Closer look at the baddies in Krrish 3: Photos

Filmkraft have released a high-resolution poster featuring all the baddies in Krrish 3.  Starting from the left (see below) we have Cheetahwoman, Antman, Kaya (Kangana Ranaut), Krrish (Hrithik Roshan), Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), Rhinoman and Striker.

The film also stars Priyanka Chopra who plays Krishna’s girlfriend and Hrithik appears in a double role as Rohit (Krishna / Krrish’s father).

Krrish 3 releases in theatres on November 1st 2013.

What do you think of names like ‘Cheetahwoman’, ‘Antman’ and ‘Rhinoman’? Tell us in the comments section below.

Click on the first poster for a higher resolution image.

Krrish 3 New Poster

Krrish 3 New Poster

Krrish 3 Baddies

Krrish 3 Baddies

Krrish 3 Villains

Krrish 3 Villains



  • BRILLIANT….MIND BLOWING…Cant wait for KRRISH 3…Movie will easily cross 350 crores and Hrithik will take the No.1 hero spot

  • 00:42 kaya 00:47 kaal 00:48 Antman 00:49 Striker 01:10 krrish 01:35 cheetah woman 01:47´╗┐ rhinoman…
    watch video of krrish 3 trailer you will get it, sure block bluster!


  • Cheetahwoman .. Antman .. makes me #rofl & #lmao
    sounds like names of B-Grade movie villians !
    & Vivek’s look is too medi-ocre .. & I don’t think his role will be that great given the space he’s been given in the poster !!
    audiences have moved ahead in times with movies like Avengers, The Dark Knight trilogy. Krrish looks like a piece of crap compared to them.
    Ra. One was actually better.
    & the poster too is a copy of The Avengers !!

  • Cann’t wait for this movie. .
    Btw i have already seen these pics through fb.awesome ! !
    I used to be crazy about pokemon and powerrangers in my childhood.
    Now at the teenage 18,it would be great to watch our indian superhero krrish.
    Salim merchent has cofirmed that”k3 is n’t only about action,but lots of emotions can make u cry.such kinds of emotion are rarely found in superhero movies”.

    Hrithikmania is coming. .

  • rakesh roshan messed it up…not expecting this kind of thing…too cartoonishhhh…no atbb for hritik may be superhit or hit…

  • super thief rakesh roshan has copied the of todd from x men and made it as villian here. He even copied the look and dress of catwoman.

  • I guess the super villain kaal is the king of his creatures, kaal in hindi refers to forest, tat means he is the king of his creations and tats the reason they have plotted the name of creatures like cheetah,rhino,ant…this turns out to be exciting tat how krrish defeats evryone

  • Shaktiman is still Better than this cartoonish movie…. It surely overtake Ra1 in terms of headach so guys jst watch it at ur risk

  • That long tongue guy is ridiculous. What destruction will he do. Throw a bomb at him and he is over… no need of Krrish.

  • Kaal and his baddies dont need Krrish….Shaktimaan will pick each of them up and throw them on the moon….. then they will never create any trouble on earth.
    Krrish 3 was never needed….These baddies would have been suitable for a nice 30 min Shaktimaan episode on DD national

  • The two baddies in the neighbour of long tongue one are looking very scary…they are looking real dangerous ones..

  • The baddies of KRRISH 3 need to be spot on and it will be the role of Vivek Oberoi that will decide Krrish 3’s fate.
    Waiting for “Kaal”

  • This film is going to become milestone in Indian film industry..
    All indian movie-goers shud b proud of ROSHANS for making this film…
    And for box office aspects this film will b like AVATAR for sure..
    300 cr in India only n 100 cr in overseas…
    Hrithik rocks n Rulesss….

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