Chennai Express vs Ek Tha Tiger: Box Office Comparison

Here’s a comparison between the biggest blockbuster of 2012 – Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger – and a film that is likely to be the biggest blockbuster of 2013 so far – Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Update: In 5 days, Chennai Express has collected 124.55 crore (including paid previews). In the same number of days, Ek Tha Tiger crossed the 100 crore mark collecting Rs 100.15. CE is still leading the race by around 24.3 crores.

Update 21st August: Chennai Express now needs less than Rs 7 crores to go past the second biggest grosser of all time – Ek Tha Tiger.

DayChennai ExpressEk Tha Tiger
Preview6.75 crores--
Day 133.12 crores (Eid Holiday)32.92 crores (Holiday)
Day 228.06 crores14.52 crores
Day 332.5 crores (Sunday)12.90 crores
Day 412.62 crores16.75 crores
Day 511.50 crores23.06 crores (Sunday)
Day 612.56 crores20.64 crores (Holiday EID)
Day 719.60 crores (Independence Day)16.31 crores
First Week156.71 crores (7 days + paid previews)137.15 crores
Day 86.48 crore10.45 crores
Day 98.51 crore6.61 crores
Day 1010.22 crore (Sunday)4.53 crores
Day 113.80 crore7.00 crores
Day 127.06 crore (Raksha Bandhan)9.18 crores (Sunday)
Day 134.51 crore2.92 crores
Day 143.25 crore2.60 crores
Two Week Total200.54 crores180.44 crores
Day 15-2.39 crores
Day 16-1.97 crores
Day 17-1.25 crores
Day 18-2.11 crores
Day 19-3.15 crores (Sunday)
Day 20-0.88 crore
Day 21-0.86 crore
Three Week Total-193.05 crores
Day 22-1.04 crore
Day 23-0.71 crore
Day 24-0.42 crore
Total till fourth weekend-195.22 crores
Remaining weeks-4.38 crores
Lifetime Collections200.54 crores (14.5 days)199.6 crores

A few interesting points for box office fanatics out here. Those interested in just the numbers, scroll straight to the table below.

1. The first day collections of both Ek Tha Tiger and Chennai Express are about the same, with the SRK starrer edging ahead by just 0.2 crore. Even though CE had one of the widest releases for a ‘paid preview’ it still managed to beat the record. However, taking all the various factors into considering like hiked ticket prices, higher screen count, pre-Eid release and higher number of footfalls, Ek Tha Tiger is slightly ahead as far as the opening day in concerned.

Chennai Express - Ek Tha Tiger

Chennai Express vs Ek Tha Tiger: Box Office

2. Chennai Express came into its own from Day 2 and collected a record breaking Rs 60.66 crore on Saturday and Sunday. In comparison, Ek Tha Tiger crashed by 55% on its second day and had even lower collections on Day 3 of its release. Again, comparisons are unfair simply because both those days were working days for ETT and also came during the pre-Eid period when the muslim section of the audience prefer not to go out and watch films. For Chennai Express, Saturday was a holiday in most parts of the country and Sunday, quite obviously, was also a holiday.

3. Since the opening days are almost equal, if we compare the Eid holidays of both films i.e Sunday and Monday for Ek Tha Tiger (Rs 43.7 crore), Saturday and Sunday of Chennai Express (Rs 60.66 cr), the business the two films generated is much closer even though CE is comfortably the leader.

In the next few days, it’ll be interesting to see how Chennai Express trends. Can the film beat Ek Tha Tiger, and while doing so, can it beat 3 Idiots? Remember, ETT had no major competition for weeks, but CE has Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara releasing less than a week after its theatrical release. What sort of an impact will that have on CE? Bookmark and stay tuned to this page, it will be updated everyday!



  • After 12 days 17 crore ahead. We can assume that CE will make minimum 215 Crore.
    At 215 Crore will it be ATBB ?

  • CE will do around 215-220 cr.
    I’m wondering where are those people gone who says CE not gonna touch YJHD collection :-p

  • A simple point to be noted my lord…regarding first day. CE released on eid which is not a holiday for many of the private companies. Ett released on aug 15th which is a national holiday. National holidays translate to much more business….as you saw how CE and ouatimd did on aug 15th.

    Point being my lord, a big movie of Srk or salman on a national holiday will make 35+ cr in the current market….easily

  • No need to be super excited. It is just matter of few months or max 1 year when CE will loose all records. With dirty n cheap politics to get solo Eid release with 40% hike in tickets any big star movie wud have achieved it !!!!

  • Shhh…don’t shout and fight…I am gonna watch Swades again.. My favorite movie. I keep it with me always, it is even in my Tablet. I can request Aamir fans to go and watch some classics of him like Lagaan or RDB or 3i..I myself have watched Lagaan around 10 times till now. Superb movie. Now what about Salman Fans. Which are his classics? Mmmmm…Yeah sure, his wedding video..err..I mean HAHK. I have watched around 30 mins of it till now. But hell, my sisters like it. They say it has a lot of songs and good drama. So everyone be happy & nice to each other. Indicine can rest in peace now.

  • Records of Chennai Express: UNIMAGINABLE:

    1) Highest Paid Previews (6.75cr)
    2) Highest First day Collections (33.12cr)
    3) Highest Second Day Collections (28.05cr)
    4) Highest Third Day Collections (32.5cr)
    5) Fastest Film to reach 100 crore (3 Days)
    6) Highest Opening Weekend (First 3 Days) (100.42cr)
    7) Highest First Week (7 Days) (156.7cr)
    Fastest Film to reach 150 crore (7 Days)
    9) Highest Distribution Share (115crPlus)
    10) Highest Domestic Nett Grosser (Soon) (210cr Plus)
    11) Highest Single Day Collection (33.12cr)

    1) Highest Paid Previews
    2) Highest First Day
    3) Highest Opening Weekend
    4) Highest First week
    5) Fastest Film to reach
    100cr in Overseas (Soon)In next 2-3 days in shaa allah, Chennai Express will cross 3 Idiots’ 202 and will emerge highest nett grosser in India and fastest film to reach 200cr mark. SRK has practically
    broken every record in India and
    Overseas, which is unimaginable for other actors.

  • @ Sid, swades is classic? hahaha.

    atleast you watched HAHK 30 minutes, i couldn’t go more than 10 minutes watching Swades and JTHJ.

    the best movie of last decade were Lagaan, 3i and A Wednesday.

    for you HAHK is not a classic, but for some they are huge classic along with DDLJ and MPK.

    Salman also has a cult movie like Andaz Apna Apna to his credit, and though a fan of both aamir and salman, i have to agree that salman shined above aamir in that movie, but Aamir has some pathbreaking movies to his name viz., Lagaan, 3i, DCH and TZP, and no actor can match him on that.

  • the collection of CE posting are wrong first day collection is 29 second day 27 and third day 29 crore respectively plz verify indicine. total second weekend collection in India is162 crore and lifetime collection come under 185 crore hardly. salman ETT is far ahead 199.70 crore. salman is no 1

  • @remote control: well done good compailing. keep it up.

    Chennai ayyi ayyi ayyi ayyi Chennai Express

    Lungi Dance Lungi Dance Lungi Dance Hay Hay

  • @indicine
    total of CE is 197.36cr
    u have written it 192cr.change it.u forgot to add Wednesday collections in the total

  • @sahjada, lollll for CE ur taking collections from BOI, but for ETT ur taking from Producers….!!!!
    according to boi ett 185 and producers 199 but for ce acc. to boi will be 185-188 n producers 200 (2weeks only)
    so ur ett is 3rd highest grosser…

  • @indicine what was the right meaning of FOOTFALLS can you tell me exactly i dont know the meaning properly plz tell me plz explain with example if possible

  • GUYS DID YOU CHECK THE FILM DIARY..SCHEDULES OF MOVIE Releases from august to december.all the movies have only a week from each other but krissh3 opning on november3 has 14 days gap before the next film will be release which is november 15 and after that again all movies have only one week interval from each film then come moth of december… o n december 20 dhoom3 will be showing and it has a gap of 21 days coz the next film will be release on january 10 2014 which is thuppaki remake with has again a 14 days gap before the next film showing on january 14…so krissh 3 and dhoom 3 and thuppaki remake cox they have more days of showing…srk have 3 compitition 1.quatimb 2.madras cafe andsatyagraha..

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