Dangal China Collections: Crosses 300 crore

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has destroyed all single-day and many lifetime records of several films on its 2nd Saturday at the box office. The film has collected a record-shattering $13.86 million (89 crore approx) on its 8th day, taking its lifetime collection in China above the $47 million.

Dangal has shattered several records – including becoming the first Indian film to cross 1 crore footfalls in China. The 9th day collections in China is more than the overseas collections of several ‘overseas blockbusters’.

The kind of run that Dangal is witnessing in China, gives the film a great chance to become not only the first $100 million overseas grosser – but it could become the first film to gross $100 million in a single country, something that no film has achieved – not even in India.

In other words, the China collections of Dangal is likely to be higher than the gross collections of the film in India.

These are exceptional numbers. The achievement of Dangal in China, we believe, is bigger than what Bahubali 2 in achieving in India and it needs to be celebrated.

The man of the moment – Aamir Khan – has stayed away from the limelight and has let his work and achievement do all the talking. He hasn’t tweeted nor has he spoken to the media. Instead, he is busy preparing for his next film, Thugs of Hindostan, which goes on floors on June 1. Truly living upto his famous ‘success’ dialogue from 3 Idiots.

USD Million
Day 12.3315.15 cr31,4335,62,593
Day 24.7030.55 cr32,42910,84,859
Day 35.5636.14 cr35,78612,71,332
Day 43.0419.76 cr37,9667,09,014
Day 53.5523.08 cr43,4628,15,008
Day 63.9625.74 cr47,1459,15,802
Day 73.9625.74 cr47,1029,09,770
Day 86.4441.86 cr36,01914,49,851
Day 914.0891.52 cr55,62331,45,292
Day 1013.0184.56 cr65,15030,68,604
Day 115.0232.63 cr63,56111,34,219
Day 124.7130.62 cr66,64010,65,715
Day 134.2127.37 cr67,8119,50,248
Day 143.7724.51 cr68,0878,48,243
Day 156.0238.80 cr44,71613,60,131
Day 1616.44104.16 cr61,64536,47,967
Day 1711.8276.28 cr70,1192689206
Day 183.4322.14 cr66,306779067
Day 193.1420.27 cr67,721721274
Day 202.8918.65 cr68,298659302
Day 212.5616.52 cr68,668584551
Day 221.9112.33 cr41,122435572
Total126.55816.76 cr11,88,2202,88,07,670


  • sorry indicine but seems like fake collection impossible dangal to collwct 83 crore hahahaha if dangal collect 83 then bahubali 2 collect 200 crore in china

  • Cud u tell me what will be its FFs in china??
    Baahubali2 will have 9-10cr all India ffs, Dangal had 3.9cr only!!!

  • Baahubali will sell 10cr+ tickets ww
    Lets see how much this Indicine-Arena hyped film will do
    Tubelight has a chinese backdrop, I hope they release it in China in first phase itself

  • 1cr ffs till now,, How much will it go max in China? Must admire Aamir’s fan following in China though. He has made it parallel or bigger than India

  • LT wld be in range of 120M$-150M$ in China.Total Overseas wld be min.160M$.

    Unparalleled Sholay of Overseas.

  • Totally unethical
    Aamir gone to every limit by 50 60 calculator of rakesh roshan ..Nobody know what happened in China’s collection by Hook ya by crook he is aimed to cross Bahubali 2 to prove aamir is no1 .
    If bahubali cross 1500cr then don’t surprise dangal will do 1000cr in china .

    How can any movie collection on Saturday is 83 cr on 8th day ?

    Aamir played smart game here in india if he manipulated then he might be caught red handed like srk in Raees thats why he gone to all limits in China to show dangal .

    Now all the air is with Bahubali 2 in india and even dangal collection 2000cr no one cares because its old now and nothing in news and media .only fake sites showing Dangal collection and its on no any authentic site collection of Dangal

  • Haha its not 12.85. It’s 13.6 million saturdaycorrection. If you don’t have access to Chinese box office don’t post pls before checking actual figures.

  • @ ark you are spot on, revenue generation after deducting all the taxes is negligible in china, also dont ignore the fact that the number of screens is way higer in china than india, it is almost 40000, even hollywood blockbusters find it hard to earn profit there

  • Often Aamir has been criticised for doing lesser movie as compared to other superstars. But they won’t see how his films got huge success. Till now Bollywood didn’t had competition from South market but when Bahubali beaten every Bollywood film and become first ever 1000cr, You have only this man to stand and deliver. He is doing the same in china what Bahubali did in north market. Aamir saves Bollywood for continuous humiliation which could be more if any upcoming big star films disappoint. Today expecting 100cr from China, making Dangal to go pass 400cr in China and 1150cr ww.

  • ‘Chase excellence success will follow ‘ God bless this guy i also believe that Dangal should be dub in english and french and re-release in the west so more people besides indian diaspora to witness this cinematic gem. I hv seen both BB2 and Dangal both are gem as far indian cinema is concern but Dangal the film in totality is beter than BB2 FORGET Bb2 Dangal is the best film i hv seen the whole year round. Seriously! East west north or south no other film this year or last touches me like the way Dangal does. Kudos to tha man Aamir

  • Baahubali2 Hindi version is the no 1 movie in north India (Hindi territory) but dangal Chinese version Life time collections will be ( 100 -120 million $) is not in top 20 movies in Chinese Version in China.

    Note :- highest collected China movie is MERMAID .[ MERMAID CHINESE VERSION – 553 MILLION $ (dangal Chinese version life time collections will be (110+ million $) = 1/5 th collection of mermaid movie, baahubali2 Hindi version Collect more than dangal hindi version. This is great achievement of baahubali2 ]

  • #Baahubali2 16 Days WW Box office: India: Nett : ₹ 855 cr Gross : ₹ 1090 Cr Overseas: Gross: ₹ 240 cr Total: ₹ 1,330 cr

  • #Baahubali2 16 Days WW Box office: India: Nett : ₹ 855 cr Gross : ₹ 1090 Cr Overseas: Gross: ₹ 240 cr Total: ₹ 1,330 cr..

  • #baahubali2 #Dangal unity is the prblm with us.we fight with in us and give glory to other countries (Hollywood). that’s y British ruled us

  • hahaha he has ventured into a new market and it has taken time. its not only Aamir khan its the movie story!!! anyways congrats to him he is the pioneer of chinese market good for bollywood as a whole. people aamir srk and salman are beyond rankings stop wasting time on saying who is better than who as an actor SRK is better, as a star salman is better, as a script choice aamir is better and they dont your rankings of 1 2 or 3. they are legends ruling indian cinema for more than 25 years is no joke! put rankings on younger actors who are still working towards success! these three dont need rankings they are above that and they will remain top!!!

  • If that is the case ( He hasn’t tweeted nor has he spoken to the media) So who is giving this data to media.
    Saturday collection published by Taran Adarsh in early morning and that too from the most populous country . Fake..

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