Dangal China Collections: Crosses 300 crore

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has destroyed all single-day and many lifetime records of several films on its 2nd Saturday at the box office. The film has collected a record-shattering $13.86 million (89 crore approx) on its 8th day, taking its lifetime collection in China above the $47 million.

Dangal has shattered several records – including becoming the first Indian film to cross 1 crore footfalls in China. The 9th day collections in China is more than the overseas collections of several ‘overseas blockbusters’.

The kind of run that Dangal is witnessing in China, gives the film a great chance to become not only the first $100 million overseas grosser – but it could become the first film to gross $100 million in a single country, something that no film has achieved – not even in India.

In other words, the China collections of Dangal is likely to be higher than the gross collections of the film in India.

These are exceptional numbers. The achievement of Dangal in China, we believe, is bigger than what Bahubali 2 in achieving in India and it needs to be celebrated.

The man of the moment – Aamir Khan – has stayed away from the limelight and has let his work and achievement do all the talking. He hasn’t tweeted nor has he spoken to the media. Instead, he is busy preparing for his next film, Thugs of Hindostan, which goes on floors on June 1. Truly living upto his famous ‘success’ dialogue from 3 Idiots.

USD Million
Day 12.3315.15 cr31,4335,62,593
Day 24.7030.55 cr32,42910,84,859
Day 35.5636.14 cr35,78612,71,332
Day 43.0419.76 cr37,9667,09,014
Day 53.5523.08 cr43,4628,15,008
Day 63.9625.74 cr47,1459,15,802
Day 73.9625.74 cr47,1029,09,770
Day 86.4441.86 cr36,01914,49,851
Day 914.0891.52 cr55,62331,45,292
Day 1013.0184.56 cr65,15030,68,604
Day 115.0232.63 cr63,56111,34,219
Day 124.7130.62 cr66,64010,65,715
Day 134.2127.37 cr67,8119,50,248
Day 143.7724.51 cr68,0878,48,243
Day 156.0238.80 cr44,71613,60,131
Day 1616.44104.16 cr61,64536,47,967
Day 1711.8276.28 cr70,1192689206
Day 183.4322.14 cr66,306779067
Day 193.1420.27 cr67,721721274
Day 202.8918.65 cr68,298659302
Day 212.5616.52 cr68,668584551
Day 221.9112.33 cr41,122435572
Total126.55816.76 cr11,88,2202,88,07,670


  • revenue generation from china is less than 25%…so dont compare it with bahubali india collection……if this was the case then..warcraft made 220 million dollar there but it was still flop…..

  • Noone except AAMIR has even crossed $30M in overseas till now and AAMIR is going to do $100M (MORE THAN 3 TIMES) in a Single Country..
    Now this is called Record AAMIR u just always do which Noone can even think _/\_


  • Yet Again Aamir Khan is The Saviour of BOLLYWOOD. Till now everyone Hide their Face bcz South Film having 1000cr not Bollywood .

    now Hare Come ACE !! Beware

    Anything possible Till the End .

  • Thanks for posting it…
    Aamir dont manipulate figures because
    1.at the time of dhoom3..dhoom3 collected about 286 cr..aamir may manipulate figures to 300 cr…he can made dhoom3 first 300 cr movie but he dont do that
    2.at the time of pk,pk collected approximately 340 cr..aamir can manipulate figures to 350 cr n he can made pk first 350 cr but he dont do that
    3.at the time of dangal,dangal collected approximately 387 cr,he can manipulate figures to 400 cr n aamir can made dangal first 400 cr movie but he dont do that
    Now, dangal may loose chance to become first 1500 cr worldwide movie..but aamir aamir dont manipulate bcoz he is legend

  • Lifetime Prediction in China : 700cr up.

    now Think about Worldwide biz of Dangal…


    Just One Name iz “AAMIR KHAN”

    Deal with it.

  • This truely apeaks aamir khans fan following. .every 2 years he offers something special and indeed it is biggwr than bahubali 2 cause no dilm even from Hollywood performed such greatly in china.. of course b2 is huge and unmatched bt aamir has oroved that he is the biggest indian global superstar..besides also kudos to salman khan for having an exceptional run in the box office. . Waiting for tubelight

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