Closer look at the baddies in Krrish 3: Photos

Filmkraft have released a high-resolution poster featuring all the baddies in Krrish 3.  Starting from the left (see below) we have Cheetahwoman, Antman, Kaya (Kangana Ranaut), Krrish (Hrithik Roshan), Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), Rhinoman and Striker.

The film also stars Priyanka Chopra who plays Krishna’s girlfriend and Hrithik appears in a double role as Rohit (Krishna / Krrish’s father).

Krrish 3 releases in theatres on November 1st 2013.

What do you think of names like ‘Cheetahwoman’, ‘Antman’ and ‘Rhinoman’? Tell us in the comments section below.

Click on the first poster for a higher resolution image.

Krrish 3 New Poster

Krrish 3 New Poster

Krrish 3 Baddies

Krrish 3 Baddies

Krrish 3 Villains

Krrish 3 Villains



  • Must say these are awesome pics and k3 is living upto all hype surrounding it, with so impressive trailer and these Poster its looking at they will definitely take forward bollywood to international level, k3 was just slightly disappoint me with the music but as i said music won’t affect these kind of film. As an aamir fan i must admit k3 did everything better than d3 till now and the trailer and poster suggest there will be so much different in the movie. Wait for both k3& d3 eagerly

  • Im a fan of hritik and kmg+krishh.. But frankly going by the music n posters n trailer.. I dont think it would be as successful as expected!! Its more of a comic book meets x-men meets shaktiman meets krish hotch pochh.. I hope im wrong n krishh3 is extremely scsful.. But the chances look on the lower side.. All d best hro

  • i thought it is an original movie but what is this it seems like television show shaktimaan in childhood days pathetic … no lessons learned

  • Hypocrites are hating before watching the film.
    First,let the movie release,then we should respond to your worry idiots.
    K3 will be pathbreaking movie for Bollywood for sure.

  • So Many Villains !!!But Hero is One !!! And will crash the Box Office!! The Krrishh HRo. Yeah Villains are Good !! Names suit to them too but to be Honest Names are Actually funny !!!HappyDiwali

  • Lol.somebody told that ra1 is better than krrish3 even before the release.!and srkians liked that joke.
    And@the great srk:don’t think that you know everything.i also watch doremon.names are like novita,suzuka(japanese names) and k3 villians names are antman,kaya,kaal etc.then how they are same??

  • The names of these characters have been kept such because of the story. The main antagonist Kaal creates mutants by using the DNA characteristics of various animals hence such names. I have read various comments posted here saying that the movie won’t work because of such names of these characters. While I am sure majority of these comments come from compulsive haters of this movie but if there is anyone who has a genuine doubt over the fate of this film because of the names of these characters I just want to tell you that the name of the characters is the last thing that would ever decide the movie’s run at the Box Office. It’s the story and it’s execution that’s of paramount importance.
    If that weren’t the case then we would have never got one of the most acclaimed hindi movies of all times in “3 Idiots”. In that movie while the antagonist had the name Dr. Viru “Virus” Sahastrabuddhe the main hero had the name Ranchhordas Shyamaldas Chanchad in the major part of the film and it was later revealed that it wasn’t his actual name but rather it was Phunsukh Wangdu.
    It’s pointless trying to guess the impact the names of certain characters will have on the fate of a film. No matter how scary sounding the names of the Villains are, if their characters doesn’t have enough punch, the movie won’t work. We should rather focus on the fact that there are so many villains for our superhero to face in this movie. That’s what entertainment is all about in my opinion.

  • Such kind of m9vies will never work in india bcoz audience used to see such think intheir own dubbed languages of english movies… only thing faccinates indian audience are songs n comedy in the movie but k3 has no good songs nor comedy n it is releasing during diwali so forget about any records first lets see whether it can reach 100crores easily or not forget about beating srk’s ce. Although the decider will be Kaal’s character….if it is bad then noone can save k3 from becoming DRONA kind of disaster due to its high budget!!!!

  • These pictures are the funniest I have ever seen.
    Look like circus clowns and Vivek’s funny expression lol

  • Well after seeing it’s official trailer i was very much excited….but now seeing these posters….
    i might give a second thought….i really don’t like such films like batman,spiderman etc…
    however,Krissh was a different…for me & i liked it…then krishh 3 promo was also good…
    but the names of these villians + posters =kiddish i.e Shaktiman,power ranger cartoons etc…
    However, ll still wait for another promo/trailer …if the 2nd promo seems to be promising like 1st then i ll watch it on cinema…even if 2nd promo (in case , which i don’t expect) is not up to the mark …then ll wait for the wom…& if wom is not positive..then ll watch it on BR rip at home later….like CE,Dabbang ,Dabbang2,Singham etc..( i don’t like masala flicks that much but had to admit that Singham was best among these and then Dabbang….Dabng2 and CE were not that much good…my views)
    But, still hv high hopes that Rakesh Roshan will not let me down…as i love his movies…
    so v8g for Krissh 3 second trailer as well as movie eagerly

  • @AKS thanks for your comment as a non hrithik fan and aamir fan you have given a genuine one

    @Haters just chill and wait for NOV 1rst it will give you answers every time when we project a new kind a experiment some people will try to pull down them same thing happens for KMG also so just wait and see

    Some are telling mutants were copied from X men and X men were taken from comic books and comic books were science so science is the root for any creativity for SCI FI genres

  • Story and direction (entertainement wise) is expected to be much better than as Rakesh Roshan is there! but special effects i doubt it will outdo Ra.One!
    Final word is that film looks similar to Enthiran Robot in terms of execution! the difference is Krrish himself which is special and by now an iconic character!

  • @syed how do u know there’s no comedy in the movie…are u actually god????

    If u have seen even half of rr movies then u will know that he always puts mass elements in the movie

    N in case of krrish3 he has said a no of times that the movie had to stand on its own without the effects and action

    So don’t worry u will have comedy, action, romance, n all the other crap u may wish for

  • Farah Khan Fine Jewellery launches the Krrish 3 collection of Jewellery. Available on from Oct 5th onwards. Krrish symbolises a greater meaning. Its more than just a movie. It is a symbol of courage and courage does not mean the lack of fear but the ability to conquer ones fear in order to do a greater good. We all have the power to help another, to be the miracle in someones life. All we have to do is to raise that hand. When Hrithik and I discussed the essence of the symbol, I struck upon this idea to immortalise it in a piece of jewellery because jewellery is something that out lives its wearer and brings a sea of memories when its passed down generations. These pieces of jewellery are not meant to be a fashion fad, one that will die out after the movie has released for it is symbolic of all the qualities we strive to be. It is symbolic of courage, strength, power and harmony. It is symbolic of the fact that we all have it in us to be a super hero, it is symbolic of the idea that each one of us can make a difference. It is symbolic of the power of “I”. That “I” can be the change I wish to bring – Farah Khan

  • @rag 13 i see how u a great fan of hr???!!! man if u dont like these posters or videos,then its good for u to watch pprn,coz great films aren’t made for u.

  • wwwwooowww it makes me happy that how haters feel insecurity by hr and k3!!! yaa its ok.coz ur stars cant beat hr now.thnx rakesh sir made such film which is similar to hpllywood flicks,and haters i want to say u if any one want to made mutant films like urs salman srk amir or akki they will go as the similar way of k3 coz every mutant were made first at hpllywood,so no new ifeas will vome but k3 has new mutants like cheetawoman,antman rhinoman and striker and obviously kaal,so proud of ur country that we have the courage to make such films in our budget,but not neglect it tofay rakesh sir made tomorrow ur heros will make,what u will say than??? do pay respect ant courage bollywood

  • looking at the photos cant stop laughing names like cheetahwoman,antman lol krissh 3 has become a laughing stock and will be a biggest disaster of this this year.

  • Please support & appreciate that kind of stuff to take Bollywood next level. Best wishes for Daggu.

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