic cinema in his hand he has 3idiots,TZP,RDB,DCH,Lagaan,JJWs Sarfarosh.
    all r quality wise great fillms and all r successful too, however i should not say but your comment forced me to Say that what Aamir can don and waht’s not ye decide karne ki Teri Aukat bhi nahi h, so its best to stay away from ant Dhoom and Aamir page. and ofcourse d3 collection will be the same as Talaash total lifetime collection domestic but difference is that d3 first 3 days collection will be more than 90 cr.

    @danish D3 will not be hit dear it will be minimum blockbuster will see if it can become ATBB or not.
    @truth aamir is not know for his screen presence he is known for perfection and that its best quality and the best part of his film that every major character in his film whether its lead actor,actress, supporting cast will give their best ad it will show on the screen not like Salman and Srk as people only remember them while watching movies as both r lack in cinematic quality althout both r having good films in their kitty burt not as much as that Aamir have.

    and one thing i noted that if any article related to d3 piblished in indicine that haters are more interested to comment than the fans it itself show how they feel insecure that this time again Aamir come ant take all recored in his credit as he did with Ghajini and 3 idiots his 3 idiots recored both domestic and overseas is unbeatable yet, so hater first think to break 3I record than you should think what Aamir can tdo for a dhoom kind of films and what he not and plz forget abt d3 because you r not in position mentally to predict its collection.

  • @surrop first ce have to create bo records like to beat 3 idiots which it can’t be get so there is nod need to Aamir to break srk films record as he already has the highest record with him so don’t worry dear you just enjoy what ce will do not what d3 can do or not and BTW thanks for your good wishes for d3.

  • it should release on dec.20 as that will allow the movie to get huge first 2 weeks with a chance of 70cr 2nd week.releaing it on christmas day may allow the movie to earn extra 10cr on opening day but will eat up on 10-15cr in lifetime collections.I have a feeling that its amir’s idea to prepone the release

  • @ virat kohli aamir is genious and class act he always have new thinking in bollywood and he will take bollywood high after d3

  • Dhoom 3 will earn 400 crore in india and Salman will have to wait 6-7 years to beat it.
    Dhoom 3 will earn 300 crore overseas and SRK will never beat that bcoz he will soon retire.

  • @soroop you have completely lost it dude, aamir never looked stylish? then who was in movie Dil chahta hai, Rang de basanthi and Ghajini? and chennai express has no chance of grossing beyond 200 cr, at best it’ll gross around 180 cr.

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