Chef Trailer – Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan was supposed to have two back-to-back releases this year. Kaalakaandi was supposed to arrive first, followed by Chef. Unfortunately, due to issues with the Censor Board of Film Certification, Kaalakaandi was postponed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the trailer of ‘Chef’ is out and the film will release in the first week of October.

‘Chef’ is the Indian adaptation of Jon Favreau’s Hollywood film with the same title. It has been directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who last directed Akshay Kumar in ‘Airlift’.

The trailer has a pleasant feel to it and would’ve probably garnered an excellent response if it featured someone like Akshay Kumar, but with Saif Ali Khan going through a career-low, it remains to be seen how much interest the film can generate.

The director of the film said “It’s been an amazing journey adapting Chef. We’ve had great fun making the film. It’s truly a fun family journey and therefore we want to release the film at a time when the entire family can go out and watch it. To that end, I think we’ve found the right release window.”

Saif Ali Khan was equally excited “I’m truly excited about Chef, I’ve enjoyed every moment shooting for it. Raja has adapted the story beautifully for the Indian palate, underlining a relationship between a father and son. A film with such a universal appeal deserves the right release date. We, as a team, are doing our best.”

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below:



  • It looks like High end Multiplex movie……Trailer reveal the entire story, its a simple story which revolve around the father son relationship……The only thing which I don’t like is that it looks very boring kind of movie….lack of entertainment value may cause the downfall…..But still hope for the best….

    Best Of Luck Saif and Chef Team……

  • People are predicting 70, 80, 90cr for this, but honestly it looks difficult, in best case scenario it can collect 50cr……for 70cr it need Extraordinary WOM….But again hope for the best….

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  • Pleasantly surprised by the trailer 8 thought it will be crap but after I watched it i wish it will be Hit movie trailer is looking fantastic Saif Ali Khan is awesome I love some of his movies Hum Tum, Cocktail, Tara Rum Pum & Race series

  • Only content matters now even if the film is bit slow doesn’t matter..high hopes from chef! Good quality trailer

  • Picture is looking very sweet and beautiful might be game changer for Saif Ali khan but have a one worry about nikhil advani. By cimetography and picturization it’s looks like a nikhil advani movie which always generates positives on trailer but fails big time on full movie.

  • Initally was really skeptical about the film. But now can sense that this film has come at the right time for Saif. This looks like a feel good, coming of age (in a way) and a proper multiplex film which should be having a controlled budget. If it clicks, which i surely hope for, then it will do more than good to Saif’s career, perception wise. Btw, did anyone notice how ably Raja Krishna Menon choses a character as a protagonist and brings certain parental instincts out of him.

  • Trailer is good but they better be making lots of money thru advertisement because Home Center and Apple can be seen thru out the trailer..First 30 seconds even looks like an Apple laptop ad

  • Race collected 62 cr while race 2 collected 97 cr, so close but couldnot make it. Dont trust biassed journalism they even include masti 2, eek villian, bol bachchan, singham as a 100 cr grossers which they r not. Thx.

  • Race collected 62 cr while race 2 collected 97 cr, so close. Dont trust biassed journalism they even include masti 2, eek villian, bol bachchan, singham as a 100 cr grossers which they r not. Thx.

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