Both Dangal and Secret Superstar are based on the same topic: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said his upcoming production ‘Secret Superstar’ and his biggest blockbuster ‘Dangal’ are based on the same topic, that of empowerment of the girl child.

At the trailer launch of the ‘Diwali’ release, Aamir said the film – which revolves around a teenager who dreams of becoming a famous singer –

“Both ‘Dangal’ and this film are based on the same topic… That we look differently at our daughters. And probably we aren’t able to give the same treatment to our daughters as our sons. So, ‘Secret Superstar’ is another film based on empowerment of the girl child,” Aamir said.

Aamir also said the industry should make more films for children.

“We should make more films for children. This film is for youngsters, but isn’t restricted to an age group. This is a family film… It has a wider scope. When our kids were younger, we used to show them foreign animated films which are only for kids. And that is definitely something we should do.. we don’t make enough films for kids in India” Aamir said.

‘Secret Superstar’ stars Zaira Wasim in the lead. The film releases in theatres during Diwali this year.

Aamir Khan at Secret Superstar trailer launch

Aamir Khan at Secret Superstar trailer launch



  • Without Any Doubt Aamir khan is Mega Star and so intellegent Person.
    He know how and when movie work.

  • PR of some major stars
    1. Salman Khan
    He has one of the best PR team. It doesn’t do show off. Salman had a “Bad Boy” “Criminal” image before 2010. He wasn’t doing right films. But then his PR changed everything. Trade consulting, Being Human foundation and all.

    2. SRK
    His is the worst PR. From 2009 SRK is continuously doing films under RCE-leading to his downfall. His PR handles his twitter account and was thanking even Sumit Kadel and Umair Sandhu. They have destroyed JHMS before release by all crap marketing. There are no advisors and SRK is one superstar who has no idea about the pule of Indian audience. If he wants to be back on the game, RCE staffs have to be replaced. Pooja and Mandhavi are destroying him.

    3. Aamir Khan

    The man doesn’t need any PR. He is no.1 star, he is the brand himself, he is the box office emperor. He knows audience, marketing, taste and bx office like no other. Neither did his team destroy him like that of SRK, nor improved him like of Salman. He is all by himself.

    • why RCE should be blamed HNY record opener Dilwale Raees excellent opener noone of them sustain after weekend is it RCE fault???? marketing killed srk image neutral start thinking srk ki film sirf 3din chalti hai that must be changed last 3films of srk underperformed despite excellent opening let JHMS open good then sustain what matter to srk not initial hype

  • Our Aamir Khan has no stardom. He is nothing without X-Mas and free runs. Dangal ffs only 6 lakhs more than BajrangiBhaaijan that clashed with Baahubali. Trailer looks boring. Will wrap below 40cr and he will return to his good old Mela days.

    • Hhhmmm Still to have 5 All Time Highest Grossers in his kitty is no mean feat…. btw Aamirs ‘Mela’ days were much better than your Dadajis best phase coz during the MELA era Aamir gave us movies like Sarfarosh, Ghulam pre MELA n movies like LAGAAN, DCH post MELA… not bad imo

  • Dangal is a masterpiece even though Nitish and Aamir khan copied frame to frame,scene to scene from Chake DE India.
    again I liked Dangal very much .
    but trailer of Secret Superstar is extremely disappointing … didn’t like the trailer one bit . now shitty Golmaal 4 will have a serious edge over SS from my point of view….!!!!!
    Baahubali 2 made 620 cr profits for the producers and distributors.
    if Aamir khan doesn’t make 400 cr profit from 1200 cr from China,then what is use of Dangal releasing in China and collecting over 1200 cr ????
    total waste.

    • U idiot… had they copied Chak De Lungi then shouldnt Dangal have been around 99% all about Aamirs character n less about the girls…?

      Unlike Chak De Lungi Aamirs presence in Dangal was huge yet subtle enough to give the girls more scope to express themselves whereas our Dadaji was ott in Chak De Lungi n so borrrringgggg…!

      Dangal is 1234 times better than Chak De Lungi so dont tarnish Dangals legacy by mentioning its name in the same breath as your Dadajis crapfest…!

    • Why do you care so much about producers profits margins you jobless paki nut job…?

      Do you mean to suggest that you only watch movies with the sole purpose of maximising profits for producers n not to be personally entertained…?

      Some films will be remembered for eternity for the joy they brought audiences but tragically you will only remember movies for the huge profits they made for their investors… sad baby

  • yes, you treats your on screen daughter very nicely by making her girlfriend lol

    • Drunk again eh….

      You jobless nut only your joker boy had a record of having multiple affairs with his co stars (married or single didnt matter to him…) so I suggest you start condemning him first before throwing wild accusations around at others you loon…!

  • JPMH has highest ticket rate ever!… Which means they aren’t confident about their product hence hiked ticket rate to earn money… LMAO.

  • Aamir knows very well how to use Hot topics in movies, he knows in India or also in world Women Empowerment is a hot topic and everyone wants to see such movie, so he make Dangal…..Actually he did nothing in movie its all those 4 girls hard work which Aamir takes credit and now again he doing the same thing with Secret Superstar too……Trailer is fantastic and its a clear winner but I don’t like the acting of Aamir, its clear that he is doing overacting (No music director act like Aamir did in Trailer) but then also every media and critics will praise him, like Dangal here also he will take all the credit……Now where are those Stupid’s who were barking at the time of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and said that Harshali did everything in movie, but actually she didn’t say a single word in whole movie (except in the last scene), now why don’t they say that Dangal success is because of those 4 girls, which is actually true because all the Wrestling scenes are done by those girls not by Aamir……While in Sultan Salman not only gain and lose weight, but he also learn Desi Wrestling and MMA fighting style…..

    Nothing against Aamir but I hate those Idiots and media and critics when they praise others and don’t see the hard work of Salman……..I know critics don’t like Salman because he don’t care about critics, so they always say bad against Salman…..Stupid Critics…..

  • @Bhojpuri salman fan thatís because you are a born gawaar bhojpuri fan of non actor so better STFU. Sultan was a garbage shit with no story and salmanís acting was torture and there was nothing extra ordinary done by him. Aamir in dangal did much better hard work and his acting was far better than the girls and credit only goes to him. Salman is just a media hyped mediocre star with 0 talent. Learn some ABCD you illiterate gawaar bhojpurian.

  • I really look forward to the film with Aamir, he is the best of all Khans, with greetings from Russia!

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