Chaar Kadam Song Video – PK: Sushant Singh Rajput, Anushka Sharma

Watch ‘Chaar Kadam’ song video in the voice of Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal from the movie PK starring Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput

Song Video: Chaar Kadam
Music Director: Shantanu Moitra
Singer: Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal



  • Hahaha! According to our genious kid nipun, Hrithik fans the most sensible; & Akki & Salman fans r senseless. Great!
    According to him, our wise Babaji is half senseless & half sensible coz he is half hrithik fan & half akki fan! Lol!!!!

  • Pk is not that movie which will do 200cr at box office it vl b foolsh to xpct anther 3 idts
    pk vl a gud film at box office it vl do 155(boi)

  • good song but i think buzz for this movie is not good and also it is not about any education so i think atleast hit at best as these movies can,t work at single screens but no doubt if movie will great then no one can stop it to become superhit but if in good word of mouth it can,t sustain it needs extraordinary word of mouth like 3idiots to cross 200cr but from trailer and song it is looking very odd type of films hence 200cr is very very tough for pk lets see what will happen as boxoffice is unpredictable.

  • Song is fresh and melodious, also Sushant Singh looks good. But Anushka looks Yak. Her lip surgery has made her look worse.

  • @Arman123 kick’s lifetime record will be smashed by pk in just 10 or 11 days just like dhoom 3 smashed chennai express’ record in 10 days or so. Stop crying kid, pk will shatter all records and will be highest grosser of all time.

  • pk will extremely depend on its content. lets see if hirani can go past srk(average script ce or bad script hny) & salman(average script kick).

  • i dont think even hirani can go past a brand like dhoom. but if pk turns to be a masterpiece then it may break d3 record. i will surely like it if its a story of an atheist like rumored.

  • What a lukkha song, iím damn sure pk wonít work in single scree, 100cr with in 5days looks dificult, lets see.

  • @ i am srk fan how can you say 3 idiots songs were not good.The songs were terrific.Even if you listen those songs now you would enjoy it.

  • This song has grown on me or was it the video… Only heard it twice but I liked it now alot better than when I first heard it on the internet the other day. My personal fav is Dil Darbadar- bought it on itunes n I have been playing it nonstop these past 4 days- rest of songs will grow on you maybe but so far only one track was an instant hit with me which was ‘Love is a waste of time’ and later Dil Darbadar hit the right chord for me. Songs aside PK is gonna be a 200cr movie easy- cant see it failing but Im gonna say 300cr is possible n I will bet huge on it in coming weeks.

  • At least sushant looks normal in this movie. This will be no 3idiots as it doesn’t have much of youth appeal. It may do well if the story/dialogues are great but don’t expect a bumper opening.

  • Average song after two bad songs……Who is music director??Anyways music is never strong point of Hirani…The content will be good but it has to be entertaining also like 3idiots…Good content along a boring storyline cant save the film

  • @true fact don’t worry dude, aamir will easily go past rohit shetty’s Chennai express, and south masala remake kick in just 9 or 10 days. as it’s cup of tea for megastar like aamir to shatter the records of biggest director rohit shetty’s Chennai express and hit formula south masala remake kick, so don’t worry.

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