Confirmed: Shah Rukh Khan to share screen space with Sunny Leone

It’s official. Shah Rukh Khan will share screen space with Sunny Leone in his upcoming film ‘Raees’ which is being directed by Rahul Dholakia.

The producer of the film, Ritesh Sidhwani, confirmed the news on Twitter.

Ritesh said “So we have Laila – Sunny Leone, SRK & baniya ka Dimaag Rahul Dholakia in Raees.. Are you wondering what’s next?”

Sunny replied “Sooooo excited to be a part of of this !!” she later added that it’s a dream come true.

The two actors will be dancing to the tunes of the ‘Qurbani’ song ‘Laila o Laila’ which originally featured the late Feroz Khan and Zeenat Aman.

A source had earlier said “Raees is set in the ’80s and there was a need of a song sequence. The makers unanimously selected “Laila O Laila“ which perfectly fits with the dark, gangster theme and period. It was suggested to Shah Rukh Khan and it was his idea to get Sunny Leone on board. A lavish set is being created in Mumbai and rehearsals are on in full swing”



  • So what
    Even if BIG join the cast of Raees then also indicine will give 9 out of 10 to #Raees starcast

  • I m disappointed with srk and farhan for this move.i hv been supporting Raees so much from day1 but this is a major let down

  • hell yeah excited for the track
    the reach towards masses would increase surely.
    great marketing stroke by srk.
    waiting for raees vs sultan

  • So what….even if BIG B join the starcast of Raees then also indicine will give 9/10 to Raees starcast

  • Lolzzzzzzzz
    So now SRK needs Sunny to bring Down SALMANS SULTAN ……

  • Baniye ki dimaag aur miyan bhai ki daring
    Don’t read this comment with my words
    Read it with srk’s voice !!!!

  • Laila o Laila song has a really good tune. Heard it long time back but the tune still plays in mind.

    With SRK and Sunny dancing on this one hope it will be a smashing one.

    Excited about it !!!!!!!

  • So Shahrukh need pornography lol
    Leony and shahrukh hahaha
    O God what’s going on
    Ahahahaha u still can’t beat Sultan
    In sha Allah
    See you in the ring

  • Rab ne bana di Jodi.

    SRk sir gave an awesome performance in Maya Memsaab and Sunny Leone is a legend.
    Can’t wait for Pornraees

  • Don’t worry Bhai Fans

    Salman Bhai knew about this item song of SUNNY LEONE
    thats why he is Constantly LEAKING his half naked Body pics
    to compete with “Seductive and Sensuous” Sunny Leone.

    Lets see who reveals more.
    >Bhai is Leading<

  • This is shahrukh for u
    He knows he alone can’t pull big crowd .

    So he need a current popular actress always for his movies.

  • ” my mother used to say that no business is small and there is no bigger holiday than Eid now it is my target and it is my dream
    Srk is menacing yet intelligent avatar ..
    He is coming to show the non actor khan that how much it hurts when legend khan is always facing clash and his rivals are not
    He is gonna rule the box office with Fan and Raees….!!!!!
    For me Raees is really deadly awaited movie …!!!
    1st July 2016 Raees bhai is coming !!!!
    Waiting for the trailer !!!

  • Also getting a breaking news from my sources
    SRK sir has said yes to Hate Story 4.

    Sir will do intimate scenes with heroines of all previous parts.

  • I’m worried if this move will hurt Raees instead of doing good.. I hope they don’t make it too vulgar or raunchy.. because then the family audience might not come.

    Why do we need a item number for a big film like Raees? The dialogues and SRK is enough to bring masses to theatres.

    We don’t need Sunny.

  • Wow!!!! So excited. Ran ne banadi Jodi. It’s finally a dream come true for many srkians like me and sunny Leone fans to see their millan…!!!

  • Looking forward to SRK-Sunny Leone chemistry. They wil ROCK it!! I know there are many close minded people who are judgmental about Sunny’s past. She didn’t commit a crime or something. That was a profession. And who are we to judge? There are worse people such as rapists, wife beaters, pedophiles, corrupt politicians etc who should be punished.

  • Wow!!! So excited. Rab ne banadi Jodi!!! So excited to see my idol shaking legs with sunny Leone. It’s a dream come true for me as my idol is the only khan of the khan trio to shake legs with sunny Leone. Super excited. Proud of my idol. I am sure many srkians like me are excited to see our beloved idol king to shake legs with sunny. It’s dream come true for all of us. Our idol and sunny are made for each other. Party time srkians. Lets do lungi dance…. lungi dance…. lungi dance…..lungi dance……

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