Christmas 2014 clash: Welcome Back to release a week before PK

The release date of Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back is fixed on December 19, 2014. The sequel to the comic hit, Welcome, released in 2007, has John Abraham and Shruti Haasan as the lead stars. Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Ankita Srivastava, Shiney Ahuja, and Dimple Kapadia are the other stars in the film produced by Firoz A Nadiadwala.

The producer has said that since Welcome was released during Christmas, and given a big welcome by the family audiences, the date has proven lucky for the unit and they are trying to bring back the magic again. He also added that the Christmas week had always been good on films generally, and it ensured good audience turn up.

With the year’s most anticipated film Aamir Khan’s film P.K, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, also scheduled to release during Christmas, the director had been worried about a probable clash in dates.

But now with ‘Welcome Back’ scheduled to release a week before Christmas, the makers are hoping that the clash is avoided and they get one open week at the box office.

However, both the makers of P.K and the third Christmas release Bombay Velvet are yet to announce a date for their film. What this means is, P.K could well release on December 19th, just like Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom 3 which released on December 20 last year



  • Waiting for welcome back but maybe for the first time a sequel to a bb may find it hard to attain a hit status

  • Hmm. .so welcome back release date was finally announced.
    PK N BV shouldn’t clash as anushka is common in business will be affected in both the case.
    Action jackson should clash with HNY so that prabhu deva will deliver another hit(remember sos was benefitted by clash with jthj)
    phanton shouldn’t clash with bang bang as both films have kat. It should release in nov 5/nov 12(after 2-3 weeks of diwali) so that it will be a hit like ramleela.but WOM is very important.
    Bang bang should release alone on 2nd oct.
    BB:Bang Bang
    BB:BlockBuster. .

  • ★★★★★

    All three are very good movies.

    At last, no movie will clash:

    P.K. → 19Dec 2014

    Welcome Back → 9Jan 2015

    Bombay Velvet → 13Feb 2015

    So just chill guys and enjoys all the movies.


  • Though i am an aamir fan but i think aamir will struggle in clash as he is not as big star as srk,salman,akshay,hrithik

  • This is called GUTS!

    Welcome was a hilarious movie, and hopefully they get it right this time too.

    No one can say which movie will be liked by audience and hence why not utilise the holiday season to get the maximum out of the bigger pie? its smart thinking i feel.

    OUATIMA producers failed to see this simple aspect of movie business.

  • @nipun for your kind information prabhu deva is doing a cameo in HNY, so no chance of action jackson and HNY clash. Infact ajay don’t want to fight with srk again n this time srk is the producer not yrf so relax n hold your breath.. HNY will release on 5000 screens and will do over 300cr business. Right now action jackson is targeting 2nd oct for release so better worry about bang bang not hny

  • Expected top grossers of 2014:
    2.Kick/Bang Bang
    3.Kick/Bang Bang
    5.Happy New Year(due to SRK leap year phenomena)
    Hope SRK ever reaches the star status of Salman, Aamir, Hrithik and Akshay

  • Saif-SRK should work hard to reach the stardom of the biggies. They are stuck on hits and fail to give ATBB or BB. Pathetic.

  • @queensrk you are so living in a delusional world,have you ever heard a movie called CE,which have broken all you Sallu movie records,so better worry about your star than speaking nonsense about srk everytime.

  • Hritik fans are scaring with clash and other actors movies should clash.
    @nipun this is not jthj kind of love story so SOS got little kind of acceptance. HNY will be full of entertainment. Exhibitors will prefer HNY to b released in their cinema. I thing action should released with bang bang. Let’s see who is bigger star.

  • @Romance Cameo not guarantee that someone not clash with someone. For example Akshay and Ajay having good equation but they clash in 2009,2010 on diwali. And as per trend looking if Bang-2 and Phantom clash is happen than AJ might clash with HNY because October is already filled with two big films HNY and Bang-2 so clash is beneficial for AJ rather than solo release in remaining 2 weeks of oct, and may be its prepone in Sep or postpone to NOV lets see. And even AJAY also come out successful in clashes.

  • i mean clash of All the best and Blue on diwali 2009, both films had Sanjay dutt in full fledged role. Regarding welcome back i don’t have any interest in that film as i also not liked welcome. Yes if Akshay in the WB than movie would have tremendous buzz but i found John in comedy sucks big time. Lets see what happen with this sequal.

  • @romance disaster, doesn’t matter when hny releases, it will badly flop.

    BANG BANG will BANG all records ! HOLIDAY will reign supreme ! SINGHAM 2 will roar loud at cinemas !

  • @nipun that’s the reason why you’re always targeted by SRK fans unnecessarily,you could have said those films could clash with kick,but after CE not a bit actor/producer are not ready to release against KING OF CLASH SRK.this time amir couldn’t rescue from clash however salman will get this very soon.

    these are the top 5 earned movies of the year:

    1.HNY:because it’s the most awaited movie of the year voted by PEOPLES,also starred by KING OF ACTING & bollywood,the actor who delivers blockbusters in few years of gap through out the career.

    kick:due to it’s a south blockbuster remake although it starred by decade bb delivering star due to single big holiday release.

    welcome back:due to it’s previous status and directed by anees bazmi and starred by macho man.

    bang bang:although it will get clash hope Indians might show something new starred by best dancer.

    singham2:due to Rohit Shetty’s popularity after CE,also due to single release although it starred by useless actors.

    holiday:due to directed by a giant successful south remake director starred by action kam comedy jyaada star.

    p.k: due to blockbuter director Raju Hirani,but story seems very weak like talaash something against relegion kind of controversial movie,lead star played character that not sure about gender or starred by the least blockbuster giving actor/decade blockbuster delivering actor,hope anushka,Raju could save the film from flop.also hope amir’s career could extend a bit more than ranveer/ranvir/ajay’s career.

  • @sky hmm i know that but hny already announce its release date n right now action jacktion will release on 2nd oct.

  • Eagerly waiting for welcome back.. Nana and anil were hilarious in its first part.. Can’t forget few dialogues like subah se na koi aalu bika hai na bika hai koi kanda, aajkal toh biscuit ko v parle ‘ji’ keh kar bulate hain, and many more and anil kapur’s painting scenes were too funny..

  • @sht:hrithik already proved himself at the time of agneepath and tezz. .i know hny will be entertaining.but you shouldn’t forget about prabhu deva’s films. His latest films are craps.but they created huge buzz.

  • as a HR fan,i can say “welcome” to those who want to clash with Bang Bang intentionally!!
    i feel every movie has it’s own destiny as well as every actor/actress come on ho jaye clash;dudh ka dudh/paani ka paani ho hi jayega!!!

  • @qeen srk no srk had given 3 Back to back Blockbusters CDI,OSO & RNBDJ, yes before these 3 films his last BB was in 2001 & after 2008 its come in 2013, everyone had their time.

    Benefit of clashes and why clashes are good for industry if both films appreciate by public.
    1990- Dil Vs Ghayal (highest & 2nd highest grosser of that year)
    Dil-10cr, Ghayal-9.5cr= total=19.5cr (non -holiday clash)
    Till 1993 the highest grosser of bollywood was Sholay (15cr) so clash beat those figures.

    1998- Kuch Kuch hota hai vs Bade Miyan Chote Miyan(highest & 2nd highest grosser of that year)
    KKHH_45.25cr, BMCM-20cr total-65.25cr
    Highest grosser that time was HAHK-69cr so clash total beaten DDLJ mark bu fell short from HAHK still huge collection for industry.

    2001- Gadar Vs Lagaan (highest & 3rd highest grosser of the year-non-holiday clash)
    Gadar-76cr (all time record grosser), Lagaan-29cr total:-105cr
    before this clash highest collected record had by HAHK was beaten by Gadar but total of Gadar & lagaan figure given us 100cr combine.

    2007-Welcome vs Taare Zammen Par (2nd & 4th highest grosser of the year- holiday clash)
    Welcome-71.25cr, TZP-62.7cr total=134cr
    till 2007 highest grosser was Dhoom 2(80cr) so combine of welcome and TZP collected 134cr was an outstanding collection.

    2012- JTHJ vs SOS (8th & 10th highest grosser of the yeAr)
    JTHJ-103cr, SOS-88cr total=191cr
    if i use officials (120+105=225cr)
    so according to trade figure combine of both gives 2nd highest grosser of all time, while official figure gave those clash result as higheast grosser of all time, whatever the case industry got huge chunk on money at B.O.

    Note: there were clash of OSO vs Saawariya whose total are (79.5+15=94.5cr) but in that case OSO was success while Saawariya was failure so used figure of those clashes in which both films got appreciation).

    so we can say if movies are good than we can get great outcome at B.O. plus these clashe provide higehst grosser of those year as well as variety of films
    in 1990 Dil was highest grosser while Ghayal was best film of the year & both have different Zoner
    in 1998 KKHH become highest grosser & best film of the year title while its was Family Romantic drama & BMCM is out and out comdey.
    in 2001 Gadar became all time grosser with Hugely popular Sunny Tara Singh Avtar & Lagaan got best film award & it create doors of different success on mainsteam cine with the kind of film its was.
    in 2007 welcome declared 2nd highest grosser was an Masala comedy film & TZP was declared best film of the year title & movie is one of the best among history of Bollywood.
    only JTHJ & SOS clash was which somehow disappoint most of people who watched the film in theatre with as content & movie overall so none of them got any major appreciation.

    So what we audience we want good films and Theatre owners want money so in both ways its people who got benefit. So i would like clashes should be done among big stars.

  • i am srk fans but i think pk top grosser of the year.and hny may be again not cross ready collection.because srk is not big star like aamir,salman,hr,ajay,akshay

  • Amir & srk both give big hits in 2013…WB release date announced but BV & PK rd yet to announce…HNY rd announce but clash not yet confirm wish it has lyk sos & jthj and AJ will come….KICK have open field to perform

  • @qeentingu Dont worry SRK has already surpassed and outlclassed Salman and Aamir for 16-18 years only since 2009- 2010 both lallu and tingu have started to improve, dont even talk about Akshay and Hrithik they are no where near his level…………………………and yeh if u want to compare another star to saif, try tingu aamir khan who also has a few number of hits like saif………………………even kids like ranbir and hrithik had achieved much more than tingu in their first 8 years than he did in his first 8 yrs…………………………………….

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