Dhoom 3 crosses Rs 200 crore at the India Box Office

Dhoom 3 has become the fourth film to cross the 200 crore mark at the India box office, after blockbusters like 3 Idiots, Chennai Express and Krrish 3. Aamir Khan is now the only actor with 2 films in the 200 crore club.

In 8 days the Vijay Krishna Acharya directed film has collected around 199 crore in India and has crossed 200 crores today.

The film is likely to collect around Rs 38-40 crore in its second weekend, taking its 10 day total to Rs 228 – 230 crore at the domestic box office.

Dhoom 3 1st Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday – ₹ 36.22 crore
  • Saturday – ₹ 33.36 crore (8% drop)
  • Sunday – ₹ 38.03 crore (14% growth)
  • Monday – ₹ 21.71 crore (43% drop)
  • Tuesday – ₹ 20.14 crore (7% drop)
  • Wednesday – ₹ 25.52 crore (27% growth)
  • Thursday – ₹ 14.01 crore (41% drop)
  • First Week Business – ₹ 188.99 crore (including all versions)

Dhoom 3 2nd Weekend Collections

  • Second Friday – ₹ 10.1 crore (30% drop)
  • Total Collections – ₹ 199.09 crore (including all versions)


  • “Dhoom 3” should cross the lifetime collections of “CE” in 10 days and “Krrish 3 ” in 12 days.I said it before the release of “Dhoom 3” that only 12 days of 2013 is enough for the movie to become highest grosser of bollywood.On New Year day 2014 “Dhoom 3” should become the highest grosser of bollywood.Hurray

  • A new club of 250 crores is almost sure now for “Dhoom 3”.Hope it beats 2nd week collection record of “3 idiots” and enters 300 crore club.

  • Power of Aamir- Founder of
    100 crore club
    200 crore club
    300 crore club (possible)
    Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, 1 Oscar nomination, 1 Bafta nimination, 2 National awards, and many more

  • swear to god it was bad movie in such a movie i wasn’t xpecting bogus scene like fighting on auto bike switch to wterbike and riding on wire etc dnt 9 y ppl like it xpt aamir movie is crap

  • Success matters and dhoom3 has succeed.But I remember Aamir saying a film has to run consistently for 4weeks and that is called a BLOCKBUSTER

  • Most Popular Franchise In Bollywood:
    In a few years later,When Dhoom-4 and Krrish-4 released both films will shatter the box-office…
    Then Open 300 Crore Club,400 Crore Club..

  • And also till now many people called Aamir a perfectionist. The others didn’t agree or disagree. But now the others will say what Aamir says in diplomacy-not a perfectionist.

  • There is some news that,Hrithik might be out of Shuddhi due to delay and he might be replaced by Ranbir or Ranveer..
    Also Deepika is all set to replace Kareena,which is also one reason why Ranbir and ranveer are being preferred bcoz of their superhit chemistry with Deepika…

  • @aks and many other aamir fans

    Dhoom 3 was always going to be a 200cr movie and a sureshot blockbuster due to DHOOM brand…what it failed at was getting a very high positive response like Dhoom 2,many have disliked this movie..u can read imdb user reviews…u all should be disappointed if it does’nt collects 300cr ..and Aamir should be ashamed of copying nolan’s The prestige..it would have collected this much with any A grade star..

  • Dhoom 3=The prestige Now you see me Dhoom My Name is Khan Jab tak hai jaan(kissing scene copied) Ready(the classic auto stunt copied)

  • it is hard to believe that people in india are doing nothing but watching this shit film dhoom… when its not visible on the net ..no talk on twitter ..no mention on facebook whatts app…not on kofee discussions .. nothing on tv channels .. nothing about it in newspapers.. it is just amazing how much negativity it has gathered and yet site after site are saying that it is doing business…!!! what business?? do Indians have nothing else to do then see this Hollywood copy???

  • @nipun
    P.K is a risky project,it is a completely different kind of film.If it clicks then sky is the limit but there are also chances that it can be rejected by the audience,
    Jai ho and Kick are same masala genre movies and won’t do business in excess of 200crs.
    Bang Bang has a good chance at boxoffice,as it can work in multiplexes as well as single screens
    I don’t know the genre of HNY(it will be cleared after it poster),so can’t really comment on it,but i don’t expect Farah to make a very high level movie

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! 2 films to cross 200cr in the same year after 4 years. Luckily CE broke into the club otherwise haters would say that Aamir alone makes and breaks records, and to quite an extent that would have then be true. So at least CE gave Dhoom:3 a target. And hats off to both the movies.

  • @babaji:pk has a stronge team viz raju hirani,amir,anushka,sushant,pareeniti. I think it will creat a magic like 3 idiots.quality wise pk will be great.
    Bang bang is a movie like dhoom.whenever hr does action movies,it becomes huge.
    About HNY,i also cann’t predict because farah’s movies are crap like TMK OR OSO ,also can be a good like MHN.
    About jai ho and kick,i don’t care when will these masala copies come and go.
    Bombey velvet could be nice.
    And hrithik and bebo are confirmed for shuddhi.

  • I agree with @Babaji ka thullu that the brand name has been helping a lot. Dhoom 3 is not bad but it does not match up to the previous films. Its biggest falling is that how the thefts are carried out are not shown.

  • watched d3 last sunday… It is an awsome movie… Lots of thrills, drama, emotion, stunts…. Packed entertainer…. Superb movie…. Amir at his best…… Hope it breaks all the records

  • @Babaji, get your facts right, then talk. D3 shooting had already started when Now You See released.

    Do you think they just stopped the shooting, saw the hollywood movie, rescripted and started a complete new story?

    Use some logic before talking.

    Also, it is silly to talk about IMDB, where ridiculous illogical movies like Skyfall are getting high ratings. Ratings there can be easily manipulated, as you can just have 10 email IDs registered and get 10 bad or good review of your fav movie.

    Regarding copying. When it is done by srk or hollywood, it is inspirtation, but anyone else, then it is blantant copy, cheap etc., etc.,

    Every great movie has been inspired from others.

    In the earlier times, when there weren’t many movies made around the world, hence director’s used to get inspired from books and drama’s, that was the medium mostly people views different stories of the world.

    Now with so many movies world over, and movies getting more popularl than books and drama’s, there is a high chances of people getting inspired from other movies.

    Even CE had so many copied scenes from many south movies, but most of them were silent.

    Even the biggest bollywood hit Sholay was inspired from other movies.

    Most of the Indians either don’t give a $hit about hollywood movies, or have no access to them.

    Secondly, many directors and producers want to bring good movies of the world to the local people in every country.

    That is not a crime. It is just their wish.

    I personally have wished so many films to be made in Hindi, because I had seen great movies in different languages and wanted the same to be enjoyed by Bollywood viewers too.

    When it is scene to scene copy and without authorised copyright purchase, then you can come out and talk against it. I don’t think D3 has blatantly copied anything, and knowing Aamir, he would never allow such thing, or otherwise he would have clearly got the copyrights in place.

  • Hahaha, this post clearly mentioned dhoom 3 ‘crosses’ that itself means indicine is talking about today 2nd saturday collection probability to touch 200cr.if it was till 2nd friday collection than they would write dhoom 3 ‘crossed’ 200 cr mark, @babaji i agree that Aamir fans are very happy and it our right to enjoy the success the way we want (not a way which you suggest us) the d3 collection was purposed to cross 200cr but it was never predicted even by you also that it will touch 200cr mark in 9-10days,because you have seen Prestige doesn’t make sense every one seen that movie,and if you don’t like the movie doesn’t mean every body liked the movie,the trend itself shows positive response is with d3,and for your kind info according to imdb top 250 movies worldwide list, there are only 4 bollywood movie and all are Aamirs tzp,rdb,3i,lagaan just see treated list of 25dec2013 and even his movies like jjws rated 8.2/10 and sarfarosh is 8.0/10 and all based on viewers rating,and d3 rated 6.4/10 »ce & k3.plz chk

  • And one more thing d3 collection is only indication that whenever Aamir come with full commercial movies like dhoom3, ghajini and 3idiots he will definitely make and break records and my previous comment just an indication of this.

  • Krish 3 crossed 200 cr in 10 days and Dhoom 3 in 9 days..Though crossing 100 cr in 2 days is not possible in another 3 years… The race for breaking Dhoom 3 record of collecting 200 cr in 9 days will be widely watched now….

    Jai Ho , Bang Bang, PK & HNY are the only movies that has a chance to do this…

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