Dheere Dheere First Look – Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor

Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor will be seen in the upcoming tribute song ‘Dheere Dheere’ from the 1990 classic ‘Aashiqui’.

The song, which was first announced for release on August 17, will now release on September 1.

T-Series has released 3 pictures of the ‘Dheere Dheere’ song. Check them out.

Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor - Dheere Dheere Song Still

Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor – Dheere Dheere Song Still

Dheere Dheere Song Poster - Hrithik, Sonam

Dheere Dheere Song Poster – Hrithik, Sonam

Hrithik Roshan - Dheere Dheere Song

Hrithik Roshan – Dheere Dheere Song



  • Oh man!! Hrithik is really looking old in the last picture. Age has finally caught up with the most good looking actor.

  • this year’s biggest blockbuster song is one n only Dheere Dheere se n well deserve to be no1 song of 2015
    Hrithik looking like Greek God again after BANG BANG !

    sonam is too beautiful

  • Sonam is looking very beautiful in the pics but unfortunately she doesn’t look that great without make up.

    Hrithik looks good but why the hat all the time and yes he has aged but it happens to everyone

  • These pictures are looking amazing to say the least . I am very much excited to watch this song . No movie of Hrithik is releasing in 2015 so it will be a huge compensation . The original song is absolutely beautiful . I am waiting for the video and expecting a high quality song with good singing . All The Best HR for Mohenjo Daro !!!!!! Waiting for the song !!!!!!!!

  • Hrithik looking OLD …. anyways not exited. hope he will never do Ashiqui series. Hrithik not suitable for Romantic movies.

  • Waiting for superman salman and sonamz PRDP
    hritik luks boring his hairstyle is always bad rite from his first film itself
    #BB the most watched bolywd film of this decade

  • @mohit lol who said hr was most good looking one n only salman is most good looking actor in bollywood even in this age this is a fact he may be turn he turned in to little bit bulky but his charm is best.

  • This song video will be epic,Hrithik at his charming best.

    Don’t insult hrithik by comparing him with some Tapori bhainsa.

  • Honestly saying,hrithik has lost the charm in this above pics.and one thing is hrithik always seems awkward to pure romance,when it comes to romance failure our chotu and motu has been failing in this genre from the 90’s.

    ROMANCE STARTS AND ENDS WITH KING KHAN.of course no body can generate a lifetime larger Romance feeling than YASHJI.

  • Yaar sonam ko kyun liya
    Usko abhi bhi movies kyun milti hai
    PRDP usse kase milgyi

    Yaar salman bhaijaan ko samjhao ki heroine are also very important .
    All salman – sooraj movies hav given sum of the most beautiful female characters

    bhagyashree role in mpk or madhuri role in hahk are still as popular as d were before
    Even karishma role in hssh was awsome

    Sonam will ruin everything
    I don’ t lyk her bitchy attitude
    I just wish to not see her in any mainstreem movies

    In real lyf i hav seen gals more beautiful than sonam and when it comes to acting we all very well know how she can ruin sum of the best scenes and i hav really not seen her dancing lyk deepika or kareena or kat or any. She doesn’t know how to dance

    Being anil kapur daughter is really helping her.
    But, she would nvr be able to match dippy
    I know she is dam jealous frm her
    and dats the reason i just can’t tolerate her

  • @sss looks like somebody forgot legend rajesh khanna… the REAL ROMANCE KING…go hve an appointment eith doctor bro…

  • eeewwwww such a ugly looking actor i dislike him after seeing ugliness in guzaarish.Only Salman is most handsome and natural face hatsoff to u salman bhai u manage ur face very well even in this age u are most handsome in bollywood

  • @babaji ka thulla lol who are comparing everyone is saying Salman is most handsome even kids can purpose salman for marriage he is that good looking.Is anyone purpose hrithik ever lol his won wife dumped him after having two kids rofl

  • love hrithik
    he is looking young n even younger than newcomers like some recently debutant actors !

    Charming Hrithik has bigger charm than srk

    Handsome hunk Hrithik is no.1 Handsome hunk of Hindi Cinema n even bigger than sallu

    Perfectionist Hrithik is most perfectionist Hindi Cinema n even more perfectionist than Amir because Amir couldn’t match Hrithik’s feet as thieves in Dhoom franchises
    because over all,

    Hrithik is an only Greek God n Perfect Perfectionist of Hindi Cinema

    Dheere Dheere se will rock every chart n blockbuster song of 2016

  • My reaction ????? when some idiots call hrithik the most handsome star of Bollywood ..
    Just because of good body , u can’t call him the most handsome …!
    Facial features matters the most .
    His nostrils , ears like PK nd his weird hairstyle makes him look like Joker sometimes ..!
    Y he doesn’t change his Ghosla hairstyle ??

    Because he will look even weird that’s y ? ..!

  • I don’t think any star can look good 24*7*365.
    I remember how old n bad Salman looked in Yuvraj, Wanted n Veer before he took some break and was back looking his best in Dabangg.

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