Confirmed: Rajnikanth in Ra One!

It’s officially confirmed now. South Indian superstar Rajnikanth will play himself in a small cameo in Ra One.

SRK tweeted “Misconcepts, misunderstood. Stressed and then rajini sir (Rajinikanth) walks on sets and you know why God made films. Thanks Soundarya (Rajni’s daughter) for making our dream come true”

He continued in another Tweet “Ra.One completed today. Rajini sir blessed it. Have tears in my eyes of gratitude & only prayers & love for his whole family. You complete us sir”

There you go… Shahrukh Khan has pulled off a masterstroke – Ra One will smash every single record down south for a Bollywood film by a HUGE distance. Not just in bigger cities like Chennai and Hyderabad but also in the interiors where Rajnikanth’s popularity and fan-following is unmatched!

Critics might disagree but SRK is a marketing genius! He sure knows how to sell his films!

What next? Rajni vs SRK posters of Ra One all over Tamilnadu?



  • Ra.One – All Time Blockbuster 450 crores Wordwide (with or without Rajnikanth)

    DON – The mother of all blockbusters 600 crore worlwide gross, biggest hit ever in india and will cement SRK position as the Numero Uno for eternity in Bollywood.

    If you disagree, you are deluded

  • Sory guys, i am not agry with all of you.

    I think ra.1 is a flop film, and its lifetime bussiness is 17 crore and 11 lacs.

  • Helo frnds. “Breaking news” will not release in this year, is going to release on next year, 22 februry.

    Becuz of some reason.

  • y the hell salman fans are visiting this page…that shows that they are very much anxious of this movie… they all want to see this movie and also trying to spread negative words also.. any way 23 days to go for all these idiots to suicide…atleast after the magical opening stay away from SRK news…

  • friends i heard that releasing 4000 prints.if this news is true then huge……..huge……….huge………hitttttttttttttt

  • Lol.. Some asshole salman fans saying it will be flop.. U morons better ask this that in how many days it will cross bg collection . 7 or 10 ?

  • May be i am wrong what i have observed is that Malllu sallu is trying to take SRK down….

    See what he is doing he took Himesh for bodyguard in favor of asking him to release his disaster Damdamadam on 26th oct. and paying him for all his P & A… Just to dent business…

    In addition to this he agreeed to do cameo in tell me Oh khudda asking her to release it on the same day i.e 26th oct…

    He is paying both the movie…. Though the damage wont be high but a smart move gone failed for salllu mallu……..

  • sharukh miya darray ki ra one flop hota ,,,isliye rajnikanth ko leray paira padkay ,,,,kamsay kam jitna kharch kara utna vapas aaney kay liye……kya zindagi hogai bichara sharukh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • @Salman Fan:

    Pls check the number of comments for bodyguard page and Ra One Page…23 days to release and the comments for Ra one is 3 times than Bodyguard…wats it dude… r u people so crazy of Ra One…

  • I think that SRK begging Rajni to come just to get 50 crores from the south just shows how desperate SRK is to get his movie in the top 5 all time. Right Aamir and Salman rule the boxoffice.

    SRK has yet to give a movie passing 100 crores in India while Aamir Emperor Khan’s 3 Idiots passed 200 crores in India and 400 crores worldwide. Aamir and Salman are mammoth stars compared to SRK.

    These are facts guys so don’t get angry with me.

  • srk requested rajnikanth by heart n rajni could not reject it hence he did the cameo…. aFTER ALL SRK IS THE KING … will b great to watch both on screen…v R VERY EXITED..

  • gaurav teri ma ka phuda kuti k bachay shahrukh ko tu ny god kaha kutay k bachay khuda sy der aik chutiya insan ko tu god keh raha hai madarchod

  • Definitely its a great news for ra 1. Now it will be great to see two kings together. Its really getting bigger nd bigger day by day. Best wishes to srk nd ra 1.

  • duplicate aashkaran tum khuda kyon nahi darte ho aur gali bhi daytay ho bewakhuf.lallu takhlay ke fans aise hi rehtay

  • Srk the king is back and this time with the almighty god rajni..
    No one can beat neither bhaad ka suroor himesh nor flop film godess esha… is gonna break each and every single record made by bodyguard, 3 idiots, dabangg etc…
    Although i m also salman khan’s fan bt SRK is my all tym favr8..
    Even salman also said in an interview that he wants to be a blockbuster… Wat else left after this..

  • Last week Milla wanted to work with salman and now see what Kim has to say. On Saturday, Kim Kardashian got her first batch of Bollywood films starring SRK. On Sunday, she got the second batch, this time, of Salman’s films.

    By the end of the day, Kim made up her mind – she wanted to act with Sallu! A few days ago, the reality TV star had tweeted, “ sent me Bollywood movies starring Shah Rukh. Can’t wait to watch them!”

    Kim’s friend Sheeraz Hasan, founder and chairman of, told DT, “Kim is very interested in doing a Bollywood film. Over the last 12 months, she’s been approached by Bollywood producers who want her to do a dance number. We thought it was a great idea. She asked me for names she could debut with, and there can be no one besides Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.”

    After watching the SRK-Salman films, and reading their bios, Hasan says Kim was more impressed with Salman because of his body of work and his humanitarian work. “She said I want to work with both of them, but I’d like to work with Salman first,” said Hasan. Hasan, who is also the founder and chairperson of Millions of Milkshakes, where a Mallika Sherawat milkshake was launched earlier this year, is planning to bring Kim to India next year for the launch of his milkshake bar. “When Mallika came to Millions of Milkshakes, she generated a media storm in Hollywood. Now, Kim is launching one in Dubai. And the next destination inshallah is Bombay, possibly early next year. We’ll be looking at creating the Kim Kardashian Bollywood shake now.”

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