Dangal First Look

The first look poster of Aamir Khan’s Dangal is out. To be honest, words can’t describe the impact that the poster is likely to create.

Check it out!

Dangal First Look

Dangal First Look



  • @mechanic:
    During jai Republic day had fallen on Sunday. How it bcm a holday release???? Don’t know when will these idiots understand the difference between holiday & non holiday release… LOL.

    Kick struggled to cross ce!!! In which world paglapur or haklapur???? Kick collected 312 cr while ce collected 207cr. Its your queen who is struggling to cross even 180cr mark despite having deepika+multistarcast+deewli release (hny) even with the help of manipulation…. hahahaha…

  • @sss
    Actually he sometimes comments sensibly but most of time he totally disrespect SRK and I can comprise anything but would not respect those who will call srk with any bad name..I can tolerate If someone call me something bad but for srk NO I cant

  • The Legend Megastar is Back to Break His own PK Record!!!!
    DANGAL will end Sarook’s Full Torture career forever.

  • @hydrabad mechanic I told u many times u had ur brain in ur knee but now I realised its in ur feet…..u talking abt struggle ???hahahahahaha….ur Hakla knows it very well whats d real meaning of struggle ???he was a begger….homeless in Mumbai …it was salmam who offered him home…(srk mention it many times)..salman’s stardom never ever low…it complectly doesn’t matter abt movies success …HE WAS A MEGA STAR….

    Mr dump mechanic talking abt kick …..hahahahahahah…..go & watch box office ur hakla’s highest collection is 120 cr without dipika …that’s d really achievement for ur haklu…..

    let’s leave it kick somehow collected more than CE but what abt HNY??????collected 178….????????

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