Delhii Heights – Movie Review

Marriage is that relation between man and woman where the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal. This is the new definition of marriage that young couples of urban quote. How to make your marriage successful with the pressing demands of profession and how to balance personal and professional life – This is one of the main themes of DELHII HEIGHTS, produced by Prabhu and written-directed by Anand Kumar.

Delhi Heights takes us to our capital Delhi, and the story revolves around three different families, a mysterious man and a bunch of youngsters living in an apartment in the city.

In the beginning we are introduced to Abi (Jimmy Shergill) and Suhana (Neha Duphia), a young couple who soon tie the nuptial knot. The one so-called flaw in their happy married life is that they both work for rival companies. Will this marriage survive? If yes then how?

Then we meet Timmy Kohli [Om Puri], a fun loving Sikh, with his wife Ruby [Kamini Khanna] and two daughters. Timmy struggles to accept the fact that his daughter has come of age and one day has to leave his shelter to start a new life.

In the same apartment lives another young couple Bobby [Rohit Roy] and Saima [Simone Singh]. This couple on the outer look seems happy, but when you actually peep into the safe four walls of their home, the bitter truth outshines the false smiles. Bobby is a compulsive flirt and Saima patiently tries to make their relationship work and bring about a change in Bobby?s attitude and his responsibility towards her. Does Saima patience bears some fruit or leaves just a bare plant?

Amidst all these couples there are people like Lucky [Vivek Shauq], a cricket bookie, who is quite a fun to be with and a bunch of four boys, who only have one aim in life – to have fun. Now whether it is running after girls or enjoying amongst them, they prove the common saying – Boya Just Wanna Have Some Fun!

These stories run parallel and also get connected at many points throughout the movie. Sweet and bitter moments form a part of everyone?s life in this apartment portraying the life of people of urban is screened as Delhi Heights.

This movie could be listed as Anand Kumar?s worst direction. The execution of the movie also doesn?t give the movie a platform to have a stand. Not just the direction, but also the script, which is just mediocre. Dialogues leave not much of an impact on us. The climax is a disappointment. The two things worth a mention are the pleasant music [Rabbi Shergill] and the notable cinematography.

Jimmy Shergill is an able performer and meets all the criteria the role demanded. Neha Dhupia, no less in stand to Jimmy, enacts her part equally good. She seems to be evolving into a fine actor.

Rohit Roy does justice to his role. Simone Singh is proficient.

Om Puri is not given enough scope to showcase his acting but makes his appearance best noted. Kamini Khanna and Vivek Shauq have done a good job.

The young boys are just an added tint of comedy to the movie and perform quite ok.

Positives: There is nothing to the credit of the movie except the music and the fine performance by the actors. ?Tere Bin? is the best track of the enterprise and a treat for having spent two hours of precious time watching this movie.

Negatives: From the beginning to the end, it just lets you down. The theme behind the movie is struggling to show its existence. Plot not twined well. Direction, if it was better at least would have left one scope for the movie to survive even with its poor dialogues.

The movie on the whole has nothing to showcase. ?Box office hit?Don?t even dream of it.?

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (Stay Away)


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