Dangal First Look

The first look poster of Aamir Khan’s Dangal is out. To be honest, words can’t describe the impact that the poster is likely to create.

Check it out!

Dangal First Look

Dangal First Look



  • Epic ! The typical Amir khan style. Indicine, you are perfectly right when you say , “words can’t describe this poster”.
    If Raees and Sultan are clashing at Box-office then Amir is all set to give An another Highest grosser of the year for 2016.

  • Wow wow wow..

    This is just out of the world..

    Now i was excited for Azhar Biopic on 13th may 2016..

    But simply looking at this look, i m excited for Dangal too..

  • Simply awesome.. Already in GopseBumps… Its gonna be so Hard to choose between this Movie and SULTAN… I am die heart Salmaniac but I like Aamir so I am desperately waiting for both..

  • This is so damn Awesomeeeeeee. Completely got me excited for next Christmas.
    Only Mohenjodaro, Raees n Dangal next year. LoLtan gaya tel lene. :-D


    Aamir khan as an actor may go wrong but Aamir khan the producer has nearly 100% strike rate!!

  • Sure shot atbb what a poster man. Amir always do something different and this one is just out of this world. Waiting for the film in 2016 actually i dont know the exact date may be on 25 dec.

  • Perfectionist will be back with a bang.
    Excellent Poster. Captures Aamir’s character brilliantly.

    Looks as if he is saying make as much box-Office records as possible. At christmas 2016 he will break them all.

  • Very poor poster we can not except this kind of poster after watch we can say there are no dhoom brand and hirani so movie will be flop

  • No one on will want to watch boxing movie because brothers flop sultan is also going to brothers 2 flop so dangal will be the brothers 3 all flops

  • I just can’t keep my eyes away from this pic. This is just perfectionist aamir at its very best.

    Waiting for dangal along with Azhar biopic n Raaz4 reboot..


  • I’m an SRK fan but I’m a huge admirer of Amir and Hrithik work along with other superstars of industry. I only hate (yes, I don’t have any issue in admitting that) this criminal takla khan and his cheap fans. And all know that I have bashed other actors(except criminal) only when there was some negative comments about SRK from other actor fans.
    Since last 3-4 days I have been noticing that there are loads of negative comments about SRK from Amir fans. With all due respect I would like to warn Amir fans that if any SRK fan is commenting negative about Amir and if you’re replying to that, you can reply that SRK fan in any possible way and I won’t even care about that.
    But if any of Amir fan or other actor fans (of course excluding criminal) are initialising this (I.e. bashing SRK at every page), then please be ready to get unlimited bashing from my side. This comment has been written in a very balanced and polite way, but trust me, my next comments won’t follow the same literature if I see any such occurrence.

  • Wow! Mindblowing!
    Everyone has been saying that this looks like an off-beat film. But, this poster has proved everyone wrong!
    It’ll be an out n out commercial entertainter!
    Record-maker will rewrite Box office history again come Dec 2016!
    Won’t be surprised if it opens the 400 crore India and 1000 crore Worldwide clubs.
    Hail, perfectionist!

  • After watch this poster i can sayThis movie will be flop because in Christmas 2016 hritik movie thug is also come which is huge

  • This poster is amaizing and we are supposed to wait for a whole year for this epic film can’t we just skip the whole year

  • Those questioning Aamir’s stardom will get a nice kick with Dangal.

    Like Raju Hirani, haters will adopt Nitesh Tiwari as Papa. lol.

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