Aamir Khan goes to meet Sonam Kapoor on the sets of Neerja!

Sonam Kapoor had a surprise visitor on the sets of her upcoming film, Neerja. The actress plays Neerja Bhanot, a flight attendant who gave her life in order to protect 220 passengers on a PanAm plane when it was hijacked by terrorists. Neerja, who was only 22, then posthumously was awarded the Ashok Chakra for her bravery.
Surprisingly, it was the plan of director Ram Madhvani to invite Aamir Khan on the set. Not only him, dignified members of the film industry including Boman Irani, Anil Kapoor, Raju Hirani and Vidya Balan were also there.

Ram said, “I knew that getting Aamir Khan,Boman Irani,Vidya Balan, Raju Hirani andAnil Kapoorto speak to the 220 cast would help instill in the full team the dedication and full effort that this film would require. I am forever in the debt of Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, Anil Kapoor, Raju Hirani and Vidya Balan for so readily giving their time and energy and for supporting us. I could not have asked for a better featured cast, they really gave it their all. My idea of getting the guests worked very well as the entire cast and team gave it their all through full night shoots. Not one person of the 220 people missed a single shoot day even if they were not well. Im also very touched that Aamir Khan gave the Mahurat shot of our film.

He also added”We had over 220 featured cast who were the passengers on the plane. These were people who were cast after thousands of tests by our casting director Kanika Berry and her team. To me each and every one of these 220 were one of the most important actors on the film. Years of advertising work has taught me that they were not back ground cast. They were as important for the film as the lead cast. They not only had to act in a believable real way, but we all had to as human beings understand the responsibility of what we were doing. What did the real passengers feel? How did they go through the 16 hour ordeal of being hijacked in the plane? As a director I knew it was critical for the featured cast to get motivated to give the film everything they had emotionally. For them to believe in the film and to do justice to the memory of those who died. Neerja Bhanot (the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra award) gave her life in protecting the passengers.

The film is being produced by Bling Unplugged and presented by Fox Star Studios.

Aamir Khan visits Sonam Kapoor on the sets of Neerja

Aamir Khan visits Sonam Kapoor on the sets of Neerja



  • every film that aamir support has turned out to b a well appreciated film(except jai ho)

    so now I m eagerly waiting for Neerja

  • Bad turns for our PerFAKEtionist…
    First he had to launch a Worst flop film Bajrangi Bhaijaan 1st look along with Self proclaimed King Srl…
    He has to meet a Flop actress in Sonam Kapoor for flop Neerja.. Rofl…

  • I am glad that Sonam Kapoor is doing such a movie . Honestly i don’t like her and i she has not yet shown his acting talent apart from Raanjhanaa . It is good that such kind of movie is made . It is great to see Aamir supporting such a movie . Fox Star has suffered such a huge loss with Bombay Velvet and i hope HAK is profitable for them .

  • Nice to see a biopic not on sport star, it seemed that Bollywood only acknowledges people from sports but there are heroes from all fields and neerja is one such!!

  • I think perfaketionist’s next target is to get a half actor role in sonam kapoor ‘s next as amir knows very well sonam is doing a big film Neil nitin bhau bachao.so as to extend his 11 hit career to little more extent and in order to please his lunatic wannabe classic movie watchers/fans.

  • Bling se Yaad Aaya Ki Singh Iz Bling ka First look aagya nd its trending on Twitter…#AmazingSinghIsBling1stLook

  • Really looking forward to this film ..Good to see Sonam trying female centric films like khoobsoorat,DKD n now Neerja.

  • Actually its not trending :P mistake bt the 1st look is superb ! SIB Will Rock at boxoffice .

  • i hope its full of dark side of terrorism ,some heart touching emotional scenes,but no bakwas slowmo drama or unbearable item songs #respectwoman

  • Hmmm good…I’ve heard and read a few things about this girl.Brave yeah!Just looking forward and waiting for a well made film on this brave girl. :)

  • What does ‘sss’ take for keeping his mouth shut?
    This kid is so hilarious.I wish I could ask him not to troll himself anymore for fuck’s sake.Ignore mode activated! -_-

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  • Ace Aamir’s PK has finally crossed 700 crore WW, with 211 crore from overseas. @indicine please publish an article about this.

  • I am also work at Pakistan International Airlines, and i want to Salute this 22 years young girl NEERJA for her bravery.

  • I am not as popular as salman,srk,akshay but my film script are so better than them.thats why my film collects huge at boxoffice.
    but my Bad script film get dumped badly.like Talaash

  • indicine plz post article on aamir khan..he has new club 700cr ww..100cr 200cr 300cr 500cr 600cr and now 700cr…

  • Aamir is the most popular superstar in India with Salman Khan. Thats the reason his movies break all opening records both in India and overseas.
    Ghajini, 3 idiots, D3 broke all opening records in India.
    Aamir in a commercial film= All records broken

  • Aamir’s Talaash did more business than my film My name is khan. I am nothing with big studios like yrf or dharma or Karan johar. Due to poor popularity, my films like Swades and paheli flopped so badly.

  • @Aamir khan no man. you are much much more popular than me and salman. I am the least popular khan. my films rely on rohit shetty, YRF, Dharma and big star cast. that’s why my films used to collect more. without that I have given industry’s biggest disaster ever in the name of yeh lumhe hai judaai ke. so shame on me. so i am not as much popular as you, salman and many other bollywood actors.

  • Aamir gracing the sets means the film will be a Hit.. Unlike some panauti King whoops presence has always led to Flops and Disasters..

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