Dhoom 3 New Motion Poster

Yash Raj Films’ have released a new motion poster of their biggest release of 2013 – Dhoom 3 starring Aamir Khan in a negative role, Katrina Kaif as his lady-love, Abhishek Bachchan as Jai and Uday Chopra as Ali.

While the first teaser motion poster of Dhoom 3 got more than 4 million views on Youtube, the teaser of the film has amassed more than 11 million views on the video sharing website – the most for any teaser ever!

Watch the new motion poster of Dhoom 3 and tell us what you think.



  • Nothing new from the first and second part of dhoom series and just look at aamir khan is he chewing a bone or having a toothache? He is standing 5 feet in front to avoid the embarassing height issue. Total misfit

  • Okay,every actor has their own style.so amir will definitely give full justice to the role.so all d best amir,
    frm a hrfan

  • i have been thinking that d3 will be classic action movie but after the teaser i shocked there is nothing new in the movie and aamir is not perfect for the they should cast hirithik jhon.
    alomost impossible for d3 to collect more than 3i

  • A disastrous mis-cast…. I like Amir … no doubt he is a good actor, but his height and expression almost makes it funny.

  • lol. what is this. as usual this is also copied. from its predecessor. no originality. man disappointed. how much would they want to copy. hope the entire movie isn’t copied lol.
    first action still copied from dark knight
    now this poster copied from dhoom2
    oh sorry I forgot that’s called perfection to the core. I mean perfection in copying.
    k3 ll win hands down.

  • Aamir is God Of Acting .. Pride of our country .. He has give classics over the years .. Respect him guys .. Don’t be blind in hatred .. Aamir is World Class ..By far the best India Actor .. Accept it .. If u admire cinema nd has knowledge about cinema .. u will be agreed with me…

  • the poster look bad why their expression look awfull and out of place and they want to copy dhoom 2 but just watch dhoom 2 poster toally cool and stylish but this is meh

  • “Dhoom 3” Logo=1+ million views(most viewed logo ever)
    “Dhoom 3” 1st motion poster=4+ million views(most viewed motion poster ever)
    “Dhoom 3” teaser=11+ million views(most viewed teaser ever)
    Never seen the craze for any other bollywood movie before.

  • Even though poster brings us to remind Dhoom 2 mainly katrina looks like ASh but they took enough measures to not make comparisons but his movie will definitely rocks the nation for sure this film has something beyond smile

  • there so much craze of dhoom3 even in rural areas much bigeer than krish3 seriously.
    dhoom3 will definitely collect more than krish3 and i m 100% sure about it.
    I think dhoom3 will storm like ek tha tiger breaking every single record present.
    there is nothing to opose it amir has greater blockbusters than hritik in recent times.
    dhoom name is big than krish.
    well lets see who wins.
    krish3 has only + point that is diwali.

  • Awesome poster!!!

    And I wonder how comments praising Aamir here receive so many negative votes.
    Seems the handiwork of insecure lowlife srk fans ;)
    haathi chale apni chaal KUTTE bhoke viraal

    Get ready to get your asses whooped by Dhoom 3!

  • @sachin11, no other film ?? KRRISH 3 trailer is most viewed trailer ever in the bollywood history of all time, if they had released a teaser like d3 then also they would have been at top before d3 ! K3 has set the standards high, K3 trailer is also in world’s top 10 most watched trailers !

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