Dhoom 3 marketing team in search of ‘never before idea’

The makers of Dhoom 3 have already made a promise to end the year with a ‘Dhoom’. But producer Aditya Chopra, actor Aamir Khan (known to be a marketing genius) and the marketing team behind the film is in search of a ‘never before idea’ to promote the film.

Apparently, Chopra has told his entire Dhoom 3 team that unless there is an idea that has been never used on a film before, they should not even be discussing anything regular or something that has be done before.

A source close to the film says “All marketing initiatives from theatrical trailer launch to music launch to every other activity will be done in a never seen before avatar”

An industry insider who is known to be close the Chopra’s adds “Dhoom 3 is YRF’s most ambitious film to date. Its also their most successful franchise. The last film was the biggest grosser of all time when it released, so they will be going all out to make this one the biggest too. Aamir’s presence is going to be another huge factor that will take the franchise to an altogether different level”

Starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, Dhoom 3 is scheduled for theatrical release on December 20 2013. Will the year end with a Dhoom? Only time will tell.



  • Yes the year will definately finish with a bang……and every one will see what a quality movie is……… This movie will definately trash all the records…..and set new benchmark….

    And all the SRK fans will stop using indicine after 20 dec……

  • @ indicine apko kya lagta h? dhoom 3 will be cross 300 cr in india?
    abhi tak dhoom 3 ka trailer nahi aaya h aur sirf uski tarif karne me lage hue h. kya dhoom ka trailer late se release karne se film par fark padega? trade to dhoom 3 ko 300 cr bta raha h jab ki aamir khan ki last release 100cr bhi nahi gai??? sirf 2 brand ke dum par dhoom 3 300cr kar legi.
    aap kya sochte hai??
    note- mere comment ko nonsense hi dilike karege kyuki unme digmag ki kami ki wajah se yeh hoga
    jai hind

  • @ Nishad… SALMAN BLOCKBUSTER KHAN ko bhool gye kya???? KICK & JAI HO will break all records……………….

  • @ranbir raj by declaring that fools only dislike you comment doesn’t make your question logical. Trade people are more experienced person and knowledgeable than any of us. These all are just prediction and expectation from movie and it may be right or wrong. And for Aamir i think you are not mature enough to understand which is a universal commercial film and can expect to make and break records. By expecting 100 cr or record grosser from a dark psycho thriller movie Talaash is not making any sense and even a good trailer doesn’t guarantee a good film. As far as marketing of d3 i don’t thing brand Dhoom require any huge marketing as its already having huge buzz and promotions will only giving hype to unprecedented buzz. And some fools think srk the marketing monster yaa he has but not more than Aamir, this is only Aamir who started these so called big promotion in bollywood.

  • SRKfans are here.So some bad news for them:
    1.Dhoom 3 will surely cross 300 crore
    2.HNY will be epic disater
    3.Rajpal Yadav , Uday Chopra are better actors than SRK
    4. SRK is no.4 superstar after Aamir, Salman, Hrithik
    5.SRK is not worthy of calling a superstar as he was caught at airport and noone recognised him

  • How about killing uday chopra and making a good publicity out of it? atleast we won’t be tortured while watching dhoom 4

  • Don’t know about never before idea of marketing but the box office collection will be surely never seen before that is 500 crores worldwide atleast.

  • Once Indicine published an article about SRK on which he said he has a fear of coming second or losing……. Well, in that case, SRK and his fans be prepared for the second position because Aamir Khan the Mr. Perfectionist has unique way of promoting his movies and this year Dhoom 3 will come out on top.

  • No need to say that time will tell whether this year will end with a dhoom or not bcoz this year will 100% end with a dhoom.

  • @nolan. as always nolan aka naveen Ur predictions are always wrong. u would easily get trolled this 20 December. can’t wait. first let it cross 150 CRORES. then u can think further.
    YES THIS YEAR LL END WITH A DHOOM when D3 LL be kicked out of theatres faster than it enters. oh sorry I forgot. how insecure tingu is he has 4 open weeks. Uff

  • Aamir is a genius marketing wizard who uses smart techniques to promote his films.
    SRK lacks brains so he needed 50 crore promotion to make Ra.One a hit.

  • Self proclaimed king was arrested at airport bcause he looks like Hitler and was telling everyone “I am the king” just like Hitler.
    So airport staff thought they should lock him up

  • Hi guys, I believe D3 will just finish around 200cr, if it has engaging storyline (very less if not), Remember! K3 has the best chances to cross D3. The main factor of difference is family drama. D3 has everything but not this. All biggest hits have this as main ingredient.

  • dhoom 3 will destroy all records this time aamir khan the creator of 100cr.200cr will create 300cr club aamir khan rocks

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