Chennai Express vs Ek Tha Tiger: Box Office Comparison

Here’s a comparison between the biggest blockbuster of 2012 – Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger – and a film that is likely to be the biggest blockbuster of 2013 so far – Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Update: In 5 days, Chennai Express has collected 124.55 crore (including paid previews). In the same number of days, Ek Tha Tiger crossed the 100 crore mark collecting Rs 100.15. CE is still leading the race by around 24.3 crores.

Update 21st August: Chennai Express now needs less than Rs 7 crores to go past the second biggest grosser of all time – Ek Tha Tiger.

DayChennai ExpressEk Tha Tiger
Preview6.75 crores--
Day 133.12 crores (Eid Holiday)32.92 crores (Holiday)
Day 228.06 crores14.52 crores
Day 332.5 crores (Sunday)12.90 crores
Day 412.62 crores16.75 crores
Day 511.50 crores23.06 crores (Sunday)
Day 612.56 crores20.64 crores (Holiday EID)
Day 719.60 crores (Independence Day)16.31 crores
First Week156.71 crores (7 days + paid previews)137.15 crores
Day 86.48 crore10.45 crores
Day 98.51 crore6.61 crores
Day 1010.22 crore (Sunday)4.53 crores
Day 113.80 crore7.00 crores
Day 127.06 crore (Raksha Bandhan)9.18 crores (Sunday)
Day 134.51 crore2.92 crores
Day 143.25 crore2.60 crores
Two Week Total200.54 crores180.44 crores
Day 15-2.39 crores
Day 16-1.97 crores
Day 17-1.25 crores
Day 18-2.11 crores
Day 19-3.15 crores (Sunday)
Day 20-0.88 crore
Day 21-0.86 crore
Three Week Total-193.05 crores
Day 22-1.04 crore
Day 23-0.71 crore
Day 24-0.42 crore
Total till fourth weekend-195.22 crores
Remaining weeks-4.38 crores
Lifetime Collections200.54 crores (14.5 days)199.6 crores

A few interesting points for box office fanatics out here. Those interested in just the numbers, scroll straight to the table below.

1. The first day collections of both Ek Tha Tiger and Chennai Express are about the same, with the SRK starrer edging ahead by just 0.2 crore. Even though CE had one of the widest releases for a ‘paid preview’ it still managed to beat the record. However, taking all the various factors into considering like hiked ticket prices, higher screen count, pre-Eid release and higher number of footfalls, Ek Tha Tiger is slightly ahead as far as the opening day in concerned.

Chennai Express - Ek Tha Tiger

Chennai Express vs Ek Tha Tiger: Box Office

2. Chennai Express came into its own from Day 2 and collected a record breaking Rs 60.66 crore on Saturday and Sunday. In comparison, Ek Tha Tiger crashed by 55% on its second day and had even lower collections on Day 3 of its release. Again, comparisons are unfair simply because both those days were working days for ETT and also came during the pre-Eid period when the muslim section of the audience prefer not to go out and watch films. For Chennai Express, Saturday was a holiday in most parts of the country and Sunday, quite obviously, was also a holiday.

3. Since the opening days are almost equal, if we compare the Eid holidays of both films i.e Sunday and Monday for Ek Tha Tiger (Rs 43.7 crore), Saturday and Sunday of Chennai Express (Rs 60.66 cr), the business the two films generated is much closer even though CE is comfortably the leader.

In the next few days, it’ll be interesting to see how Chennai Express trends. Can the film beat Ek Tha Tiger, and while doing so, can it beat 3 Idiots? Remember, ETT had no major competition for weeks, but CE has Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara releasing less than a week after its theatrical release. What sort of an impact will that have on CE? Bookmark and stay tuned to this page, it will be updated everyday!



  • don’t worry salman fans we know who is real king and who is fake king. for the first 3 days their beloved fake king hike the ticket price by atleast 30-40%. this 200% true i saw in the news channel ABP news before the release.fake king knows he cannot break any record with the normal price hike. by the way just imagine if ETT would have been released on EID holiday instead of 15th Aug. what would be the first day? according to me it must be around 38-50cr. at the time of JTHJ where were the real fans of fake king?by hiking the price 30-40% even shreyas talpade can make record. hahahah. the first day of ce is 29cr not 33.12cr. this is media who is trying to recreate your fake king as it has created before.let enjoy your fake king’s fake record.don’t forget EID 2014 KICK will kick all the previous records then your fake king will increase double the price.this is the truth i m not jealous of your fake king because he has nothing to be jealous of him.

  • one more news SRKians

    add Indian and overseas collections of the movies for first 3 days

    60+12.5= 72.5 CRORES WORLDWIDE

    65+11= 76 CRORES WORLD WIDE

    now make way for the HURRICANE

    100+50= 150 CRORES WORLD WIDE

    72+ 76= 148 CRORES WORLD WIDE




    THAT LITERALLY MEANS 3200 SCREENS FOR ETT and DABBANG 2 with 4000 screens
    that’s total 7200 screens couldn’t out do Chennai express with 3600 screens

    whos THE real king now

    @indicine. dear indicine Hows my comparison

  • @Soroop actually it’s action-comedy performs well than action movies. that’s what CE, rowdy rathire, dabang and ready is. and if ready released instead of bodyguard in eid 2011, ready would have done better business. ready had good wom than bodyguard.

    and how was independence day (2012) a bigger holiday than eid? don’t forget the fact last year’s independence day was held before eid.

    opening day of CE is not bigger than ETT because the jump missing. but what makes CE special is holding up in other days better than ETT.

  • @Indicine: plz answer few questions??
    1) WY Havent u updated the Monday update like u did on Sunday like till 8 pm

    2) what’s the status as of now as all the shows would have been over

    3) kindly do let me know if my comparison of worldwide figures of 3 movies for the first 3 days is correct??

    4)and is it correct to club both the screens of DABBANG 2 and ETT so that total is 7200 screens. but still couldn’t out do the business of Chennai express with 3600 screens

    dear Indicine I would be waiting.
    I was actually waiting till now so that I could Monday collections and other questions

    plz plz plz do respond Indicine
    it would be really very nyc of yours if u respond

    signing off

    • @Noam

      1. We had an update earlier. Monday looks almost certain to be 14 cr+ could be more when the final collections come in.

      2. Answered above.

      3. Will have to recheck the figures of Ek Tha Tiger, will do it sometime later and update.

      4. Didn’t get you? Why would you do that?

  • @Indicine. I am clubbing both literally Indicine.
    as I gave u the example
    ETT with 3300 screens could do worldwide business of 72CRORES
    DABBANG 2 with 4000 screens could do worldwide business of around 76CRORES

    so the screen total is around 7300 screens and worldwide net total is 148 CRORES.

    but Chennai express with 3600 screens has done 150CRORES net business in the same 3 days

    isn’t that phenomenal.
    doesn’t it show the power of king KHAN

    he has taken 2 blockbuster movies together head on with a single masala flick
    what do u think

  • @indicine team : iam talking abt preview show bcuz we r comparing opening day of 2 films, one released without preview other released with preview show so former had the advatage. Bcuz few desperate ppl including me had already watched before first day itself so ce first day business potential become less. Ur right when u say that ett got more foot falls than ce but my point is if preview shows hadn’t been helld then ce would have probably got more foot falls or atleast par with ett.
    According to my knowlege most single screen theatres didn’t hiked the ticket price. And regarding multiplex ticket price there will be 5% or max 10% hike i guess bcuz ett ticket price also been hiked last year

  • @khan kapoor. As indicine team has pointed out there is massive difference betw screen count of bodyguard and ett : 2250 vs 3300 and diff between ett and ce : 3300 vs 3500. How much impfovement in collection u expect with 200 screen?. Apart from that ett is a independance holiday release which is bivger than eid holiday, I I’ll tell u why, dabangg collected 14 crs on opening day but following sunday it had collected 18 crs ‘ another example ce colected in same range on eid day and Sunday inspite of saturday being huge that means post eid Sunday is bigger than eid day. if biggest holiDAY is concerned then aug 15th and jan 26 is the biggest holiday bcuz agneepath and ett post release sunday collection were way lesser than opening day

  • @Naom. Excellent find’ I think no body not even 1 trade ppl couldn’t able to find out this. Tussi great ho

  • difference can be seen by looking at monday figures of CE- 14.5 and ETT=14.5
    where as monday of CE is day 4 and Monday of ETT is just day 2. ETT is no where close to it!

  • This is very good comparison . Everyone can do own interpretation . If people still have any doubt it will be cleared after day 7 . CE will be 150 guaranteed and ETT did 137.

  • If we think beyond the numbers. Then SRK is surely winner look at movies MNIK ,RNBJ,Ra1,Don2,JTHJ,CE all different type of movies.

    Where as sallu dear is just changing the name of movies but the content remains the same ( sorry srkians dont be offended , when I said content in salman’s movies ). Dosnt want to try different movi.

    Aamir tried dhobi ghat and talaash and rest is history.

    I think akshay far better than aamir and sallu , atleast tried OMG and special 26.

  • @noam its not power of king khan its power of eid,saturday and sunday, heavy promotion,rohit shetty.if your srk is king then release any film without promotion without holiday without any big heroine like ready and make it blockbuster.this if imran khan will release during eid with heavy promotion then he will also break records.

  • Congratulation to All of SRK’s Fans.
    Congratulation to Bollywood.
    Many of saying SRK is back etc. But for the kind information of all of you SRK was always here and was ruling consistently. But the Problem was SRK was trying different genres and till CE he had not tried Masala genre after OSO. At that time OSO (Masal Genre) was highest earner n was blockbuster. But after OSO, R.One, Don-2 & JTHJ crossed 100cr easily even they were not current masala genre. But that was SRK’s star power that his movies crossed 100cr easily.
    From last few years Salman n Akshay creates many records but when King joined the Masala gener Trash the all previous years records with in only 3 days.
    ETT created history coz Salman was going through good phase. But the main reason was YRF banner n Kat’s presence. Yes its true. Dabang was blockbuster so that D-2 had very high expectations also before D-2, ETT created history so technically was supposed to beat ETT but result was infront of every one. That what the power of Banner (YRF) as well.
    Also if Salman try to do a movie in different gener I can assure u the movie will not cross even 100cr. Yes I mean it. And I can prove it. Look at the facts:
    • So called perfectionsit Aamir Khan his 3-Idiots & Gajni were 200cr & 100cr movies respectively but what happened with Talash?
    • Akshay’s Housefull-2 & Rowdey Rathore was 100cr movie but what happened with OMG & Special Chabbies?
    • Ajay’s Golmal-3, Singham, Bol Bachan & SOS were 100cr movies but what happened with Tezz, Rascals & Rajneeti?
    • Even Akshay’s Khildai-786 and Ajay’s Himmatwala belongs to the masala genre but due to over doze u can see the results of both movies.
    Now u can fairly judge the facts and reality.
    SRK’s was ruling and still ruling. For shut the mouths of so called critics (who said SRK’s craze is over etc), haters and media’s mouth SRK signed CE, for showing to all fools that what is real power and what the current status of his stardom. When SRK tried again Masala genre after so long result is infront of every on.
    So please accept with a big heart that SRK was, is & will remain the Real and Only KING of Bollywood.

  • CE collect 12 crore on monday(non holiday) on its 4th day and ETT collect 16 crore on tuesday(non holiday) on its 7th day……….u can see the difference

  • @ IMAM: No ill grudges against you and your train, but our Tiger will again create record, which you will chase.

    1st day 20 crores and 30 crores created by our tiger, which your express chased after a year. Our Tiger will again create 1st day Rs. 40 crores record, which your express will chase.

    Tiger leads other follows.

  • first i want to clear that i trust on BOI figures but srk fans here now taken only official figure so i will show facts from officials

    in 2011 Bodyguard released on EID & look which record broken by this:
    1. Opening Day Collection: 21.25cr (opening day record)
    2. Highest Single Day record that time: 21.25 cr
    3. Second day record: 17.5 cr (Record highest 2nd day)
    4. third day: 13.25cr (record first weekend collection :52.25 cr
    5. Extended Weekend: 85.50 cr record
    6. First week collecton 7 days: 100.3cr
    7. Lifetime 141 cr 2nd highest box office grosser till 2011 after 3 Idiots

    so ce collected and passed each record but those r saying that salman all record are thrashed by ce in one strike looks that salman already done this way before than self proclaimed King….so is this a big deal no just wait and watch many record will break by Salman in coming Days

    P.S.:- not included ETT as it was not EID release it was pre EID release.

    @romance express you said srk was first to give 50 cr weekend by ra one dear salman did the same before Raone though ra one break that record but he was not introducer, for 10 cr weekend first time Given by Fanaa in 2006 followed by Krishh & Lage raho Munnabhai before Don1 release
    so first clear your facts than talk with us.

  • Ekk Tha Tiger , Dabanng 2 Really ????? Holy SH!T

    These two including Bodyguard are no match to ruthless chennai express .

    So the Tiger was Tha
    De-BUNK 2 is bunked
    and the BODYGUARD is dead

    Looking forward to see the week-2 clash with OUATIM-2 (With its awesome dialogues)

  • @Neyaz abhi Happy New Year & Rahul Dholakia’s Gujrati Don Masala Movies ana baqi hain. We will see. Farah Khan & SRk gives Blockbuster OSO during that year OSO was Blockbuster and was highest earner. At that time collection of OSO was huge accorind to that period & trend of time. So Wait for SRK & Farah combo again. Cheers

  • @indicine
    We have book marked this page and visit it everyday many times.
    Please update it regularly. This will help us to understand, how far Chennai Express is going.
    Now Chennai Express just need to do similar business what Ek that tiger did after their second thursday to reach 3 idiots.
    So today’s taget is 5 crore+

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