Anupam Kher supports Udta Punjab, Court raps CBFC, verdict on Monday

Actor Anupam Kher has extended his support to the makers of ‘Udta Punjab’ and has said the censor board’s involvement in the controversy surrounding the film is shocking.

“Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC’s) role in ‘Udta Punjab’ controversy is most shocking. Cinema is a reflection of society. Sometimes a portrayal can help bring a change,” Anupam tweeted on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the Bombay High Court has rapped the CBFC for insisting on censoring films instead of certifying them. The court asked the censor board why it was requesting ‘cuts’ and not banning ‘Udta Punjab’ if the movie is indeed glorying the use of drugs.

The CBFC told the court that some of the scenes recommended for deletion in the film were very vulgar and the lyrics used in the songs were offensive.

Citing examples, CBFC lawyer Advait Sethna said one dialogue, “zameen banjar toh aulad kanjar”, was abusive and the word “kanjar” was used in an objectionable manner.

To this, the court pointed out that films do not run on such content and there must be a storyline and the modern audiences were mature enough.

Sethna further argued that the word “kanjar” showed the state in a poor light as Punjab was a highly productive state. He added that a dog in the film was named ‘Jackie Chan’.

Among the scenes the CBFC wants to be cut is one showing Shahid Kapoor urinating publicly during a song sequence. This the film makers said, they don’t mind removing.

The censor board also objected to the usage of the word ‘cock’ in the film.  To which the judge said “Audiences are direct and open today. People born after 1980 are very mature. So why are you worried? For action to be taken you need to provoke. Multiplex audiences are discerning. How can you decide which word’s right/wrong? If you ask for so many cuts why is the point? Audience knows.”

The court will deliver its final verdict on Monday.

The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh. It’s scheduled to release in theatres on 17th June.




  • The courts statements are rocking …precise …to the point….and very very mature….wd ds i m almost sure dat UP will get d release it wants

  • Lol..even the biggest bhakt is supporting this film.Request to all other bhakts to leave their bhakti aside when it comes to matters related to Bollywood

  • @Challa.. stop using words like bhakts here.. what’s your problem if someone supports a party or PM? Double standards.. asking people to stop ‘bhakti’ when it comes to Bollywood.. yet making use of political language on a Bollywood website.

  • @neeraj oh u just shut up. U were the only member of indicine community to support censor board instead of Udta team in this case. Right from the day i read abt the cuts which they want oj d film i knew censor board had a weak case and if producers go to the court then they will easily win the case. U can’t ask for cutting so many slang in an A film and abv all censoring words like Punjan Chandigarh MP MLA Parliament …!!

    feel sad for u bro. Bt guess democracy and constitution is still alive in this country hence goodness will always come out victorious in d end

    btw i m sure that post its release there wiill b huge disruption in Punjab and north India theatres plus 24’7 tv debates like it happened during PK

  • If this movie releases on time, then it will take much bigger opening than we though. And if content clicks, then movie will beat #Fan for sure. Because, the buzz of #UdtaPunjab is more than others superstar’s movies.

    @indicine, now its time to change your first day prediction of #UdtaPunjab ;-)

  • Even the courts are telling them that the adult audience is mature enough to take a decision what or what not to watch. Exactly what many others have been saying all along.

    Waiting for the good news that the movie releases on june 17th.

  • I have already said film certification has been stopped due to political pressure. Even high court has no objections to udta punjab. Then why this palhaj nihalini has issue about film. Now i am sure that BJP will lose on 2017 election of punjab. Now many people are aware about that there are some politicians in bjp who are guilty in drug trafficking in state of punjab.

  • Great. Now everything has slowly falls on udta punjab favor. The movie like udta punjab which has a messages on drug absue shouldn’t be affected due to nonsensical censor issue and political reason.

  • The whole Bollywood is supporting UP & Anurag. If this hypocrite says something against UP then he will be kicked out from Bollywood.

  • This palhaj nihalni isn’t fit for chief of CBFC. He should be kick out. There is needs of young chief who are educated enough and can understand the movie.

    Even shyam benegal has paries udta punjab and said it isn’t anti-punjab.

  • @neeraj:

    Nothing wrong supporting someone or a particular party. But bashing Udta Punjub & Anurag Kashyap (with some ‘mindbogggling’ allegations like Anurag Kashyap took money from AAP to make UP) is nothing but a blind Bhaktgiri..

  • @Rajesh Bhakt means worshipping everything your idol does without questioning and also mocking ridiculing everyone who doesn’t have the same mindset as yours.

    @Neeraj Sorry if you feel hurt but the truth is the only reason why a very very small percentage of people are against this film is because of Anurag’s tweet directed to Modi and his alleged hatred towards BJP.It was you who made the issue political in the previous article.There’s nothing wrong in supporting any political party but that doesn’t mean everybody else who questions the highest authority has a vendetta.

  • @Challa.. I said Anurag made it political by tagging PM. This is not at PM level, far from it.. he has better things to do than look at movies like Udta Punjab. It’s not his work.

    Tag Arun Jaitley, tag Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Why Modi? Because he knows media will immediately jump into it. AAP will jump into it and Congress also will.

    Very honestly.. for me.. Modi is like SRK.. Divisive and achieved a lot from a humble background.. very good orators.. that’s why they have a lot of haters who are simply not able to digest success.

    I am not a Modi Bhakt.. but he’s a true inspiration for me.. I am convinced he’s not communal.. I see honesty in him and I am also inspired by his speeches and interviews..

  • @Tiger.. get the heck out of here chuhe.. your language is disgusting and even if Modi achieves everything that he’s promised in the next 3 years.. you’ll continue to criticise and hate him. It’s blind hate.. So continue to do that… because being negative and bashing is all that I’ve seen you do here on Indicine.

  • @Neeraj Everybody opposing Modi will also accept the fact at present we don’t have any better alternative than him.Modi’s life and success story is an inspiration for many.You have every right to admire him.

    But he’s also a human and his party is filled with many incompetent leaders too.So defending the indefensible is futile at times.I hate all those twitter trolls(not sure whether paid or not) and others who bash and get too sensitive when anyone criticises the ruling party.Constructive criticism at times can play a major role in development of the party.

    Coming to UP kashyap as a filmmaker has every right to approach the highest authority if he’s set to lose some 50 crores due to the movie getting postponed.He said he has had numerous interaction with the I&B ministry but there hasn’t been any change in the CBFC.He could have rt Kejriwal’s tweet or bashed BJP on national news channels but he has maintained a dignified stand by stating it very clear that it’s his personal battle and it isn’t against any party. As a PM this issue may look like a trivial one for Modi but as a helpless producer I am sure it’s very taxing for the makers to sort this legal mess and ensure the movie gets released on time because a lot is at stake for them.

  • @Challa.. Better alternative or not.. he’s still climbed the ladder and risen to the top.. He won Gujarat elections 3 consecutive times. People there are educated and smart, they are not fools to vote for him thrice, that too with majority.

    No single party has ever won a majority since 1984.. that’s more than 30 years ago.. So majority of Indians have voted for him for a reason.. We all know what BJP is.. without Modi.

    About trolls.. it’s all because of social media.. Don’t you troll and sometimes even abuse Salman? It have seen some of your comments that are borderline nonsensical. Why do you do that? You’re educated and sane, but sometimes you lose it too right? I’ve done it too, when Hrithik gets abused or unfairly made fun of. We have full freedom to express on the internet.. so sometimes we troll, abuse or go overboard.

  • Yup that’s the spirit… happy it’s been overlooked. Am sure this controversy alone has given Anurag some additional bonus pick ups for its opening n weekend collection. Above all I think we are about to see a real good movie after a long time!!
    UP rocks!!

  • @neeraja:

    Where/when did I bash modi in this article, you idiot??? How does criticising UP haters bcm modi bashing??? When you lack logical arguments then bring modi’s name or make it religious issue. This is the biggest strength of you morons!!!

    Delhi walas are much more educated & smarter compared to Gujaratis and other Indians. And they elected Kejriwal giving more than 95% seats. Still if you guys are relentlessly bashing him. Then WTH others can’t criticise modiji or Rahul or someone else???

  • @Tiger

    “Delhi walas are much more educated & smarter compared to Gujaratis and other Indians”


  • @Tiger the real loser… you have bashed modi, BJP and his followers in a lot of articles.. Can you show me a survey that says Delhi people are more educated and smarter than Gujaratis?

    Don’t forget.. Delhi is not even a state.. and the same so called “educated and smart” Delhi gave 7 out of 7 seats to BJP in Lok Sabha elections with Modi as PM candidate. BJP did not have a proper CM candidate this time.. that’s why people opted for AAP to see if they really do something differently..

    Kejri has a made a career out of cheap publicity and targeting Modi.. he quit Delhi after 49 days and thought he would be PM. He contested in the same constituency as Modi in Varanasi and lost badly.. again this was only to get media publicity and if by chance he wins.. become national hero.

    Modi hasn’t even spoken about him till date and Kejri keeps talking about him 24×7. On twitter, in media.. That’s the difference between the two. One doesn’t give the shit.. the other is obsessed.

    To be very honest.. I would have really respected and supported Kejriwal if he was a genuine option and played clean politics. If he was as different as he promised to be.. but not only has he not done anything differently, but he plays gutter level politics.

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