Complete first look of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Yesterday, the internet world was taken by storm when Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan released the first look teaser poster of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan. However, the teaser only revealed half his face!

Now, on the day of the trailer release, the makers of the film have revealed the complete look of Salman’s character in the film. 

The actor, who plays a muslim man in the film, is also seen wearing Lord Hanuman’s locket. The pendant will also be sold as an official merchandise of the film.

Directed by Kabir Khan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan stars Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles. The film releases in theatres during Eid 2015.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan first look - Salman Khan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan first look – Salman Khan



  • The poster is ok . The makers of BB were quite smart in their promotional strategy yesterday to unveil the first poster . BB is carrying tremendous buzz because it is the first movie of Salman after Kick, Court proceedings, SRK and Aamir unveiling the first poster and above all it is a Eid release . I think the teaser of BB will come within thd last 4 days of May .

  • NICE look.
    i heard he has a role of an ambassador to Pakistan. Its based on a Peace triangle of Pak india.
    If its based on this(and not to show Pak as a negative).
    The film will work big time overseas. Domestically it will.
    so thats it

  • Fan war officially ended atleast for me since yesterday…

    This is BB,PRDP & Dilwale first day first show…
    Waiting for Raees,Fan,Dangal & Sultan

    • @Sam, right. If we leave it to fans, they’ll take it 500 cr when the trailer is released and 900 when the fourth song comes out.

      IndicineLBO will go above 275 only after we watch the film. The content has to be extraordinarily good for any film to score above 300.

  • @indicine but ur fbo and lbo for both bv and twmr hv gone horribly wrong.u predicted on monday twmr will score 86cr lifetime!!!

    I guess u need to improve ur research otherwise ur fbo and lbo that began successfully this year will completely collapse

    • @noone in particular, 80-85% accuracy when it comes to FBO / LBO predictions is incredible. No trade analyst, exhibitor or distributor could have predicted that Bombay Velvet would collect 5 crore on Day 1. And absolutely no one can predict that the Monday collections of Tanu Weds Manu Returns would be more than Friday.

      Box office is EXTREMELY unpredictable and we have only gone wrong with a film that was the biggest disaster of all time and the other an unexpected blockbuster.

  • @javed : I bet you if it will cross 200-Cr u will leave all the social website if not i will, have guts comeon.

  • plz indicine stop the pediction of movie and leave it to srk two huge brainless fans



  • Epic. Bajrangi bhaijaan will be Salman’s 7th blockbuster in 5 years.
    BB- 300 crore
    PRDP- 275 crore

    Srk movie predictions
    Dilwale- 170 crore
    Raees- 110 crore
    Fan- 120 crore

  • First look gives a message that its a serious film
    first look of kick was stylish expecting a stylish poster next time from the style king

  • I love salman khan and I think in this film we r going to see diffrent salman khan extracted by kabir khan

  • @javed BB will do 300 crore easily, this time no deepika to save your king, so Dilwale will fail to cross even 170 crore.
    Raees and Fan will struggle to cross even Ready LOL.

  • @indicine team
    pk was not that great and if D3 can do near 300cr then BB 275+ for sure

  • This I Not the Poster.. Its Just a Pic.. Mini mathur Confirmed it.. Official Poster will come in the evening and Teaser will be Tweeted by Salman at 8 Pm Today.. he himself will be Present at the Trailer Launch for special winners who were chosen through Contest on Twitter :)
    SO @Indicine its not a Poster

  • That why maker of BB name it Bajrangi (hanuman)bhaijaan., Blockbuster coming and javed burning…

  • This is only the first luk of the film .. Wait for official posters and trailer then the buzz will be even more from now.

  • both single screens n multiplexes will be rocking once it releases.original king khan rocksssss.sorry srk..

  • I agree with u indicine that bo is very difficult to predict and ur success rate is so far awesome.but u should b a little careful now.I think ur predictions for ddd and abcd2 so far is low.hope u don’t fail again.

  • I am with indicine …..
    I told only the reality lallu fans….!!!
    I am not jealous of sallu’s success like u
    Sallu fans were jealous of hny …!!!

  • Did someone said jealous of HNY success ??? ROFL !!!! Srk fans like @javed & @sss are too funny. They chant 300 crs for HNY n it crawls to reach 200 crs n call it as success. What’s more funny is they always predict Salman n Aamir movies as flop or with low collections but every time Salmir proves them wrong. The cycle goes on and on but these morons never learns !!!!!!!! Even Srk will laugh on them.

  • Another BLOCKBUSTER is waiting to Come….
    Salmania craze is coming shortly on this EID, 17th july 2015

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